The way home

Are we going to die?

meeting. but not now.

Already smelled the dust.

At this time, the sun gradually disappeared into the dark clouds, and everything in front of him became chaotic. Through the window glass, I could hear the wind blowing against the car. The car was a little light. If the wind was stronger, Ma Jianguo was worried that the car would be blown into the sky like a leaf.

From the Gaode map, the place called Baichengzi needs to go off the national road and walk 30 kilometers.

An hour ago, he and Ivy decided to go here, and it was Ivy who originally proposed the idea to be precise. Ivy held up the phone and said to him, anyway, it’s on the way, and I don’t know when I will come again in the future, why not go?

Ma Jianguo had no interest in places of interest. Facing Ivy’s enthusiasm, he neither agreed nor opposed.

Regarding the introduction of Baichengzi, Ivy explained it to Ma Jianguo like this: Baichengzi is also called Juercheng, because it is shaped like a chrysanthemum, hence the name. At its most prosperous time, there were more than 20,000 people living in the city. The city was later destroyed by the Mongolian army. After the White River stopped flowing, the city gradually became a ruin…

After getting off the national road and walking for a while, the mobile phone signal was lost. Ivy said that she was a little tired and asked Ma Jianguo to drive for a while – Ma Jianguo is an old driver who has driven to Tibet. When Ma Jianguo is a driver, two people need to switch places. The sandstorm was rising outside, and as soon as he opened the door, Ma Jianguo believed that the two of them would be swallowed by the yellow wind outside in an instant. When Ma Jianguo proposed to change positions in the car, he was a little hesitant. The reason was that in a small space, two people exchanged positions, and skin-to-skin contact was inevitable. He considered it inappropriate. Ivy was still generous, she straightened up and said to change it in the car, then hunched up from the driver’s seat and raised her legs carefully. Ma Jianguo grabbed her hand. At this moment, he saw half of her breasts exposed. They were white, plump, three-dimensional, and proud. It almost touched Ma Jianguo’s face. His body trembled. Come on, you should move quickly too. Ma Jianguo quickly caught her other hand, her body moved little by little in front of the workbench, he also straightened up and moved in her direction, the two of them were almost close to each other. Ma Jianguo could feel her rapid breathing, her breathing almost melted him.

Ivy could feel the change in Ma Jianguo’s body. Just when the two of them were about to hug each other, they suddenly heard a ding ding dong dong sound outside the car. The two were startled, thinking that there was a stone outside. Wait for the two to sit down and look again. There are all sheep outside, probably hundreds of them, and they are crossing the road. These sheep, one by one, almost became a sea of ​​sheep, and the sheep stuck their heads in front of the car and bleated. A shepherd in a military coat stood out among the sheep. His face was dark and he looked like a bachelor in his forties. He was standing among the sheep and was looking at them with a wicked smile.

Maybe Ivy was really tired along the way. She wrapped a gauze around her face and fell asleep with her head tilted. In fact, Ma Jianguo hoped that she would say a few more words to him, but seeing Ivy’s tired look, he could only blink his dry eyes and decide to continue walking. Thirty kilometers should be there soon.

There is the outline of the desert in front of you (in Ma Jianguo’s impression, there does not seem to be a desert here), the sand dunes one after another, like black waves constantly coming in, under the blowing of the storm, the top of the dunes looks like a wolf smoke, after a long look , those gray dunes seemed like a monster to stand up. To be honest, seeing such a scene, Ma Jiangai was still a little excited.

Ma Jianguo knew Ivy by accident.

Everything had to start with Ma Jianguo holding this meeting two days ago. Ma Jianguo flew here from Hohhot to attend a meeting. To be honest, he didn’t want to come at all. The reason he didn’t want to come was because he didn’t want to go out, especially in the autumn season.

When he approached the manager to put forward his ideas, the manager insisted on letting him go, so he came, and only when he came did he realize that the participants were two people living in one room. At night, he couldn’t sleep a little. There was a person in the same room who looked older than him. His surname was Wang. He called him Brother Wang. That old man Wang fell asleep quickly, he turned off the light, and after a while, he was snoring. Ma Jianguo tossed and turned and couldn’t sleep. He wanted to smoke a cigarette, but it was obviously not suitable for him in the house. Brother Wang didn’t smoke, so he could only go out.

