Tesla will use integrated die-casting machine to produce Cybertruck to further simplify vehicle production process

  It is understood that in 2020, Tesla put into operation the first Giga die-casting (6,000-ton class) at its Fremont, California plant in the United States for the production of Model Y models. This allowed the company to simplify the previous dozens or hundreds of different parts into two or three castings, greatly shortening the manufacturing time and saving costs.
  In January 2021, Musk said on social networking sites: “With the giant casting machine, we are actually trying to make a full-scale car in the same way as a toy car.”
  He also mentioned that food, toys and some medical equipment The manufacturing of ultra-high-volume products (such as syringes) often concentrates the most advanced manufacturing technology. Cars have never been produced in a similar way before, and this represents a revolution in the way cars are produced. That is, the traditional method of automobile production, where many parts are welded together, is being replaced by a new one-piece die-casting process.
  Tesla’s use of Jijia die-casting has greatly reduced the assembly process of its cars, shortened the production time, not only increased profits, but also got rid of production capacity constraints to a certain extent. This is a major advantage Tesla has over other new energy vehicle companies. It is reported that several Chinese car companies are ready to purchase Die Casting with excellent performance.
  It is understood that Musk intends to change the way of car production in 2019, and communicated this idea with a number of manufacturers, but they all got negative answers that it is not feasible to produce cars in this way until IDRA was contacted.
  IDRA is the world’s top die-casting machine manufacturer, founded in 1946 by Adamo Pasotti, and acquired by LK Group in 2008. Ricardo Ferrario, a senior engineer who has an important influence on the manufacture of Jijia die-casting, joined IDRA in 2009 and served as the general manager of the company.
  ”We are able to produce the largest machines in the world, ranging from 5,500-ton, 6,200-ton, 8,000-ton and now 9,000-ton die-casting machines,” said IDRA.

Jijia Die Casting

  It is worth mentioning that the 9,000-ton Giga die casting has been officially unveiled at the 14th European Die Casting Industry Exhibition held in Germany recently. It can be used to manufacture sports utility vehicles and small trucks. Musk has already confirmed that the machine will be used to produce Tesla’s electric pickup, the Cyberpick, in 2023.
  After testing at IDRA’s factory, Jijia die-casting will be transported to Tesla’s factory for reassembly and official use. It is understood that the cyber pickup body is a one-piece shell with an integrated cockpit. It adopts a super-hard 30X cold-rolled stainless steel structure, and the 9,000-ton Jijia die-casting basically “prints” it as a single part.

  In March 2021, IDRA said that they had received an order for 8,000-ton die-casting from Tesla. The machine will be used to manufacture the underbody castings for the Cyberpick truck.
  In addition, Tesla has successfully used the 6,000-ton Jijia die-casting machine in all its factories to produce Model Y. It can be said that the multi-functional integrated die-casting technology is getting more and more attention and application in the field of automobile manufacturing.
  This can enable car companies to shorten the production cycle, while saving manpower, equipment and other costs, making car production simpler, and the automotive industry may turn to one-piece casting in the future.

9,000-ton class-leading die-casting in assembly

  Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess said: “The giant die-casting machine will allow Tesla to build the Model Y in 10 hours, while it takes us 30 hours to build an ID.3 model.” In addition to Volkswagen, It is understood that Volvo, BMW, Weilai, Xiaopeng and other car companies also expressed interest in Jijia die-casting.
  IDRA claims that Jijia Die Casting is the first IDRA system designed with the concept of “fully sustainable casting machines or efficient manufacturing facilities”, which can use energy efficiently and optimally, reduce waste in production, and help reduce industrial production costs , with long life and reliability, capable of providing powerful and sophisticated machines for demanding markets such as the automotive industry.
  This large all-in-one die casting machine has a high flow hydraulic manifold and utilizes a new drive control pump system to increase pump capacity and use less energy to achieve the same efficiency; complete diagnostic analysis on a single screen greatly improves setup and maintenance time and cost. It also has a closed-loop regeneration control injection system, a new protection system, and more.
  IDRA also said that it has a key advantage in large-scale integrated die-casting machines and that it will be difficult for competitors to replicate its success.
  It is understood that a single casting of Jijia die-casting can replace up to 250 parts, which can replace the machine welding line and a series of tools necessary for traditional automobiles, and reduce the weight of the car body by 10% to 30%.
  It can be said that Jijia die-casting has fundamentally changed the manufacture of automobile body structures, or will accelerate the transformation of the global automobile market to electric and hybrid vehicles.

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