Eastern Dance

  There were two women sitting in front of them. The older one had a plump figure, kind eyes, an elegant smile, and a soft voice. Listen, it’s like listening to Na Ying’s “Simply”. They are from Hong Kong, but they speak Mandarin very well. When chatting, some Cantonese is added from time to time in order to express accurately.
  The two women are “masters and apprentices”, and the “master” is Xu Huifen, the president of the Toronto Kangqi Fitness Dance Club, and everyone calls her Mrs. Xu. The “apprentice” is Ronna, one of the 12 coaches of the dance club. The master and the apprentice talked about their dance party, and occasionally about themselves, because they couldn’t be separated from the dance party, just like the music in dance and the dance in music.
  Mrs. Xu Mrs.
  Xu left Shanghai to Hong Kong at the age of 11. At the age of 19, she married a captain and had two sons and two daughters. The two granddaughters are twins. The children have grown up, the grandchildren are around the knees, the food and clothing are worry-free, and the days of being a mother-in-law, a mother, and a wife are very pleasant. In 1986, after she immigrated to Canada, Mrs. Xu learned that life would have been very depressing. Hong Kong’s feasting and feasting, Qionglou and Yuyu, were used to the hustle and bustle. Once there was only the vast sky and green grass around her, she would be helpless. .
  You must do something, for yourself and for the equally lonely Hong Kong immigrants. Mrs. Xu and a lady named Chen Linwanhua launched an activity: fitness.
  In 1994, in front of the library in Goldhawk Park Park in the Alton Tower area of ​​Scarborough, Toronto, every morning, some people gathered in twos and threes to play Tai Chi and do fitness. Word of mouth, more and more people, dozens, hundreds of people. In summer, the morning is bright and the breeze is breezy, which is the time to exercise; in the early morning of winter, people still come, standing under the eaves in the leeward, Tai Chi eighteen poses, Ba Duan Jin… In the cold, everyone dances warmly. However, after all, the wind, snow, ice, and freezing discourage the elderly and the infirm. The coldest winter in Toronto, Canada can reach minus 30 degrees. How can the elderly get out?
  ”The new Mong Kok shopping mall has opened. They said that we can exercise in the lobby. The venue does not require money, and it can also bring vitality to the shopping mall.” Someone brought such exciting news, Mrs. Xu took her team to “dance” “Into the new Mong Kok Plaza, it was 1997.
  Walking into the square, there are people coming and going, and a group of people suddenly “emerged” there, “exploring the sea”, “supporting the sky”, “opening the bow”… dancing, making people curious, watching, discussing, pointing Yes, Mrs. Xu was a little embarrassed. Originally a housewife, she was faced with only a few people such as her husband, children and grandchildren all day long. Suddenly standing in front of everyone and leading everyone to dance was a little uncomfortable. She said, “I’m so sorry. I haven’t done anything outside. , I can’t speak, let me speak to so many people, and I have to hold a ‘Mai’, ‘die’! The “lead dance” level has passed with great ease, and now I have to face so many irrelevant ” Audience”, what should I do? Mrs. Xu said, “It’s still the old way, it’s shameless to dance, it will be fine after a long time. “The current Mrs. Xu, whether facing her team or the surrounding audience, has long been calm and composed. Mrs.
  Xu is the “leader” and also the coach. She knows both Tai Chi and line dancing. She does not understand the basic elements of dance, nor the titled and untitled narratives and associations of music, but she understands the “beauty” of dance and music, looks beautiful, sounds beautiful, and puts When the two “beauty” are combined, the “beauty” is “moving sculpture” and “living painting”. Learn from videotape, learn dance from computer download, learn from my sister in Vancouver, and follow every time I go back to Hong Kong to see Experts, group studies… The idea is rich, the dance is gorgeous, often in the Toronto community, “Two Butterflies” and “Da Jang Geum” on stage… are all from the hands of Xu Tai.
  Xu Tai said: “Actually, , My thinking is very old, and I have followed a rule in Hong Kong for so many years that women do not dance. My mother has small feet. How can such a mother let me dance? Of course, I didn’t do sports, because the two activities are often linked together. Later, I participated in a fitness activity and found it very interesting, and I fell in love with it, and it has continued to this day. As far as dance is concerned, I still like line dancing, where everyone dances together without a partner. “Ms. Xu was talking about group dance.