It was dark in the hotel, and only a ray of light came from the south of the corridor. There is a restaurant there. He has been there during the day. It is a Mongolian dining room. There is a portrait of Genghis Khan hanging on the front of the wall. Inside is a huge round table, which looks very luxurious and can seat about twenty people. There were indeed a group of people singing and laughing there. A female singer in a lake-blue Mongolian robe was toasting with the accompaniment of an electronic organ… Now it is estimated that the guests have dispersed, it is very quiet, and the waiter has just finished cleaning up.

He just lit a cigarette when a voice came from behind him: Hello.

Because suddenly, he was taken aback.

There was a woman behind him. He didn’t hear a single sound from her. After he calmed down, he noticed that she was tall, about thirty years old. Maybe she saw Ma Jianguo’s frightened expression and said apologetically, did she scare you?

A cigarette was stuffed in his chest, Ma Jianguo coughed a few times, and then waved to her.

This woman came out of the room behind Ma Jianguo because the door was wide open. He began to think that this woman was also attending the meeting, and when he asked her, she said no, she was the front desk manager here.

At this time, Ma Jianguo was about to finish the cigarette in his hand. Under normal circumstances, he should politely say goodbye to the woman in front of him, and then go back to their respective houses. But it was a bit abnormal that day. After the woman finished speaking, she didn’t move, her face was full of enthusiasm to continue the chat, which Ma Jianguo thought should not be guesswork.

Let’s chat. Ma Jianguo couldn’t sleep after thinking about going back by himself. Besides, there was a strange participant in the room, so he lit a second cigarette.

You don’t sound like an eastern accent, where are you from?

Hohhot people.

Oh, great, I’m from Hohhot too. the woman said.

You, are you from Hohhot? Why come here? Ma Jianguo was curious.

She said, you laugh at me, a person from the capital, for actually running to this small place?

Ma Jianguo hurriedly explained that no, no, just curious.

She shrugged, you are not afraid to laugh, life in this small place is not as convenient as Hohhot.

In the blue light, Ma Jianguo saw that she had a good figure. In addition to being tall, she was also plump and bumpy. What made Ma Jianguo dazzled was that her coat was obviously put on temporarily, and black underwear with lace could be seen inside.

I’ve only been here for a week. she says.

To be honest, at this time, Ma Jianguo had an urge to invite her out for a drink. He used to do this often, and he would take the initiative to invite a beautiful girl when he saw him. In recent years, I have gotten a little old and a little dull. He looked at the table, if it were earlier, he thought he would, but now it’s a bit late.

At this moment, he glanced at her room, which was also a standard room. You live by yourself?

Well, I spent my own money and stayed at the hotel’s internal price.

Why don’t you live in the staff dormitory?

I have seen their staff dormitory before, a room for six people. I was too noisy, so I decided to spend money to live here. But you know no, they told me that the hotel has no rooms, this is the only one.

He glanced at her room again, this time it was exaggerated, his intention was to invite her to sit in.

This is not very good. He deliberately looked again and said.

it is good? She frowned and said, there are no windows in this room, so let’s not talk about it, the main reason is the smell of the sewer.

What a pity, Ma Jianguo thought that if he lived alone in a house, he would invite her, but it was impossible. The old man surnamed Wang in the room was snoring and sleeping like a pig.

According to Ivy’s words, there really was a tall earthen city wall in front of Ma Jianguo, enclosing an urn city, and the sand blowing through the ruined earthen wall felt a sense of vicissitudes. He stopped the car and turned it off. Ivy was still sleeping, and he couldn’t bear to disturb her.

So he got out of the car, and the wind was really strong outside the car, nearly blowing his hat off twice. This city is very tall, he really can’t figure out how this city was built on the desert, just when he decided to go in and have a look, Ivy in the car woke up, and she called him in the wind.

Ma Jianguo stopped, looked up at the sky, the sky was still dark red, and the wind was blowing from the crenels of the city wall, making a whistling sound. Ivy staggered out of the car, her shaking apparently blown by the wind. She wrapped her face and neck with a gauze, looking like a girl from West Asia. When she approached Ma Jianguo, Ma Jianguo reached out and caught her hand.

Near the city wall, the wind is less.

Do you like it here? Think about how interesting people came and went here a thousand years ago. Ivy looked at Ma Jianguo and said.

Ma Jianguo wanted to say this was a bit scary, but he didn’t say it when he saw Ivy’s happy face.

