The things in the newspaper

  The media spreads stories all over the world every day, some stories are true, some stories are false, between the true and false, you sometimes feel that life is really wonderful, and it really answers the old saying: Everything is   According to
reports, a 66-year-old woman named Joan Higgins in Manchester, England, was recently fined 1,600 pounds. At the same time, the police imposed a curfew on her and installed electronic tracking on her.
device to monitor her movements. With such a big move, you must think that the old lady has committed a heinous crime, but all this is only because the old lady sold a small goldfish to a 14-year-old boy. British law stipulates that only people over the age of 16 can buy pets. The old lady did not see that the child was only 14 years old. Joan Higgins has been running this pet store for 33 years, and he has never done anything wrong. He didn’t expect to capsize in the small gutter this time, and this kid too, why not write his age on his forehead, like this Wouldn’t that save a lot of trouble!
  The father of a U.S. Marine Corps soldier was recently told by a court that he lost his case against the church and had to pay $18,000 in court costs out of his own pocket. Why did Albert Snyder sue the church? It turned out that his son was gay and died in the war in Iraq. When a funeral was held in the United States, an anti-gay church held a sign near the funeral to demonstrate that gays were killed. It’s God’s punishment for the American army. Homosexuals will go to hell and deserve to die. The father couldn’t bear such abusive behavior, and in a fit of rage took the church to court. However, the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution is that everyone has the freedom to express their opinions, and the church has applied to the police department for a permit to demonstrate and express their opinions. What is the crime?
  Logically speaking, I I feel that the old lady should not be fined and the father should not lose the case, but should the law be affectionate? Is the affection big or the law big? Is the law necessarily reasonable? Sometimes, reasonable is not necessarily reasonable, and sometimes Reasonable but not necessarily reasonable, I think this is the reason why lawyers in the world are always worried about food money!
  2. Celebrity gossip
  Last month , the famous American singer George Mack came to Sydney for a concert. Before the concert started, the tabloids began to publish his intimate kiss with a sexy guy on a yacht in Sydney Bay. photo. It’s no longer news that George Mac is gay, because it’s a well-known fact, so tabloids began a human flesh search for the mysterious partner, who turned out to be a male prostitute and was paid $250 an hour for his services. For a time, everyone commented on George’s taste. How could such a world-class singer be so tasteless? How did he explain to his boyfriend after he returned to the United States?
  A few days later, another world-class singer, Rui Qi Martin solemnly announced to the world on his blog that he turned out to be gay. He has been hiding the truth from everyone for so many years. I am really sorry. Now that he can finally accept himself, he dares to stand up and open his heart to the world. . He said he was the luckiest gay man in the world because he was finally able to be honest with himself and the world around him, and the newspapers were full of praise, as if people had forgotten that a few years ago there were rumors going around in the newspapers, suspicious of Ricky Martin It’s like homosexuality.
  I don’t know if the stars are honest, or who is more honest? Is it to have fun and indulge one’s own honesty, or is it more honest to hide the truth and repent? Anyway, I don’t think it is necessary to care about their private lives, They are also human beings, and they have emotions and desires just like us. We should also have a normal heart towards them. There is no need to worship the so-called celebrities. We should stand up, learn to think with our own minds, trust our own judgment, and listen to the voice of our hearts.
  3. Scientific research Scientists in the
  United States recently conducted a study. They gathered some college students in Minnesota to do an experiment. The students were divided into two groups. One group was given $1,000 each, and the other group did nothing. Give. They asked both groups of students to put their hands in a tub of hot water. The results of the study show that the pain of students with money in hot water is much less painful than that of students without money in hot water. Scientists assert that money can make people feel self-worth, so it can be endure the pain.
  A recent study by Israeli and British scientists found that it is best not to turn on the light when getting up to go to the toilet in the middle of the night, because turning on the light will cause the rapid expansion of cells in the body, which will lead to the formation of cancer cells, in order to avoid cancer. Symptoms, the best way is to feel the dark to relieve, if you are really timid, you can light the hazy ever-bright lamp in a child’s bedroom. The paper was published in the journal Cancer Genetics and Cytogenetics.
  The more I look at it, the more I don’t understand. I have long known that “seeing money will open your eyes, and money can make a ghost grind the mill”. What is hot water? It’s good, even if you have cancer, you can get the best treatment. In today’s world where money is omnipotent, this kind of research is really a waste of money.
  As for the poor, don’t you need to study, go to the toilet at night, and never turn on the lights, so they won’t get cancer? Isn’t this an obvious thing ? Inexplicably, a 66-year-old retired lady in the
  United Kingdom Marilyn Walker, applied for a new passport with her husband after the passport expired in accordance with state regulations. This used to be a very common thing. The efficiency of government departments is still very high, and the new passport will be issued within a few days after the application is submitted. The old lady opened her passport and saw that the photo in it was replaced by her husband. She thought she had taken the wrong passport. It was her husband’s new passport, but when she looked closely, it clearly stated her name, Mrs. Marilyn Walker. . The old lady said to the newspaper reporter with emotion: “I really can’t believe they would make such a simple mistake!”
  The fate of Nancy Underwood, an old lady living in another small town in England, was not much better. , She is 89 years old, her eyes are almost blind, and she needs crutches to walk. If she wants to go to the post office across the street from her house, it is a very difficult task, and she has to take a 10-kilometer bus. Why? Because there is no zebra crossing on the street in front of her house, there is a lot of traffic, and she will never be able to cross the road, so she has to take a bus to get off at a distance of 5 kilometers, walk across the zebra crossing, and then take a bus for another 5 kilometers Come back and get off at the entrance of the post office. If I go home, it’s another ten kilometers…
  There are still such inexplicable things in the world, I won’t complain, thank goodness, at least I don’t have to take a ten-kilometer car to go to the post office, and the name and photo on my passport are still me. Life is actually really good, it just depends on whether you live on the same side of the street as the post office…

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