  There are more and more Hong Kong friends gathered around Mrs. Xu. As long as the music starts, there will always be a group of dancers who will follow Mrs. Xu into the realm of dancing.
  Ronna is a government clerk in Hong Kong, “I’m always working, often working 7 days a week, busy. Many people feel unhappy and run away. I’m still single-minded, and I have been doing it for 20 years. .” In the 1990s, the Ronna family immigrated to Canada. Because their two sons were too young, Ronna found a job and then resigned. My husband has a business in Hong Kong, and he often flies around. When he comes, the family is lively, and when he flies away, the family is deserted. Ronna can’t stand the deserted home, especially in winter. She said that she can’t go out in Toronto in winter. It gets dark so early, even during the day, the sky is gray. “Hong Kong is so warm and lively. When I immigrated back then, my colleagues and friends went from May to August. There were always people who invited me to dinner to see me off. I went to many departments, and of course I had many friends.” Ronna People who love to talk and laugh, who love to talk and laugh have many friends. After emigration, all their friends are lost in Hong Kong. Ronna is very quick to do things. Quick people are even more uncomfortable when they have nothing to do. During the days in Toronto, Ronna fell ill and felt very uncomfortable.
  One day, a friend said to her, “I know a dance party, and many people go there. You can go too. You can learn to dance and you can meet many people.” Dancing? I didn’t dance at all in Hong Kong when I was young. At this age, can she still dance? After hesitation, she still went.
  Today, many years later, Ronna still remembers the first day of the event. That day, the melody of the Taiwanese song “High Mountain Green” reverberated in the hall of New Mong Kok Plaza. More than 40 dancers dressed in red and green, swaying from left to right, dancing neatly and beautifully. Ronna liked it. But she was very shy, she was embarrassed to walk into the team, she slipped by the side, secretly, “following the steps”, “swiping” and “jumping back”…
  Ronna finally became a member of the dance team, and because of her intelligence and agility, she quickly stood out and became a coach. The 12 coaches in the dance club have their own strengths and strengths. Mrs. Xu admires these apprentices very much. She said that these coaches have done a good job in fitness programs, and their dancing is even better. They have played a considerable role in the dance club. Let’s talk about Ronna. , She is very smart, very savvy, and has a lively personality. She is very suitable as a coach.
  Ronna, who became a coach, said: “Actually, I am very timid. Did you know that there is a 14-seat minibus in Hong Kong? I often take this kind of bus, and every time I get to my destination, I feel embarrassed. Tell the driver loudly, what should I do when I get off the bus? I always follow the person in front of me to get off, even if I walk a few more stops.” Ronna has a very traditional family, and the family is very strict. Speaking of dancing and fitness, she can’t even ride a bicycle. After immigrating, Ronna felt that she had made great progress. She could dance in front of so many people and teach so many people to dance. Is it possible? Think about it, she doesn’t believe it herself.
  Now, Ronna leads a team and, like Mrs. Xu, learns to dance, choreographs, leads and teaches dance. Xinjiang dance, Tibetan dance, Dai dance, Han dance and other Chinese dances, through her adaptation, are not only original, but also suitable for students to learn. She choreographed and directed “Picking Tea and Fluttering Butterfly” and “Firecrackers Ringing in the Sky”, which are playful and lively, dancers love to dance, and viewers love to watch them. They are already reserved programs. In order to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the dance club, Ronna choreographed the 12-person dance “The Great Wall Never Falls”. In order to show the spirit of heroism, power and strength, Ronna added some more difficult dances to the dance. Movements, such as “stepping”, “crossing”, sitting on the ground and turning on the fan, etc., are indeed more difficult for performers in their forties and fifties.

What’s more, there are newcomers in the team who are dancing for the first time. Ronna has no idea whether the dance can be successfully completed. On stage. “The Great Wall will never fall, and the Yellow River is surging for thousands of miles”, perhaps because of the surprisingly good acoustics that day, the sonorous music gave a powerful inspiration to the 12 dancers, who showed the artistic conception of the dance perfectly, and the audience gave applause to the 12 dancers. The “Great Wall” that never falls.