Ivy shook Ma Jianguo’s arm and said, let’s go up and have a look.

This is indeed a Tucheng. There is a black stone tablet in front of the Tucheng. There are many handwritings on it, and nothing can be clearly seen.

Does it look like a chrysanthemum? After Ivy finished speaking, she wrapped her arm around Ma Jianguo and said, “Go, go in and take a look.

This action made Ma Jianguo feel a little nervous, and he hurriedly said what to see in such a broken wall.

Let’s go. Ivy’s firm breasts were already attached to Ma Jianguo’s body, and he felt warmth on his body, so he followed Ivy to the earth wall. The earth wall is full of weeds. It can be seen that the city wall is very thick. It is estimated that horses can run back and forth here in ancient times. When I looked inside, it was square and upright, and it really looked like a city, but it was empty, full of weeds and sand. Ivy seemed to be still curious, she took Ma Jianguo’s hand and insisted on going down. The two of them went down to the city along the earth wall. The ground was full of cow dung and sheep dung. It seems that the people here did not regard it as an ancient city, but as a place for livestock. Ivy held his hand tightly, Ma Jianguo’s heart was pounding, he didn’t know what Ivy was going to do.

Arriving in front of a city gate, Ivy raised her face, are you not going to hug me here?

This is indeed a bold woman. Ivy in front of him slowly closed his eyes, when Ma Jianguo saw that Ivy was wearing a pair of false eyelashes.

Ivy waited for a long time, but Ma Jianguo did not hug her. She opened her eyes slowly, but saw Ma Jianguo standing there dumbfounded, staring not far away.

What’s wrong with you? Ivy was a little scared and looked at him.

There seems to be something there.

Ivy’s full emotions instantly turned into fear.

She didn’t wait for Ma Jianguo to hug her, but instead hugged Ma Jianguo.

At the same time, both of them heard a real movement not far away.

On the first day of participating in the training class, Ma Jianguo did not attend the class and slept in the hotel for a day. When he can’t sleep, he watches TV. In the afternoon, Ma Jianguo was really bored, so he sent a WeChat message to the woman from yesterday (they left contact information for each other before they parted yesterday), saying if you are free tonight, let’s go have a drink together, and leave the next day. Unexpectedly, the woman replied quickly: No problem, a little later.

He asked people again, still don’t know what to call you?

The woman told him that my name is Ivy.

In the evening, the two of them met and went to a barbecue restaurant. What he didn’t expect was that Ivy was a big drinker, and the two of them gradually became familiar with each other, like a pair of old friends who hadn’t seen each other for a long time.

Ivy asked Ma Jianguo if he often flirts with girls like this.

Ma Jianguo blushed a bit, and then hurriedly explained, no, no, I didn’t want to come on this business trip, I didn’t expect to meet you.

Ivy said with a smile, “I’m joking with you, I’m frightening you. I just came here to work, and I was bored at night. I was looking for someone to drink and talk to.”

The two got really excited, drinking and drinking. Ivy told Ma Jianguo that I didn’t want to do it for a long time. Then she said the reasons why she didn’t want to do it, such as the poor working environment in this hotel and the low salary. But these reasons are not very sufficient. In Ma Jianguo’s feeling, she still has something to do. At this time, he thought that Ivy’s family was in Hohhot, how could he have run so far? He refrained from asking, but Ivy seemed to see his doubts and said it herself. She told him that she was going to divorce her husband. His home was in a smaller city not far from here. The two met working together in Hohhot, and she married here despite her family’s objections. Unexpectedly, after a few years of marriage, her husband exposed more and more problems, like drinking, playing mahjong, and poking her heart with sad words when quarreling. Once her husband said after drinking that she couldn’t do anything but quarreled with him at home… This time irritated Ivy, she drove to the hotel in this city to work, in her words , is to prove himself.

When he said this, other people’s faces would be full of gloom, but Ivy was very relaxed, with a look of seeing through the red dust. At the end of the day, Ivy suddenly asked Ma Jianguo if he could help herself.

Ivy said, I drove a car from home to here, this time I want to drive it back to Hohhot to see my parents, because the distance is a little far, I have never driven this far, I think if you don’t buy it If you have a ticket, can you accompany me on a trip?

Ma Jianguo was taken aback and said, just us?

She looked at Ma Jianguo, of course.

