Forever monroe

  The birth of Monroe made men have a dream for women. Her beauty aroused men not evil, but love; not the urge to possess, but a vague pleasure. Monroe belongs to the rare kind of woman who can turn a man’s low-level desire into an aesthetic synaesthesia.
  However, on August 5, 1962, Monroe was no longer Monroe, she was just a female corpse parked in a morgue in Los Angeles on the west coast of the United States, still beautiful but cold and stiff. As a result, all people’s poetic imaginations about Monroe were mercilessly pulled back to the world by this female corpse.
  It seems inconceivable that death is associated with Monroe. Her whole body is overflowing with the love bestowed by nature, as long as you have a healthy heart for beauty, no matter whether you are a man or a woman, old or young, you will never face Monroe (even if it is a photo). ignore it. She’s the kind of woman we’ve accidentally met on one occasion and never forgotten. Such occasions include calendars, pictorials, photographs, books and periodicals. The world recognizes that she symbolizes a kind of high-level sexiness, and the sexiness is not caused by nudity.
  She thus becomes the focal point of beauty. Her beauty is a natural resource that will always attract developers of all kinds. She didn’t know how to cherish at first. Because the days of loneliness and helplessness have been too long, like a leaf that trembles and has nowhere to find its roots. Monroe is both a posthumous daughter and an illegitimate daughter. My mother lived in a mental hospital for many years. From a young age, he was discriminated against and even raped once. At the age of 8, he escaped to an orphanage and worked as a dishwasher. At the age of 16, she married Jim Doherty, a 21-year-old aircraft worker, to escape the inhuman treatment of the orphanage. Her unhappy marriage led her to attempt suicide. She worked as a photography model for a living, and was later regarded by Hollywood producers as a cash cow for her beauty. They specially arranged for her to play the role of a promiscuous and dissolute woman in some movies, and she fascinated audiences from all over the world with her beauty, and also attracted the attention of giants, politicians, celebrities and even the president of the United States. She knew that many people were only interested in their own sexy performances, which made her tired. One night, she was deeply saddened when she recalled the scene of the film “Anna Christie”: in such a performance, she felt as if her skin was peeling off, and her inner feelings seemed to be exposed to the world.
  There will be as much harassment as there is beauty. This harassment not only came from lecherous people, but the social circles and the press were not willing to let her go easily. At the end of 1954, famous people from all over Hollywood attended a party to celebrate the completion of “Seven Years of Thinking”, which meant that they finally accepted Monroe as a movie star. But this night, Monroe disappeared from the praise, put on a black wig, put on sunglasses, changed her name and changed her name to “escape” to a farm in Connecticut, eastern United States, to spend Christmas with her girlfriend Amy Green Festival. Calls keep coming and getting rejected. Afterwards, Monroe and Amy rolled on the carpet like two mischievous little girls. “Fame to me is like a flash in the pan, it’s just a fluke… When it’s gone, I’ve experienced that it’s just a frivolous and changeable thing, and I don’t depend on her to live.” The sober Monroe may have felt that, for her, increasing fame meant diminishing security.
  Regrettably, her extraordinary beauty often places her in many misunderstandings. Many people just regard her as a “sexy star” and refuse to understand it. They take it for granted that such a porn star only needs to show her beauty to have a market, and her performance can be irrelevant. In fact, it is not, just look at the evaluation of Lee Strasberg, the founder of the “House of Movie Stars” in the United States: “I have worked with thousands of actors and actresses, but I feel that only two of them are outstanding. , the first is Marlon Brando, and the second is Monroe.” She came from a poor background and had no chance to receive a good education, but she showed a passion for self-learning stronger than others. She has benefited from many books, including biography, history, poetry. The book “The Art of Living” by Lin Yutang, well-known to Chinese readers, also accompanied her during her travels. She also writes poetry in her spare time. As far as my limited reading is concerned, her poetry level is not very accomplished. But the significance is obviously: Monroe, who came from the slums and orphanages, has not been distorted by the disaster and danger.
  Monroe is so weak again. She admitted that she was “very afraid of facing everything alone” and that “love is what I need most in this world.” But many dignitaries and dignitaries only regard her as a plaything for the pursuit of beauty. Once it becomes a peach news and becomes public, they will go away at the expense of Monroe. During that time, she suffered from severe depression and needed sedatives to fall asleep at night. Finally, in the middle of the night at the age of 36, she bid farewell to the world inexplicably. The cause of her death remains a mystery to this day. Beauty should be eternal, but the destruction of beauty is so helpless. Shouldn’t the law of life in nature be the survival of the superior and the elimination of the inferior?
  Strangely, Monroe did not disappear from people’s memory. The premature death fulfilled her enduring charm, and it was a bit cruel to say this. If she is still alive today, Monroe should be in her old age. Please imagine that the charming blonde hair has become withered and yellow, the eyes of “Looking Back and Smiling Bai Meisheng” are dim and cloudy, the fresh and dripping lips are pale and dry, the plump and straight breasts are slack and shrinking, and the lively and cheerful daughter’s attitude is drooping. old. And all this has not happened yet, Monroe has solidified the eternal charm.
  Good luck or bad luck, who can tell?