New York subway

  The New York subway is an underground labyrinth.
  Every day my trip starts and ends with the subway. A small apricot METRO CARD becomes my pass for entering and exiting the underground labyrinth. The subway is really a fast and economical means of transportation in New York! Living in the United States cannot live without a private car, but in New York, it can be omitted. Many car owners only drive when they leave the city, and the transportation in the city depends entirely on the subway! Even if you are traveling alone in New York for the first time and have no relatives, don’t hesitate to ask around, and ask around to find out how far the attractions are from you, what Times Square, Rockefeller Center, the Metropolitan Museum, Soho, Greenwich Village , take the boat to Liberty South Pier, they are all waiting for you at the exit of the subway station! With the subway, this “iron buddy” who does not deceive students, you can calmly and pretend to be familiar with the road and wait and see. Especially seeing the congested traffic on the street, I am even more grateful for the accessibility of the “iron buddies”.
  There is no day and night in the subway station, no sunshine and no rain, but there is a strong atmosphere. In winter, it’s a warm, warm current that keeps you warm; in summer, it’s a sweltering damp that sticks to you. Only the lights are bright in all seasons, to give you assistance and confidence, and you walk fearlessly and helplessly in the chest of this steel monster.
  Riding the subway is something most New Yorkers do every morning and night. And I must take the subway line 7 every day. Its logo on the subway map is a purple line that stretches lightly in the east-west direction. Sitting in the swaying carriage, I pretend that I am traveling from Queens along the beautiful arc of the purple line. Sliding to Manhattan. In fact, I often have to change subways to get where I want to go. For example, to go to Soho or Little Italy, you have to transfer to Line 6 at Grand Central Station.
  The experience of changing subways is the experience of navigating the maze. At the transfer station where more than a dozen lines meet, the up and down escalators form a cycle with different meanings: different lines, different signs, and people of different skin colors, heading to different destinations. I followed the signs of the colored arrows and chased, unable to remember how many floors I went up and down, or how many floors the platform with the most transfers had, until I stepped into a carriage and joined a short journey that didn’t require an appointment.
  In three or five minutes, or half an hour’s trip, you should not imagine romance and adventure, imagine Hepburn met Parker, and staged a New York version of “Roman Holiday”. No, we are not terracotta warriors, but we are all strangers, and the most used word is SORRY. Of course, as long as you don’t close your eyes and doze off, something will slip into your eyes and stir your thoughts. Arabs wear dark headscarves to think about their thoughts, Indians wear bright headscarves to stand out in the carriage, black girls have particularly bright eyes, and their heads are full of pigtails tied with colorful headbands… Most people are silent, different Skin-colored hands, holding newspapers with different texts and immersing themselves in reading are the most daily scenes in the carriage.
  People all over the world share a small car, the New York subway, the international car, is a candy bowl of assorted candy, invisible hands, invisible forces fuse us together. Occasionally I run into an uninvited speaker. After a serious speech, I get out of the car quietly because there is no one to respond, and sometimes a violinist comes up. …It seems that the carriage is like a mobile stage, where there is no screenwriter and no one can predict the secular drama.
  Once in the carriage on the return journey, I didn’t know which station it was. The door of the carriage opened, and a gentle and hoarse singing woke my tired body and mind. I looked around, but I still couldn’t find the singer. The subway had started, and there was a roar. Overwhelmed everything, the singing disappeared without a trace, like my hallucination. For the moment of life, warm, cold, boring, bitter, affectionate, sweet, we have no way of grasping, we can only bear, experience the pain and be happy, because we are on the road…
  I have sat and stood , get off the bus, stand on the empty platform and wait for the bus again. Thick rain falls from the dark sky: where am I? How could I stand on the platform surrounded by rain, and in the silence, Pound’s “Subway Station” floated down from the air of memory, and became my narration waiting for the subway:
  ”The shadows of those faces in the crowd, the damp darkness The petals on the branches.”
  Walking in the dark rain, the petals in the poem accompany me, the home is too far away, only the lights of the hotel are waiting for me.
  The subway after midnight seems to have a different face. There will be dirty deals that the police can’t guard against, and there will be a midnight operation of subway graffitiers who give citizens headaches: they carry flashlights, ladders, paint and spray guns, facing the wall. , the carriages, facing the various parts of the underground labyrinth, facing the vision of New Yorkers, spraying their daydreams of being crushed by this utilitarian city.
  Allegedly, the New York City government allocates an eight-figure budget every year to clean up the graffiti. The paradox is that “Newsweek” also reported that the price of the subway graffiti masterpiece “Flying TV” has reached 20,000 US dollars. “Flying Clocks”, “Prayers”, “Pyramids of Pulse” and more have won the favor of New Yorkers. Hei Lin took the opportunity to open POPSHOP, specializing in all kinds of trendy cultural shirts, so his various “graffiti” images roamed the streets of New York with his tall, short, fat and thin body.
  Two days before leaving New York, I wanted to take a look at the World Trade Center. I opened the map and checked. The nearest subway station to the World Trade Center is marked with a gray arrow, and it is temporarily closed after 9.11. The nearest line 5. Decades later, they are still closed, a wound that New York cannot cover.
  The subway entered the station, getting closer and closer, and the huge roar seemed to tremble with the platform and the rails. This is the typical character of the New York subway. The most appropriate comment is: “The earth is shaking, as if the sky is burning.”
  New York subway It has a history of a hundred years, but it is still full of energy and rushing around day and night. Every year people from all over the world walk into the carriage with their own desires and breaths. It is the carrier of dreams, a breathing steel monster; The spirit of this city is the blood vessel of New York and the container of New York’s memory.

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