Ma Jianguo didn’t expect this request from Ivy at all. Seeing her expression was serious, but it was nearly 900 kilometers from here to Hohhot. On the way, Ma Jianguo was a little confused.

He said, how can you believe that I am not a bad person?

I feel like you are not.

If so? He said it deliberately.

Then what should I do, I can only accept my fate, what’s the big deal.

When she was done, she smiled happily.

In this way, when the meeting ended the next day, Ma Jianguo gave up his original plan to fly and drove back to Hohhot with Ivy.

Along the way, the two of them were also happy. Outside the car was the grassland in September, the sky was high and the clouds were clear, and the two people in the car talked about each other’s situation. At the beginning, Ivy said that this time when I returned to Hohhot, I was going back to my parents to rest and recuperate. She asked about Ma Jianguo’s life.

Ma Jianguo didn’t hide it, and told her that he was currently single and had been divorced. The reason for the divorce was that his mother was admitted to an MD degree in the United States and wanted to go to the United States with his family, but Ma Jianguo refused to go, so he left. After the divorce, he worked in a private company. The benefits of the private company were not bad, but he didn’t want to do it, he just felt bored. He felt that as long as he didn’t spend a fortune on his savings, he would have no problem living until he was old. This business trip was his last shift for the company, and he would quit when he returned…

It could be seen that Ivy had Ma Jianguo to accompany her back to her parents’ house this time, and she was in a happy mood. Her face was shining like a layer of glaze. She said, since everyone is unhappy, why don’t we play happily?

It can be seen that Ivy is a simple-minded person. Although Ma Jianguo has only been in contact with her for a short period of two days, her happiness seems to have ignited him. He hadn’t been alone with a woman for a long time, and he felt vaguely fresh and vaguely worried. As for what he was worried about, he couldn’t tell.

Ivy asked him if he had heard of Baichengzi.

What? Ma Jianguo did not know.

Baichengzi, a ruin left from the Liao Dynasty, is said to be in front.

Ma Jianguo remembered something, and he looked into the distance and said, I heard that it has been buried in the desert.

I have been there once, and it is now a ruin, just in the desert not far ahead, and it is estimated that it will be buried by sand in a short time. Ivy glanced at Ma Jianguo, or let’s take a look.

Ma Jianguo did not speak.

The light in front of me was a little yellow, as if it had penetrated from oil paper, and a greasy halo appeared on the road. Ma Jianguo was a little dazed. He felt that his state was a bit like sleepwalking at this time. Yes, he had been in this state since he knew the woman beside him.

The cell phone text message rang. Ma Jianguo saw that it was sent by the same roommate, Brother Wang, who said that the plane was delayed and that he had been at the airport for four or five hours, and then asked him how he was doing.

He replied that everything was fine, good luck.

There was a plastic bag hanging from a tree branch and it was hooting.

The light was very dark, and the place where the sound was heard just now was at the front of the city gate, where a lot of gravel and loess had accumulated, and the city gate had been completely buried. Although the storm is not as violent as before, but the sky is getting darker and darker, Ivy took Ma Jianguo’s hand and said in a trembling voice, let’s go back to the car, I feel there is a ghost here.

Ma Jianguo was a little unbelieving and picked up half a brick in his hand. Although Ivy wouldn’t let him go, he pushed Ivy away and walked over quietly. The gate of the city gate was quiet again, and Ma Jianguo listened with his ear sideways, as if there was nothing, so he stopped moving forward and shouted loudly, “Something, come out!”

His voice was clearly echoing here, and it was a little muffled.

Everything is still very quiet, Ma Jianguo shouted loudly, if you don’t come out, I will throw bricks!

Speaking of which, he did make a move of throwing a brick. At this moment, there was a clatter not far away, and a dark figure stood up. At the same time, Ivy screamed, which startled Ma Jianguo.

Judging from the figure, the figure standing up was a woman. She said timidly, don’t…don’t…I’m out…come…

She tumbled out of the mound at the city gate. As he approached, Ma Jianguo could see clearly that the woman was not tall, her voice was a little hoarse, her eyes were scattered, and she felt that she hadn’t eaten for a few days.

Ma Jianguo relaxed his vigilance at this time, threw away the brick in his hand, and turned around and said to Ivy, who was a little silly, “It’s alright, come here.”

Ivy was still a little worried, and walked carefully to Ma Jianguo, looking at Ma Jianguo and the dark woman in front of her.

