Getting married in Ireland

  Ireland has the lowest marriage rate in the world, and as a Catholic country, divorce is prohibited in this country. Many men and women of marriageable age choose to wait and see, and do not go to the marriage registration department to go through the formalities. Therefore, non-marriage and late marriage are popular in Ireland. But Lin Dong and I’s marriage experience in Ireland made us feel the perfect interpretation of marriage in Ireland.
  After Lin Dong obtained a master’s degree from the Quinn School of Business, National University of Dublin, Ireland, he worked for two more years before going through the formalities for my visa. When I was finally allowed to stay, it was 7 years since he went to Ireland. Both Lin Dong and I understand that getting married means “life imprisonment”, and whether we are happy in the future or not, we have to get involved for the rest of our lives. But Lin Dong and I can’t wait any longer. After a few more years, will we have a child like a son or a grandson? No, we have to get married immediately!
  Hand in hand with Lin Dong, we walked into the mysterious city of Dublin. Hall of government offices. Follow the arrow directions to find the “entrance” responsible for the marriage procedures, and there is a huge LCD screen on the front, which explains in detail the matters needing attention such as marriage instructions:
  this office only handles marriage registration procedures, not divorce procedures However, this does not mean that each Irish citizen can only stay with his only spouse for a lifetime, because the country implements a term marriage system, both parties can consider various factors when concluding a marriage contract, and negotiate to determine the duration of the marriage relationship, The marriage term ranges from 1 year to 100 years. It will take effect after the registration in this office. The marriage relationship will be terminated when the time limit expires. If both parties wish to continue living together, they can apply for continuation registration to continue the marriage relationship…
  This is completely beyond our expectations. Before deciding to get married, None of us had inquired beforehand, nor had our friends reminded us that Ireland practiced term marriage. We stood there, feeling a bit like two convicted prisoners suddenly learning of the acquittal relief.
  This marriage is still not finished? Of course. So, how long does the knot last? That’s the question. The “business” at the entrance was exceptionally deserted, with no other patrons but the two of us. The staff didn’t rush us, and motioned us to go to the touch screen to discuss options.
  The system requires us to negotiate to choose the marriage period, which can be from 1 year to 100 years, and a line of red small characters is displayed: “System description: Due to the high cost of marriage continuation, please choose the most suitable marriage period. .” Lin Dong and I were a little stunned, we wanted to give up our whole life, but when we faced the free choice of deadlines, our confidence was shaken again. Lin Dong whispered: “How about, let’s try it out for a year?” I was a little unhappy. I’ve been in a relationship for 10 years, and I only choose one year when I get married? Lin Dong saw that my face was wrong, and quickly added: “I guess This stuff is charged on an annual basis, and the longer the time, the more expensive it will be, and the big deal will come again next year.”
  Thinking about it, it seems not bad, you can even try it when you go to the supermarket to buy dim sum. Isn’t it just 1 year, if it’s not suitable, it’s good for both parties. We looked at each other and finally chose the shortest one-year term together. The system confirms it immediately: “The marriage relationship between the two parties is established, and the marriage period is one year.” Next, we enter the last procedure that we care about most, and the system displays the fee to be paid for the one-year marriage registration – “Marriage certificate cost 2,000 pounds!”
  We all have the urge to smash this machine, 2,000 pounds, equivalent to more than 26,000 yuan, robbing money! This is almost equivalent to the sum of our monthly income To Although we have been reminded that the cost is high, But that price is still too much. Reluctantly, I swiped my credit card, so two marriage certificates as thick as legal codes were placed in front of us. Did we make a mistake? It is just a marriage certificate. Do we need to make it as thick as Cihai? I picked up one. This book is opened for a closer look, and the first page reads: “In order to ensure that both parties properly perform the marriage contract and successfully complete the one-year marriage period, the rights and obligations of both parties during the existence of the marriage relationship are hereby clarified.”
  The following is divided into 12 parts, Chapter 365 and Section 21900 stipulate in detail the rights and obligations of both parties, as well as the responsibilities that should be borne if the obligations are not performed or not fully performed.
  Lin Dong said to me a little fortunately: “Fortunately, we chose a one-year term. If we choose a 100-year term, the marriage certificate must be carried by a car and a boat, and the cost of construction will cost at least one million.” We went home angrily, Holding a heavy marriage certificate and swearing at the damn entrance, I finally understand why the marriage rate in Ireland is so low despite the possibility of marriage deadlines. For such a fee, it is strange that some people are willing to marry.
  Although the marriage certificate listed a lot of adverse consequences for not fulfilling the obligations in accordance with the marriage certificate, Lin Dong and I quickly put these two beautifully bound marriage certificates together with the “Bible” as decorations. Only when there is an occasional dispute between the two people and it is necessary to determine who is right and who is wrong, will the marriage certificate be turned over as the basis for “conviction”. But the final result is that the “criminal” has not yet been determined, and we have accidentally discovered that the other party has more words and deeds that are contrary to the requirements of the marriage certificate…
  It’s too troublesome! For western use, I have had a Chinese-style marriage with an Irish marriage certificate. Now it’s easy, no one is arguing about rights, obligations, responsibilities, consequences, and act according to the instinct of being a husband and a wife. If I’m tired, he will do more. He’s too hard. There was no fuss, and it was time to renew the contract.
  We made a phone call to consult the civil affairs department in China, and the result was very frustrating for us, because we both went through the immigration procedures and had already joined the Irish nationality, so we could not get a 9 yuan marriage certificate in China. With great heartache, we decided to use up the £10,000 we were planning to buy a car and renew it for 5 years.
  This time, I was very familiar with it. I found that there was a cost inquiry button on the touch screen. I clicked it out of curiosity. I wanted to see how much the marriage procedure with a maximum term of 100 years would cost. An incredible thing happened – the cost of a 100-year marriage certificate was only 50p – 0.5 pounds, which is equivalent to more than 6 yuan. How is this possible? It must be a system failure! Lin Dong said, pressing the certificate preview button with his right hand. The centennial marriage certificate presented to us is just a thin pink sheet of paper with the following lines: “Dear sir and madam: I don’t know that my left hand is to my right, my right leg is to my left, What rights and obligations should the left eye have over the right eye and the right brain should have over the left brain. In fact, they are a whole, they exist because of each other’s existence, and they are happy because of each other’s happiness. Finally, let this A little pink piece of paper with my best wishes for your 100-year marriage! Good luck to you! Chief Justice of Dublin: Jimmy Remo”.
  I looked at Lin Dong: “Dare to choose?” Lin Dong also stared at me: “Have you decided? If you press this down, we will really become grasshoppers on a rope, and we will never want to be separated again. I nodded, with a bit of generosity that sacrificed my life for righteousness: “I gave it up, I will follow you in this life, don’t let me regret my decision in the future.” Lin Dong smiled, took my hand, and nodded together. Under the “100 years” option.
  With that thin pink piece of paper in my pocket, Lin Dong and I went straight to the auto market to buy a brand new BMW 1 series sedan, and galloped on the streets of Dublin. I suddenly felt that Lin Dong who was driving had never been as handsome as he is now. In this life, he will be my only lover. We have desperately tried and there is no way out, but marriage is often the most splendid brilliance only when the boat is broken.

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