How to live in the age of artificial intelligence

  Hegel said: “The truly valuable tragedy is not between good and evil, but between a dilemma.” The relationship between human beings and artificial intelligence is in such a situation. Artificial intelligence can learn faster than humans in many specific tasks (such as Go), do better than humans, and can replace humans in many tasks. So, how should the value of human beings be reflected?
  Looking back at the development of human civilization, new science and new technology will always cause social pain in the unbroken chain of cause and effect: Bruno was burned to death for defending and developing Copernicus’ heliocentric theory; the father of Mercedes-Benz, German Karl Benz, in 1885 The world’s first three-wheeled car made in Goodwill, while liberating human beings from the old industrial structure and heavy labor, urges human beings to make various changes.
  Take artificial intelligence, for example, which will replace humans in a large number of simple, highly repetitive tasks that do not require complex thinking to make decisions, such as car driving, foreign language translation, traders, and more. Human history has never been so complicated and mysterious as today, but this is also a reminder to human beings: it is time to move forward! In the era of artificial intelligence, more people will move to new positions, and some people can choose a more free life due to the wealth of society, or completely rely on the social welfare system. In the future, we will all be faced with a choice: how will we live?
  In the American TV series “Real Humans”, the synth said: “I am not afraid of death, which makes me stronger than anyone.” The human said: “You are wrong. If you are not afraid of death, you have never lived. , you are just an existence.” This dialogue touched me deeply.
  When the chemotherapy ended, it was just autumn, and the sun was warm and warm. The car drove me through the street briskly, and the shadows of the trees outside the window were mottled, so beautiful that it was as unreal as a dream. I couldn’t help but sigh in my heart, “It’s so good to be alive!” Since I was diagnosed with cancer, I have walked through the valley of death and revisited the beauty of the world. This is another qualitative difference between humans and artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence cannot comprehend the meaning of life and the connotation of death like a human being, nor can it be like a human being who is happy because of the mountains and flowing water, shedding tears because of the autumn wind and cold rain, enriched and warm because of the sun around his knees, and because the moon is in the middle of the sky. And feeling sad… these feelings can only be felt by human beings. It is precisely because human life is limited that each individual’s “thought” and “destiny” are so precious and unique.
  Human emotions, self-cognition, etc., are all that machines do not have. Therefore, constantly improving oneself, making good use of human’s strengths, and being good at using machine’s ability will be the necessary characteristics of talents in all fields of society in the future. No matter how fast a machine can do, humans can use the machine as a tool to improve themselves, allowing their brains to perform complex reasoning, complex decision-making, and complex emotional activities at a higher level that machines cannot.
  In the era of artificial intelligence, if you don’t want to lose the value and meaning of life, and don’t want to be a “useless” person, you can only start from now on to find your own uniqueness, embrace the unique value of human beings, and become an emotional, character, and literacy person. more holistic person.

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