How are you hiding here? Ma Jianguo asked her.

The woman asked if they had water, and she died of thirst. Ma Jianguo asked Ivy to fetch a bottle of water from the car. After the woman drank the water, her eyes became bright. Her accent was obviously not from here, like a southerner.

She talked about her own experience. It turned out that she ran away from marriage. Two years ago, she was brought out and said that she was a part-time job. She did not expect that the traffickers tricked her into getting here and marrying a local. She gave the family a child. In the past two years, she tried to escape from this ghost place countless times, but every time she ran, she was arrested and brought back, and she was beaten up by the family. After each fight, her thoughts of escaping became stronger. This time, she waited until the baby was weaned, and found an opportunity to run out. After running for two days, she lost her way and hid in this ancient city… The woman said Very sincere, her words made Ivy keep wiping away tears. Ivy was soft-hearted, and when she heard such an unfortunate story, she found bread and handed it to the woman.

Why haven’t you called the police for so many years?

I don’t even have a cell phone.

The well-fed woman suddenly said to the two of them, you can either use your good intentions and take me out of this place, as long as you get out of this place, you can put me anywhere.

Ma Jianguo couldn’t agree to her request, and taking this woman out must have certain risks. He looked back at Ivy, who was also hesitant. The woman plopped down on her knees in front of the two of them, crying and begging, if they caught me this time, they would definitely break my legs, please save me…

The woman’s cry made Ivy burst into tears instantly. She looked at the woman on the ground and Ma Jianguo, and said, let’s save her, or she will really be killed by the people here.

Ma Jianguo said to Ivy, the car is yours, if you say take it away, take it away.

Ivy took the car keys from Ma Jianguo and waved at the woman.

The woman patted the dirt off her body and got into the car.

The sky is getting darker, the wind is tighter, and the sand is flying.

There’s a dust storm. Although sitting in the car, Ma Jianguo felt that his mouth and nose were full of dirt. He said to Ivy, hurry up, otherwise, the sandstorm will blow us into the sky.

In the distance, it seemed as if a high wall had been erected, and the wind and sand became more and more violent. From time to time, the sound of sand blowing was heard outside the car window, and their car was driving towards the center of the sandstorm. I couldn’t see anything clearly, the visibility was only three or five meters, the sky and the ground were dark, and the car was swayed by the violent wind. Ivy adjusted the wipers to fast gear, and the two wipers swayed left and right, but they still couldn’t stop the crazy sand. Ma Jianguo worried that the wipers would wipe sparks off the glass in a short time.

Such a strong wind, or we don’t go, it’s too dangerous. Ivy looked forward nervously.

Ma Jianguo had heard of the sandstorm that swept the child into the sky before, so he nodded, stopped the car, and turned on the double flash. The outside of the car window was full of boiling sand, like ocean waves, and the whistling wind sounded like a ghost crying and wolf howling, and it felt like entering a ghostly world. To be honest, Ma Jianguo was also a little nervous at this time. It was the first time he had seen such a big sandstorm, and he was worried that he would be blown away by the car.

The woman in the back seat of the car had fallen asleep, probably too tired, and it didn’t take long for her to start snoring lightly. Thinking about this woman’s life experience is really pitiful. She was deceived from such a far place and suffered all the humiliation. Ivy put one of her fleece clothes over the woman.

It was obviously a burden to have such a woman. Ivy secretly negotiated with Ma Jianguo, and when they got to the next county town, they would put the woman down and give her some money, all as good deeds. As for the fate of this woman in the future, it is all her own business, and has nothing to do with them.

The sandstorm was not as violent as before. Ivy continued to drive forward, but there was still no signal on the mobile phone. The road ahead is not easy to walk at all, there are potholes, and the car is going very slowly. Maybe because of the shaking, the woman in the back seat coughed and seemed to wake up. Ma Jianguo turned around and saw that the expression on the woman’s face was more relaxed than before. too much. She looked out the car window, wondering what she was thinking.

Suddenly Ivy spoke, what was that?

Ma Jianguo followed Ivy’s gaze, and there was a shiny thing in front of it, swinging in the sandstorm.

Ivy slowed down, the shiny thing like a mirror was not far away. The car drove forward slowly, and as they got closer, they could see that there was a man standing there, a shepherd, and his sheep shovel was shining. The shepherd seemed to be blocking the way on purpose.

