Let’s go through “Jurassic World” together

  In the long history of the earth’s 4.5 billion years, nature has multiplied a variety of creatures. Dinosaurs are the most distinctive species. They were born about 230 million years ago and lived on the earth for more than 160 million years…
  In order to To allow tourists to better experience dinosaur science tourism, the China Dinosaur Park, a science education base in Jiangsu Province, has created a Jurassic real-life experience project—Dinosaur Gene Research Center. What secret is hiding here? Our reporter will take you to find out.
  Integrating Dinosaur IP with Popular Science Education
  22 years ago, Changzhou China Dinosaur Park officially opened to welcome guests, opening the chapter of “creating something out of nothing” in dinosaur science tourism. After 22 years of shell-breaking and evolution, this “dinosaur egg” has grown into a prosperous “Jurassic Kingdom”.
  According to reports, around the unique “dinosaur” gene, Changzhou Dinosaur Park Group has created a unique development model of “popular science + amusement”, creating a dinosaur museum based on popular science experience, a dinosaur cultural experience base, China Dinosaur Park, and then a fusion of Cultural and tourism elements The legend of the Universal Dinosaur City. In 2019, in order to meet the needs of the new era of the cultural tourism industry, China Dinosaur Park has independently developed and built a super Jurassic real-life experience base – the Dinosaur Gene Research Center, which has become a new representative of the theme experience of the integration of dinosaur stories and modern technology.
  Top Team Creates Jurassic Real Scene Experience
  As the first large-scale technology experience project in East China that integrates a number of international top technologies, the Dinosaur Gene Research Center has built a gene achievement exhibition area and ancient ecological rainforest restoration in a super large area of ​​23,000 square meters. two areas of the district. The Dinosaur Park employs international biologists to restore ancient ecological water quality and soil with international cutting-edge technology, simulate element content and pH, and present a real Jurassic real-life experience base to tourists.
  In the gene achievement exhibition area, the scene of human research, resurrection, incubation and cultivation of dinosaurs through gene technology is simulated, and the basic knowledge of life science research and gene cloning technology is popularized to tourists.
  The exhibition area is divided into three parts: a reference room, a monitoring room, and a laboratory. The extreme details such as binding, fossils, and experimental instruments are used to create a strong scientific research atmosphere. It is the first scene-based and popular science experience project in the waiting area in China.
  The data room is completely built from real scenes, built with real data racks, safes, dinosaur fossils, and large-screen monitors. And “resurrected” dinosaur specimens, etc.
  The monitoring room panorama shows the map of the rainforest area, which is mainly composed of 4 large electronic screens and a holographic projector, which is mainly responsible for “monitoring” the every move of the dinosaurs in the rainforest area.
  The laboratory is the core area of ​​the entire research center. It is divided into a genetic research laboratory, a culture and restoration laboratory, a plant ecology laboratory and a geological environment laboratory. Insects, dinosaurs and ancient giant plants carry out “cloning” work.
  Immersive viewing Create a realistic version of “Pandora Planet”
  Entering the ancient ecological rainforest restoration area, you will have another completely different shocking experience. This area perfectly replicates the ancient ecological features and the original mysterious rainforest scene where dinosaurs survive through international cutting-edge technology. In the restoration area, towering ancient trees, exotic flowers and plants can be seen everywhere, and ancient dinosaurs, giant insects, and symbiotic lichens are all over the place. Walking here is like being in the bizarre, beautiful and dreamy “Pandora Planet” in the movie “Avatar”.
  In the area, there are two different styles of tour routes, the adventure route of the expedition vehicle and the hiking route, so that tourists can learn about insects, plants, dinosaurs, and wild survival skills in the travel experience, creating a “learning while traveling” for tourists. The popular science immersion learning experience of “learning while traveling”.
  The adventure route of the expedition vehicle is the first 720° riding and viewing experience project in China. The multi-functional “Expedition” multi-purpose handlebars are displayed in front of tourists with the original Jurassic rainforest scene, allowing tourists to pass through elements such as dinosaurs, vegetation and insects. , the real scene is integrated into and experience the original ecological “Jurassic World”; the walking tour route is also the first Walk Through science popularization project in China. Field survival, insect classroom, dinosaur classroom learning, in-depth understanding of ancient insects, plants and other popular science knowledge.
  The end point of the “Adventure” multi-purpose vehicle is the cave exploration area. Surprisingly, in this cave exploration area, which was built by a top international team hired by the Dinosaur Park for 3 years, using a multi-degree-of-freedom dynamic platform and a hydraulic interactive system, with the cooperation of multi-projector image fusion technology, it has 4 times the surround viewing experience of IMAX, the panorama restores the real “Jurassic World”. When tourists wear 3D glasses, they can feel the thrill of being chased and killed by the ancient Tyrannosaurus Rex between the virtual and the real, as if the danger is close at hand, restoring the real escape experience.

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