Our friendship is hidden in irrelevant nonsense

   What is a “nonsense friend”? The Weibo blogger “Language Command Center” explained that it refers to the friendship between each other that can frantically output “nonsense”. The “nonsense” here is more inclined to those things that have no clear purpose, are irrelevant, or even “knowingly asked”. In today’s information explosion, people pay more attention to the “input-output ratio”, and they hope to get a minute’s effective return after spending one minute. Yearbook”. Therefore, in the ever-accelerating rhythm of time, a close friend who is willing to spend time talking with you “meaningless nonsense” is extremely scarce.
   Some people think it’s especially wonderful to have a good friend who can “talk nonsense” at any time. I found a “earth-flavored love story” and forwarded it to the group chat; watching a variety show and wanting to complain immediately, “People send a barrage, I send a girlfriend dialog”; even when reading IELTS, the chat interface with girlfriends can also be transformed into ” Real-time emotional recorder”, sometimes asking for comfort “Ah, why are there five mistakes? I can’t do it after my life is over”, and sometimes sharing joy “It’s too good, it’s all right”… During this period, my girlfriends have free time Let’s chat together, and when there is no time, I also return an emoji, saying, “Baby, I am busy, but I have seen it.”
   Many “serious things” are not worth talking about in small talk all the time. Contact and communication rely on “nonsense”, relieve stress by “nonsense”, and the little warmth in life is mostly composed of “nonsense”. Talking “nonsense” with good friends is actually sharing emotions, life and happiness. If the “nonsense” sharing desire dissipates, it also means that the relationship has changed.
   “I treat my best friend as a bullet screen, and she treats me as an ’emoji packet transfer assistant’ and a ‘handsome guy’s face-showing assistant’. There is no need for nonsense, and there is no need to reply very seriously. Sometimes even talk with ducks, but it is a kind of Proving the existence of ‘you are still there, I still love you’ is a manifestation of integrating into the other person’s life and accepting the other person into one’s own life.”
   Of course, friendship that is willing to share nonsense with each other does not mean occupying it regardless of time and place The important time of others does not mean that you can treat your friends as a trash can for your negative emotions.
   The sense of proportion in interpersonal communication is very important. The person who speaks should be aware of it in time, and the person listening can also euphemistically propose a different topic.
   Some people also think that there may be no “nonsense” between real good friends. Interesting stories, boring trivia, and every word and word are valuable. As the writer Saint-Exupéry wrote in the fairy tale “The Little Prince” for adults: “The time you spend on your roses makes your roses so important.”
   “Nonsense Friends”, It’s those “boring people” who can share the pink and purple sunset on the way to work, the weird jokes they get when “fishing”, and even simply and rudely swiping emojis and provoking a “pat one shot” battle when they don’t agree with each other. . Those stray thoughts that seem to have no theme, and the “nonsense” that can be said or not, actually hide love, care and tolerance, allowing friends to take a breath in the hurried world and integrate into each other’s lives with a suitable “degree” .

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