Just as Ivy was about to bring the car close to him, the woman in the back seat screamed, startling both of them.

This man is my man’s brother, he will take me back…

Ma Jianguo turned around and glanced at the woman again. The woman’s face was pale and her eyes were terrified.

What should I do? Ivy glanced at Ma Jianguo. To be honest, Ma Jianguo has no idea at all right now.

The shiny sheep shovel in front of him swung even more violently. It seemed that if Ivy didn’t stop, the sheep shovel would hit the car window directly.

The woman in the back seat of the car is still begging, please help me, you are good people…

Ivy didn’t think about it anymore. She stepped on the accelerator in a panic and rushed over. There was a “dong” sound from outside the car. Ivy stepped on the brakes again, and Ma Jianguo’s head hit the beam of the car instantly… Wait When Ma Jianguo rubbed his head and opened his eyes, he saw that Ivy had gotten out of the car, she was staring at the front with big eyes in astonishment, she looked like a fool.

Ma Jianguo felt as if he was in a nightmare. After a few seconds, he woke up a lot and realized it was true. He opened the car door carefully, and a dry heat wave rushed towards him, and he could smell a faint smell of blood. He saw a man lying upright on the ground, two shoes flying to nowhere, exposing his white feet, and a large pool of blood flowing under his head…

Ma Jianguo walked over little by little, and only when he got closer, did he see clearly that this shepherd he had seen before was the same shepherd who stared at them when he and Ivy changed positions in the car not long ago. It was indeed him. Now his eyes are closed, his body is prostrate on the ground, and the corners of his mouth and the back of his head are covered in blood, which means that Ivy just drove directly into his head, which was a fatal crash.

While complaining about the bad luck, Ma Jianguo circled around the man, and then kicked the man’s foot with his foot, and the man remained motionless. Ma Jianguo put his hand under the man’s nose again, and there was no breath at all. It seemed that he was really dead.

Ivy was obviously terrified, as if she couldn’t stand any longer, and squatted on the ground alone and wept silently.

Ma Jianguo glanced around. This was the edge of the desert, and there was no one there.

Ma Jianguo walked up to Ivy and said that the person was dead.

ah? died?

Ivy’s body was a little soft, as if she was about to collapse, Ma Jianguo hugged her.

After a while, Ivy regained consciousness and grabbed Ma Jianguo’s hand. Then, what should I do?

Ma Jianguo looked around again, he was dead anyway, let’s run.

Is that an escape? Ivy looked at Ma Jianguo in horror.

Are there cameras here? In the desert wilderness, who knows that you have killed someone.

The car started again, and Ivy nervously put in the wrong gear several times.

Seeing that Ivy was too nervous to drive, Ma Jianguo replaced Ivy. Now his mind is still calm, he knows that he must drive out of this desert in a short time, and run as far as possible. It was noon, and the temperature was gradually rising. There was hardly a car on the road that crossed the desert. The clouds above were dense and changed into various shapes, some like running horses, some like rabbits. , some like wolves, as if these animals were chasing their cars…

Ivy’s voice is still trembling, you say we are caught, will you shoot me?

Ma Jianguo did not speak.

If you speak, will you shoot me?

Ma Jianguo seemed unable to answer her topic. What he didn’t expect was that Ivy suddenly grabbed his arm hysterically, and the sharp nails had digged into his flesh.

say something……

From the ancient city all the way to the west, what they did not expect was that the road became a labyrinth. After walking for a long time, they turned back to Tucheng.

Are you lost? Ma Jianguo looked at the road ahead and felt very familiar.

Ivy looked at the phone, but there was still no signal.

After the baptism of a sandstorm, the sky brightened up, as if it had been washed, and the blue was a little unreal. The road in the ancient city was indeed like a vortex, and it took Ma Jianguo a long time to escape from the labyrinth-like place from a fork in the road. The poplar trees in front gradually increased, and a period of worrying time has passed, and I am a little tired. Everything that happened, in retrospect, makes Ma Jianguo feel very unreal. It would be nice if it was really a dream, but it was not, it existed. Ma Jianguo glanced at Ivy, there was no blood on Ivy’s face, and she was paralyzed in the car seat.

The woman in the back seat of the car was very calm at this time. She looked at the flustered Ivy and suddenly said viciously, he deserved it, he deserved it!

