The Wizard of the Richest

  One hundred years after Bill Gates, if I come to Seattle, USA to visit his orange wood grain private house, I can go in and see the line on the dome of the library. As a genius prophet of the devil, his prediction of what happened behind him is this huge house.
  I had an accident while driving on a fast road.
  Using Google Maps to navigate to Medina Street in Seattle, I suddenly found that my phone only had the last 1% of the battery left, so I hurried to find the charging cable, which made me panic even more—maybe it was because I forgot to charge it from the wall when I brought it to the B&B to charge last night. When I pulled it out, I broke out in a cold sweat. If I didn’t have a mobile phone, I wouldn’t even know the south, south, north and west of Seattle, and driving on the main road would be completely smeared.
  After opening it for a while, the phone suddenly went black and turned into a “stone”.
  I drove along the traffic in chaos, thinking: What should I do?
  Fortunately, I saw a gas station on the right, so I quickly went down, bought a charging cable for $9, plugged it in and tried it, but the phone didn’t respond, and it was not compatible! Sweat came out of my head again. I negotiated with the waiter. It was a black girl with a big waist and a round waist. She gave me a blank look, walked to a pile of charging cable products, took out one and threw it to me, and said boldly, “Try again!” This is the red one. The battery charging sign finally came out.
  Continuing on the life-saving Google Navigation, the car crossed a large lake along a bridge of nearly 1,000 kilometers, the car went up a small slope, turned twice on the narrow mountain trail, and the car drove downhill towards the direction of Lake Washington. A path that could only barely pass two cars, two rows of trees, branches almost hit the door, and the thick shade of a dense forest approached. Some villas began to appear around, and the road suddenly disappeared. The side of a huge house was lying under the forest, and the orange strip wood exterior wall was abrupt. Is orange wood a Northwest style? Not sure.
  1835 NE 73rd Street, Medina, Seattle, I double-checked the address and photo on Google and confirmed that this was Bill Gates’ home. A huge house of about 6,000 square meters, like a giant anteater lying on the shore of Lake Washington drinking water.
  When I got out of the car, everything was quiet here. There was a sign at the entrance of Gates’ house: “Private residence, no entry”. Although there were no security guards in front of me wielding a big stick, they must be watching my every move somewhere at the moment, with a polished Glock 17 pistol at their waist. I thought, if I walked across the gate like Joan of Arc walking towards the stake, or like Sister Jiang striding to the execution ground, would they kill me on the spot?
  I was thinking when suddenly the sound of a car behind me broke the silence by the lake. I looked in the mirror and wow! It looks like a Rolls-Royce, and the richest man is coming home!
  Oooh, I almost screamed! I suddenly secreted adrenaline violently, my heart was beating faster, my blood was rushing, and I felt a little shivering with excitement. I was able to see the happiness of the most awesome person on the earth welling up. In an instant, I had appeared in my mind and Bill Gates took a group photo, sent it to the circle of friends, and got countless warm-blooded pictures of boring people who eat melons.
  The car slowly approached me, and the moment it passed me, I found two men and two women sitting in the car, unable to see their faces. They quickly overtook me. Except for the driver, everyone else suddenly rolled down the window, stretched out half of their body, and snapped wildly with their mobile phones. Their excited expressions seemed to melt their faces. I took a closer look and the car they drove was not a Rolls-Royce, but a longer Chrysler. When they got out of the car, I found that the driver, like me, was bald and wearing glasses with high myopia. He grinned at me when he saw me staring at him, and his eyebrows were dark, like a Mexican computer geek.
  The orange color of this huge castle is very unnatural, and it is in great contrast with the surrounding lakes and mountains. Moreover, I personally feel that this smart building is too energy-intensive, for example, it is equipped with a pin sensor, which can adjust the temperature and humidity of the space in which it is located at any time. Humans are not silkworms, is so precious and precious good for the body? This building is too inhumane. For example, there is a large killer whale in the living room. If one day, the big killer whale suddenly died, wouldn’t it become a very terrifying event?
  This building is too much like a public building and not like a home, such as a private dining room for 200 people to eat at the same time, and a private library that houses the manuscript of Leonardo da Vinci’s “Code of Leicester”, and an annual property payment of $1 million fee!
  Modern people pursue nature, simplicity, and emptiness. Isn’t this the highest realm of living?
  Is Bill Gates thinking that he will be like the former world’s richest man Paul Getty, after the owner’s private house will become a tourist attraction in Seattle after a hundred years? After all, Gates was the world’s richest man in his thirties, and for many years, one of the most asked questions about him on Google and Baidu is “Is Bill Gates still alive?”
  Gates’ imagination, and his vision for the future The forward-looking vision is simply a devil genius. With that in mind, I can see how well he built this house.
  I always thought that Bill Gates had a crystal ball in his hand, because his ability to predict the future was 10,000 times better than those witches. While others were still struggling with a simple financial goal, he predicted that “every household, every desk will have a computer, and these private computers will use unified software”. Guys, it was around 1975 when he had this idea! So he started to found Microsoft.
  I feel sorry for him: he didn’t find a good architect. Because, missing a huge crystal ball sculpture in front of his house, this sculpture should commemorate his great prediction.
  In “The Road to the Future” published in 1996, he predicted like the devil: In the future, people can enter the map in person and find every street or every building easily. This is not GPS (Global Positioning System) and Google Maps ?
  I can’t help but suspect that he has a wizard’s crystal ball in his hand.
  A quote from The Great Gatsby is engraved on the dome of Bill Gates’ library: “He came a long way to this blue lawn, and his dreams must have been like near In front of his eyes, it’s almost impossible for him to catch it.” Above the bookshelves, huge English letters surround the dome, which seems to be a portrayal of Bill Gates himself.
  It suddenly occurred to me that if I came to Seattle to visit his orange woodgrain private house in a century after Gates, I would be able to go in and see the line on the library dome. As a genius prophet of the devil, his prophecy about the events behind him is this huge house!
  Coming out of Bill Gates’ house trail, the sun hasn’t set yet. When I crossed the bridge again and crossed the huge blue lake, I found a snow-capped mountain in the distance. The white cover was lit by the golden sun and floated leisurely in the blue sky.
  This is Mount Rainier, I think.
  After crossing the bridge, I found a place to stop, took a sip of canned coffee, and looked at the snow-capped mountain in the distance. The underside of the pyramid-shaped snow cover was burnt to golden yellow by the sun, the middle was beige, the top was beige, and a bunch of clouds were wrapped around the waist, like a fancy belt. What a great place to be in Seattle! Not only are there lakes everywhere, but also a long coastline, there is actually a snow-capped mountain covering the locals in the sky.
  The snow on the main peak of Rainier does not melt all year round, and there is a vast forest at the foot of the mountain. I heard from my classmate Lao Meng that an American friend of his spent nearly a year training in a mountaineering club in order to climb this snow-capped mountain, and then he went to great lengths to climb this mountain. I suddenly remembered Jon Krakauer, the author of Into Thin Air, who wrote the entire book in Seattle after saving his life from Mount Everest. He trained in Rainier Snow Mountain before climbing Mount Everest. He was able to write such great works as “Wild Survival”, which is probably also the blessing of this snow-capped mountain.
  A snow mountain, floating in the air of a city, will bring a completely different inspiration and a different mind to the city.

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