Green roof

  Green roof refers to planting suitable plants on the roof and putting on a graceful “green gauze hat” for the “Cinderella” of the house. Today, in Europe, America and some big cities in my country, it has become a new personal environmental protection home fashion.
  Major Carter, who lives in suburban New York, is said to be the first person to “dare to eat crabs.” In the past, every rainy day, Carter was particularly depressed, because the roof water storage capacity was too poor, so that a lot of rainwater poured directly from the roof, making the house a mess. So, she planted flowers and plants on the roof and transformed the bare roof into a green roof. “Green roofs can store half of the rainwater,” Major said. “Not only does it solve the problem of leaks, but it’s also beautiful.”
  Many roofs in New York suburbs have turned green due to the voluntary actions of residents, because the benefits of “green roofs” are really Too much. It is a natural air conditioner, which can cool down in summer and keep warm in winter. If the plants on the roof are properly cultivated, they can also prevent cracks in the roof and prolong the life of the building.
  Theoretically, “green roof” can become a hero of environmental protection and energy saving. Monitoring shows that “green roofs” can reduce the temperature by 1 to 2 degrees Celsius in summer. Every 1% reduction in temperature means a 5% air conditioner power saving. “Green roofs” also absorb atmospheric pollutants, such as nitrogen and sulfur oxides. In addition, the dwindling green space is compensated in the home, and attracting bees and butterflies is full of interest.
  ”Green roof” is not a simple thing. According to experts, a 2 to 5 cm thick coating should be laid on the waterproof membrane of the roof platform first, which must be impermeable and ensure drainage; Fertilize too much; last is cultivating greens. One must start from the local climate characteristics to find suitable plant varieties. For example, the citizens of Paris, France, like the citizens of Beijing, choose sedum plants (including “Buddha”). This plant is green in spring and autumn, red in summer and winter, and blooms in June and July each year.
  Because building a “green roof” involves many professional issues, Karen Weber, director of a “green roof” promotion organization in the United States, said: “Homeowners can’t be too hasty about building a green roof. First, ask a structural engineer to analyze the weight that the roof can carry. .” In addition, the cost of “green roofs” cannot be ignored. In the US, it costs $15 to $35 per square foot. Major’s “green roof” cost $20,000, three times more than typical roof repairs. But she did the math: This kind of green roof lasts 30 to 40 years, compared to 10 years for general maintenance. Although it is still groping and experimenting, the unique charm of “green roof” still makes it an urban trend. People look forward to walking on the roof, greedily breathing fresh air, and letting go of their tired minds.

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