Divorce not necessary

  There is a “radical” friend around me. Some people say that work is boring and the salary is low. She said that you should change jobs quickly and don’t waste time. Some people say that your husband does nothing and earns less money. She said that the stock didn’t go up for several years, and it was annoying. She said that you should cut the meat quickly and don’t feel bad for the three melons and dates… With this friend, there is always a sense of progress that is changing with each passing day. Change, change, 72 changes a day are worthy of the word “hard work”.
  In early June, I suddenly received a call from her, saying that she had returned from Shanghai to Wuhan, the isolation was over, and everyone had a meal appointment. During the dinner, she was very secretive about her life in Shanghai, and when she asked, she replied, “It’s pretty good.” She didn’t see much change, and she learned Shanghai Mandarin very well.
  During the dinner, a friend said that he wanted a divorce. She became interested and asked whether her husband committed a crime or was in debt. When she learned that there was none of these, it was just that the relationship was not good. She curled her lips and said, “Ouch, what are you doing? Let me tell you, don’t get divorced unless it is necessary. What’s the disadvantage of using my husband as a free bodyguard? A girl like you who is married far away, can’t find a signature from her family members after a divorce in the emergency department, what are you tossing
  about?” I and a few friends sitting next to me Looking at each other, everyone had an expression of disbelief, “Is this really her?” In order to avoid embarrassment, everyone had to pick up the glass to toast her.
  After the atmosphere eased, another friend said that he was bored at work recently and wanted to change jobs. “It’s better to be raw than to be cooked. Since you are part-timers everywhere, you don’t have to quit your job if you don’t have to.” She took a sip of small green oranges and said slowly.
  ”That’s right, the bosses in the world are as dark as they are. A relative asked me to join the company last time when he opened a factory, or…”
  ”It’s even worse, I don’t have to start a business if it’s absolutely necessary.” She waved her hands like a rattle.
  I was so curious that I couldn’t help but ask, “How have you changed?”
  ”I saw in Moments that you opened a second store this year. Be careful, don’t expand unless necessary.” She tactfully turned away talk.
  I hurriedly nodded and said yes, and became more and more curious: why did she go from youth to old age in her bones?
  When I talked to her before, I always thought that she was a high-spirited little sister; at this meal, I felt like my parents a few times in a trance. Because of fear of change and loss, I instinctively resisted discussing any choice.
  After the meal was finally finished, the waiter came over to pay the bill and said that the recharge was 5,000 to get 1,000, and a box of zongzi was also given. He recommended us to apply for a card. This restaurant is very close to our company. Thinking that I can come often in the future, I am going to apply for a card. She hurriedly stopped me and said, “I don’t need to apply for a card, do you know how long it will last?” The little girl in the waiter was so angry that she rolled her eyes at her.
  Although I don’t know what kind of blow she encountered during this time, I know that her change is a stress response to the impermanence of the world.
  Sometimes I think, maybe the real fun of life does not lie in those necessary firewood, rice, oil and salt. We strive to maintain a normal and ordinary life just to do those unnecessary things occasionally. A willfulness in middle age is our liking and joy, and it is the dream that the grand world gives to the small individual.
  Because of the “non-essential” choices, we are more human than robots. Using “necessary” to maintain the normal operation of life, and using “non-essential” to welcome colorful dreams and songs, the two parts are organically combined to achieve the happiness that human beings are striving for.

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