Then she told them both that her man’s brother had raped her too, and she hated this guy to death…

What she didn’t expect was that Ivy didn’t sympathize with her at all. Instead, she called her a death star. If she hadn’t met her, she wouldn’t have killed anyone at all. Now that’s it, she has become a murderer.

In the face of Ivy’s hysteria, the woman looked calm.

Her calm angered Ivy even more, Ivy screamed, let her go, let her go, I can’t even see her!

Ma Jianguo wanted to interject to make Ivy calm down, but Ivy couldn’t calm down at all. She suddenly pulled the handbrake and the car stopped instantly.

Ma Jianguo almost hit his head on the windshield, he got a little angry, pointed at Ivy’s nose and said are you crazy…

Ivy has completely changed. She said I was crazy, I was crazy, let her get out of the car, let her roll, the farther the better…

Said that Ivy was going to push the woman.

The woman suddenly laughed. The laughter was terrible. She said that if you let me get out of the car, I will sue you for deliberately killing someone…

The woman’s words were very effective, and Ivy froze there instantly.

Ma Jianguo saw that the more the woman smiled, the happier she was. Her face was deformed a little bit because of her smile. She opened her mouth, and she could clearly see a few blackened teeth inside. She was really happy, she was a little carried away…

Ivy sat back in her seat obediently, as if she was beaten by frost, she stayed there without saying a word.

The woman behind the car also stopped laughing.

The three stopped fighting for a while, and the car was silent.

After a fight, Ma Jianguo was a little sleepy and fell asleep with his head on the side of the window. He also had a dream that he was leading his son to swim, and that swimming pool was the dark horse swimming pool opposite his house. He grabbed his son’s hands, the son buried his head in the water, his feet kept fluttering, and the water splashed all over the place. The father and son were very happy. But it didn’t take long for Ma Jianguo to find that he was holding a handful of water plants in his hand, and his son was long gone. On closer inspection, he was standing in a wild lake, not some dark horse swimming pool. What about the son? He looked around, shouting his son’s name incessantly, and the surroundings were silent except for the sound of rushing water. He began to walk into the deeper water, the mud under his feet became more and more slippery, and the water kept rushing to his mouth. He couldn’t go any further, and he might sink into the mud. At this moment, something touched his body, he turned around and saw a pair of white feet floating in front of his eyes…

It was twilight outside, the clouds were like thick ink smeared, and there was a damp cool air in the wind.

Ma Jianguo woke up and continued to drive forward. The car was eerily silent, and for a while, he felt like he was alone in the car. This is an illusion, and there are two silent women in the car, each of whom is full of worries.

The sound of text messages on the phone broke the silence. Ma Jianguo could not have imagined that someone would text him so late. He glanced at it, the same old brother Wang, he told Ma Jianguo that he had arrived in Baotou, and he was welcome to come and play when he had time.

This time, Ma Jianguo did not return.

The front finally reached the asphalt road, the car was on the road, everything became much smoother, the light outside was completely dimmed, and Ma Jianguo turned on the high beam. The car was still dead silent, no one said a word. After walking for a while, there was a toll station in front of the city. Ma Jianguo was about to drive past when he saw a lot of police lights flashing there.

Don’t go over, let’s keep going. Ivy’s voice was shrill.

Ma Jianguo turned the car into the main road again. The road ahead was so dark that it seemed to enter an endless abyss, and their car was driving through the abyss. It was windy outside again, and the wind was beating against the window, as if it would smash the glass on the window at any moment. For a while, Ma Jianguo was in a trance, forgetting what he was doing, where he was going, and what his and Ivy’s identities were. When he regained consciousness, he suddenly felt a little uneasy, and he didn’t know what to worry about, anyway, he was not at ease.

Let’s either turn ourselves in, I’m afraid. Ivy’s voice was weak.

Ma Jianguo turned around and glanced at Ivy, she was sitting beside her, the collar of her windbreaker stood up high, almost covering her entire face, her eyes were exposed and empty.

What’s wrong with you?

I’m really scared……

After speaking, the car was quiet for a while, and he could hear Ivy crying, the cry was very suppressed, like a kitten whimpering.

Ma Jianguo stretched out his hand, wanting to pat her and comfort her.

In the darkness, he was ruthlessly pushed away by the other hand.

The car is still driving in the dark, like a ship without hope in the sea.

To be honest, now, Ma Jianguo is really a little sleepy, but there is nothing he can do, he can only cheer up.

The night road ahead is still long.

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