Liechtenstein, $70,000 makes you king?

  In 2011, the little-known country of Liechtenstein made a big news and shocked the world.
  The Duke of Liechtenstein, Adam II, decided that as long as he pays 70,000 US dollars, he can be a “temporary king” in Liechtenstein for one day and rent the country of Liechtenstein for 2 days. During the rental period, you can get a key that symbolizes state power, you can live in the palace, enjoy royal treatment, you can drink the Grand Duke’s wine, customize temporary street signs, manage 40,000 residents across the country, and even temporarily command 110 people across the country. Police and issue temporary currency. Medieval-style cruises are also available, if desired, at an extra cost.
  When the news came out, the whole world was shocked. Rent out a country and spend money to be a temporary king? This is too childish! Media from all over the world have reprinted this news. At first, everyone thought that some tabloid made it up for the sake of attracting attention. It was not until the major media confirmed it that everyone knew that the news was true and began to notice this little-known small country. .
  As a result, Liechtenstein was “out of the circle”, and the event was actually a success. It turns out that although Liechtenstein has a good financial industry, fine industry and stamp industry, the tourism industry that the country wants to develop does not have many unique resources, especially close to the two major tourist countries of Switzerland and Austria, and wants to develop its own unique tourism industry. Tourism is very difficult. So Adam II, Duke of Liechtenstein, came up with this method to increase the popularity of his country.
  However, although this news is a bit of a joke, it is inevitable that some people will take it seriously. It is said that American singer Snoop Dogg contacted relevant personnel in Liechtenstein and wanted to rent the country for 2 days for 140,000 US dollars to shoot his own music video. However, this request was rejected by Duke Adam II on the grounds of “no advance appointment”. This “rental country” campaign is still in effect today, but everyone realizes that this is a publicity stunt, and no one talks about it anymore.
  In fact, Liechtenstein is not only good at propaganda, the small country also has its own strength. In the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Liechtenstein also sent two athletes to participate. Hermann, who was the head of the country’s Olympic delegation at the time, said that although Liechtenstein is a small country, it has a long sports tradition and has participated in all Olympic competitions except the Moscow Olympics since 1936.
  Although it has never won a medal at the Summer Olympics, Liechtenstein has gained a lot in the Winter Olympics by virtue of its traditional advantages in alpine skiing, winning a total of 10 Winter Olympics medals. Because of its small population, Liechtenstein has also become the country that has won the most Olympic medals per capita in the world, and it is also the smallest country in the history of the Olympic Games.