  Ronna, who is in her 40s, also loves to sing. She will sing “Red Bean Ci” and “Green Island Serenade” over and over again on the phone. She said, our Chinese songs are really beautiful.
  Having integrated into Toronto, Ronna is no longer lonely. Apart from work and family, dancing is her greatest enjoyment.   Dance
Club Why is the dance club called “Kang Qi”? The master and the apprentice said, Kang means health, Qi, it’s a piece of jade.
Understood, “Kang Qi” regards health as precious as “jade”.
  More than 10 years. The dance party has grown from a dozen people to more than 1,000 today, and the venues have expanded from New Mong Kok to Markham Center, Richmond Center, Sheraton Stadium, Oriental Plaza Center, and Splendid China Plaza. The members of the dance party, regardless of gender, age, or age, wear a card on their chest when participating in the activity, with the name, phone number, and venue location on it. This is especially important for the elderly, and has formed a rule. The small card has also become a symbol of dance membership.
  In the dance party, people of all ages, those who are working, those who are idle at home, those who are in good health, those who are infirm, those who come alone, those who join hands with husband and wife, those who keep joining, those who have followed for many years… all, the eldest old man Over 80s, more than one, and the most active. An old man has a very cute habit. She does not allow others to call her “mother-in-law”. Otherwise, she will be angry. The Chinese seniority titles of “grandfather” and “grandmother” are not applicable to this old man, and everyone has to call him directly. Name, “mother-in-law” is happy. The team is not all yellow people, there are Portuguese, Jamaicans, Venezuelans… An Italian woman has danced with the team for 10 years. Xu Tai’s English is not very good, and Italian women don’t understand Chinese. For many years, the communication between the two has only been like “good morning” and “you are here”. It is the oriental charm that attracts Italians with the same cultural tradition. An Italian woman is fascinated by oriental fitness and oriental dance.
  There are many people who are fascinated. The longest waiting time for signing up for the dance party has been 3 years, but they have to continue to wait because of the constraints of the coaches and venues.
  Although it is not a professional team of fitness and dance, and the requirements are not strict, fitness and dancing require some conditions and abilities after all. Some people in the dance party are talented. With a little touch, they immediately understand, and their hands and feet are coordinated. Both fitness and dance are completed with firmness and softness, and they are coherent and lively, while some people understand it a little late, and their hands and feet are a little clumsy. There are a few people whose demeanor and actions are not in place, which is somewhat unpleasant. But Mrs. Xu said, it doesn’t matter if the movements are not good or the footsteps are not good, as long as you come, do sports, and dance, it will be fine. Listening to music is also good, it is enough to be happy. “Making friends through dance and getting to know each other through boxing” is one of the tenets of Kang Qi Fitness Dance Club.
  ”Participating in social charity and promoting cultural activities” is also the purpose of the dance club. Over the years, Mrs. Xu and her coaches have paid nothing for all their work, and all membership fees, except for necessary expenses, have been used for charitable donations to give back to the society. The South Asia Earthquake and Tsunami, Yee Hong Health and Wellness Walks over the years, Canadian Cancer Society, UNICEF, MSF, Heart and Stroke Foundation, Mengchang Association, Hongfu Mental Health Association… all have donations from the dance club to help Therefore, the members of the dance club are very relieved.
  With the rise of fame, the dance will often be invited to perform in nursing homes. That was the happiest moment for the elderly people in the nursing home. Those who could move staggered over, and those who couldn’t move in wheelchairs. Everyone slowly gathered from their own rooms. Then, the pale hair was surrounded by colorful colors, and the music was played. Surrounded by laughter and laughter, the old people shook their heads and sang, their applause was rhythmic, with the beat of the music, with the dancers’ moves, and with the beating of their hearts, maybe at that moment, their hearts Restored youthful vitality.
  Preventing aging, reducing disease, and promoting health are the common aspirations of human beings.
  A woman’s age should not be asked or said, but one of the functions of fitness is to delay aging, so I have to offend: May I ask your age? Xu is 70 years old, and Ronna is 52 years old . However, objectively speaking, the posture and demeanor do not belong to their age. Can it be said that this has nothing to do with oriental fitness and oriental bodybuilding dance?

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