Sea Fishing

  In September last year, not long after Beihai officially opened to sea, I saw that the relevant news on the Internet was very lively, and I wanted to go to Beihai to experience it during the Mid-Autumn Festival. I don’t know since when, I like to challenge new things more and more.
  I contacted a lot of shops that go out to sea for fishing. Some do not accept individual guests, some want to charter a boat, and some are completely unable to get through the phone. Finally, after several twists and turns, I got in touch with a boss, and I could go out to sea on a boat with others. The captain contacted me in advance and asked if I could swim. I said yes. He said yes, those who can swim are not prone to seasickness. But the sea was rough and he recommended me to buy some seasickness medicine first, just in case. I also told the captain that I just wanted to experience sea fishing, but there was no fishing tackle. The captain told me bluntly that he had equipment on board, I would be good if I was out, and he would give me points if I couldn’t catch any fish.
  In this way, I arrived at Nanwan Pier an hour earlier than the appointed time with curiosity, anticipation and anxiety. At 6:30, it was just dawn, and there were a few people standing on the pier. They were wearing long clothes and trousers, and they were already waiting on the shore with professional toolboxes in their hands. I found a random place to sit first, and saw the sun gradually rise behind the large ship in the distance, and the whole pier was bathed in the morning glow. As the dawn came the sound of the motor of the ferry boat, people began to get busy. The fishermen anchored their boats, looking for their guests, and those who were on the shore just now were also looking for the fishermen who had made an appointment. When I saw that the appointed time was almost up, I took the seasickness medicine I bought the day before, and sent the captain the style and color of my clothes and asked him to come to me.
  Before long, I heard someone shouting, and I looked up and saw a slightly larger boat with a blue shed on the shore. A man standing on the bow looked extraordinarily tall in the backlight. I walked towards him, and there were two other passengers on the same boat. Stepping on a section of the pier stone stage fixed on the shore and a section on the ramp on the side of the ship, swaying onto the ship. With the rumbling of the motor, the five of us drove out of the dock and headed for the deep sea. The boat swayed forward amid the ups and downs of the waves. The captain saw this and added enough horsepower to ride the wind and waves in the sea, leaving a string of white waves at the stern.
  Maybe because I took the medicine in advance, or I had been looking at the sea in the distance, I didn’t feel seasick, and I kept watching the captain’s every move. Northeasterners always have that kind of enthusiasm that they are familiar with, and when they go out, they often encourage themselves to be more courageous, so I follow the custom of the Northeast and call me Captain Brother.
  The elder brother opened his handbag like a treasure chest in front of me, took out the fishing line, and a transparent box. When I opened it, there were neatly arranged fish hooks and lead weights. Of course, this is what my elder brother told me, I didn’t know anything about it before. He took the line and hook, twisted and pulled with his fingers, and the hook was firmly tied to the line. I tried a few times with the same thing without success. The big brother showed it again in slow motion. I tried after watching it carefully, but it still failed. I had to laugh to ease the awkwardness of my clumsy hands. The big brother attached the plumb weight and three hooks to the fishing line from bottom to top, and tied them to the fishing rod that already had a spool. The fishing gear was ready, and then took out the roller fish prepared in advance, chopped off the fish head with a kitchen knife on the wooden board next to the bucket, and put it into an oval-shaped hollow iron vessel. My eldest brother told me that this is called playing a cage. “The blood of this roller fish is very bloody, which can attract fish, and then put the bait, it will be easier to catch fish, and the experience will be better.” The remaining roller fish was put into the basin by the big brother. I don’t know what to do for the time being.
  At this time, we also drove on the boat for nearly half an hour, and the sea gradually turned dark blue, and it had reached the deeper sea. In the sound of the rumbling, the eldest brother and the helmsman seemed to have a tacit understanding. They didn’t say anything in the noise, but one was controlling the boat and the other was casting a net on the bow. When the net is cast, the boat goes ahead, so that the net is unrolled when it falls. When the bow net was cast to the end, the boat stopped, and the captain dropped the anchor and held the boat in place. He told me that it was ready to go to work!
  The captain put down the nesting cage just made along the side of the boat, took out the still wriggling green worms and live shrimp in the small fishing box, and put some in everyone’s small pots. This is the bait. Then, my elder brother taught me how to fish. First put bait on the three fishing hooks, then cast the rod, and then open the unique insurance on the sea rod reel. When the reel no longer rotates, that is, when the bait sinks to the bottom of the sea with the lead, pull the insurance. Lock the fishing line. After that, wait for the fish to be hooked. This is the basic process. The helmsman next to him said, “The pole that the boss picked for you is a good one. Our boss also uses it. It bears even force and is a smooth stainless steel spinning wheel!” Heavy, I didn’t expect it to be light and without losing texture, it is indeed a good fishing rod!
