Pour the sweetness of honey into the cold reality

  There is a common practice in economics classrooms: the prudent investor may also buy lottery tickets, which proves that there are irrational elements in the behavior of rational people. Who seriously thinks they can get wool by buying lottery tickets? The probability is lower than being struck by lightning. Unexpectedly, there is such a passerby in life – it’s not a stroke of luck, he figured it out.
  The translation of “Jerry and Marge Go large” has a strong sense of machine translation, and it is even more bizarre when it is supposed to be adapted from a true event: the retired male protagonist Jerry is unwilling to be idle all the time, he finds that And took advantage of a mathematical loophole in the lottery. First, he started a small business with his personal savings, followed by setting up a company with his wife Maggie, making a big plate to absorb funds, and finally won 27 million US dollars by buying a lottery ticket. As you can see from the subject matter, the film is a comedy. As a comedy, everything is qualified: the rhythm is stretched, the tone is retro, full of summer leisure, the audience can basically grin and laugh from beginning to end. But in addition to being light-hearted, the film also strives to provide a few other experiences.
  Retirement has a different meaning for everyone. The ease of enjoying the happiness and the confusion of the waning mountains may be both in different proportions for everyone. The male protagonist is played by Bryan Cranston, who plays “Old White” in “Breaking Bad”. As a retirement gift, the child gave him a small boat. When he received the gift, he smiled slightly embarrassed: “So I like fishing?” After leaving it in place for a month, he also tried to launch the new boat. A complete mess.
  Time is so cruel, no matter whether the attitude is tyrannical or gentle, people can’t escape the fate of being arranged and cleaned up by it. There is nothing new under the sun. Since there are always people who can stay calm, there will always be someone who will bite the bullet and say, “No.” For our comedy protagonists, there is no profound truth or fierce resistance here, it’s just that , doing nothing is not going to work after all. And then came the opportunity—a chance to make a lot of money, of course, but for Jerry, it was also a chance to get his life back.
  Then, the dice of fate was handed over to his wife Maggie. “Breaking Bad” viewers should agree that a partner is the biggest stumbling block on the protagonist’s path to self-realization. Fortunately, this time we are watching a comedy, and the wife’s willingness to let go of herself is strong enough to match the male protagonist. “Why don’t you tell me?” “I’m afraid you will think I’m stupid.” “But I just want to do something stupid right now!” It’s better to marry a woman than Qi Jiang, what more can I say? Yes, a single sentence pokes a transparent hole. That’s it, so you and I walk hand in hand.

  A good partner may not be someone who loves you or someone you love, but someone who can always resonate with you. The husband and wife quickly reached an agreement on an important decision: to get rid of his security, Lao Tzu wants to live an interesting life. This fate or tacit understanding may exist longer than the turbulent love. The comedy elements of the film are also solid and not thin because of the establishment of this gentle core.
  Everything that follows is logical and overwhelming, and the plot progresses very smoothly. The appearance of the genius boy bear child’s opponent is not a big problem that the hero and heroine must solve, but it is to add some waves to the whole story. It should be based on the same improvement considerations. The film also added some popular themes of old movies, such as the return of the protagonist’s absorption of funds, which is mainly used to improve the life of the residents of the town where he lives, creating personal happiness and at the same time achieving social well-being. , the setting is very similar to the classic “What a Beautiful Life”. After all, if there is too much emphasis on self-realization, the story will easily fall into the “Breaking Bad”-style alternative heroism.
  Comedy needs to be reconciled, it needs to pour the sweetness of honey into the cold reality, and it needs to add a clean conscience to the great wealth.

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