  Looking at the sunlight outside, I hid in the cabin and just threw the fishing rod out of the boat, trying to be lazy. The elder brother leaned over a white bucket and scooped up half a bucket of seawater, and told me to catch fish and put it here. Then he went to organize his tools. I held the fishing rod and looked at the sea. There were also several fishing boats, big and small. I sat and waited for a long time without feeling the fish bite. I turned my head and saw my eldest brother, he had already started the live broadcast, while he was fishing, he broadcasted the live broadcast to show everyone the joy of sea fishing. I saw him cheering, retracting the fishing line, the fishing rod was pressed very low, and then a red-spotted fish appeared at the end of the fishing line. The captain caught the first fish! He held the fish and showed the live fish to those watching the live broadcast, with a simple smile on his dark cheeks. And thirty minutes passed, and I had not caught a fish. I put away the line and found that the bait had been eaten without me noticing!
  Turning my head, I saw that the captain had caught a puffer fish. It was the first time I saw a puffer fish. It seemed to be angry when it was caught, and its belly was bulging. I saw that the eldest brother had achieved a lot under the sunshine of the bow, so I no longer looked forward to it, and moved the bench to the side of the eldest brother on the bow. Reload the shrimp on the hook, put the insurance on the insurance, and wait. Suddenly I felt like I was hooked, so I followed the example of my elder brother and quickly slid back the fishing line, but the bait was still on the hook. My eldest brother said to me, “You have to feel it with your heart. When this fish bites the hook, there will be a slight vibration, so you have to calm down and wait.” I suddenly remembered that in the past at the Nanhu Lake at home, those fishing people , Sitting quietly, as if still in the water, waiting for the fish to take the bait, if someone makes a noise, they will frown. Maybe fishing is a quiet thing after all. I let out a long sigh of relief and calmed down to feel with my big brother.
  I saw my eldest brother caught fish again, this time with two fish, and he said happily: “Here comes the flow (the school of fish is here)! The fish is on!” And I also felt my fishing rod move slightly, a Rewinding the line, I caught the first fish in my life, the red-spotted fish! Later, my elder brother told me that the fish would swim in groups and were easy to catch when they were upstream. When I caught a fish, I was in high spirits and began to feel interesting, so I tried to use a caterpillar as bait. I thought I found the feeling and I would catch fish one after another like a big brother, but after I clearly felt the fish bite the bait a few times, there was no fish in the reel, and even the hook was lost once. I quickly asked my brother what was going on. The eldest brother said: “You can’t pull the fishing line too quickly, the fish is resisting, you can compete with it like a saw, and feel that the fish is hooked. You get twice the result with half the effort.” Listening to Jun’s words, I suddenly realized: Don’t be too anxious, too quick for quick success.
  I used the method my elder brother told me to catch a bucket of fish, including red-spotted fish, puffer fish, and yellowtail. From doubting myself at the beginning to the surprises one after another, I feel that fishing is really a very interesting thing! No wonder many uncles I know also like fishing and are obsessed with fishing. Looking at the majestic sea and the all-encompassing sea, I feel that fishing is the same as life.
  I was tired of fishing, so I wandered on the boat, and saw the captain throwing and pulling up the rod. Time and time again, his catch was full, and all the shiny fish were inside. He happily shared his harvest with his friends in the live broadcast room, and fans frantically gave him sponsorship.
  Seeing that we were not fishing anymore, the captain put down his fishing rod and went to the cabin to prepare for cooking. Don’t look at his rudimentary boat, but it has all the internal organs. I removed a wooden board and I saw a gas stove. The oil, salt, sauce and vinegar were all available next to it. In the space, I took out a folding table, not to mention pots and pans. , what do you want. The captain made soup with the red-spotted fish I caught, and the fish was fried in oil. The big brother poured the oil, and then there was a sting sound, the fish was put into the pot, and the aroma was overflowing, and the smell of fireworks on the boat suddenly became more intense. We drifted on the sea, the smoke from the cooking rose, and the whole boat was filled with the fresh fragrance of fish. The four of us had already sat down and waited to taste the captain’s craftsmanship. I saw my eldest brother took out another pot of rice porridge. I was shocked. He told me that it was boiled as soon as I got on the boat, white porridge at sea.
  When the dishes were ready, the eldest brother began to invite friends and companions, called to the sea, and made a phone call again. After a while, fishing boats and speedboats came around, stirring up waves, and all of the eldest brother’s friends came. Like the eldest brother, they had tanned skin that made their teeth white, and they wore fishing suits with a big fish pattern. The eldest brother hospitablely brought out beer and coconut juice. We sat around the humble but warm table and raised our glasses to celebrate today’s great harvest. The big brother asked me to quickly taste his craftsmanship. I scooped a bowl of red-spotted fish soup and asked the big brother, have you put any salt? The eldest brother said: “You can drink it as much as you want, it is guaranteed to be authentic! Fresh sea fish does not need to be salted.” I tasted it and it was delicious! The fish meat is also tender, and the fish scales that have not been scraped off in a few moments make the meal more artistic. The eldest brother raised his head, and they hummed a folk song together. Although I didn’t understand it, I was deeply affected by the atmosphere.
  After the tea was full, everyone stood on the deck and looked at the sea. The eldest brother took out my white bucket and showed my friends what I, a novice apprentice, had achieved in the morning. I can’t help but feel so proud, thinking that when I retire, I want to come fishing every day!
  We came home full that day.

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