Enjoy nature

  The beautiful Mediterranean Sea has a vast territory, pleasant climate and beautiful scenery. It is known as a blue gem embedded in the middle of the Eurasian and African continents. The countries and people along the Mediterranean coast have formed a unique “nature” of advocating and enjoying nature under this unique natural condition since ancient times. And the long history and cultural traditions add a mysterious and rich color to the nature of the Mediterranean people. Today’s Mediterranean Sea and the vast surrounding areas are not only “holy places” for people to get close to nature, but also “paradise” for spreading natural culture. Although there are different ethnic groups, cultures, languages ​​and histories in the Mediterranean region, and they also show their own different folk characteristics and charms, the worship of nature and the rich and simple natural heritage brought by them have become their of common wealth and civilization. It’s just that today’s travelers, whether walking on the soft sandy beaches of southern France, or looking up at the desert camel caravan in North Africa, whether they are stroking the waves of the Aegean Sea, or stepping on the country stone road in Sicily, all seem to have entered the picturesque nature of nature. In his arms, listen to the bizarre and dreamy lyrical movements.
  The buildings along the Mediterranean coast are like the waves of the Mediterranean, which are free to stretch and scattered. The bright colors in the rows of free curves show the rhythm of jumping, which is the home style of the country along the eastern Mediterranean coast with the characteristics of mountains and hills. Most of the cities and villages are located on the mountainside by the sea. The buildings and streets here are built along the mountains and are scattered. The beautiful Apennine mountains are their firmest backing. Athens, Greece is an important birthplace of human civilization, with countless cultural and artistic treasures, and its architecture is even more magnificent. When we observe carefully around Athens, we can find that the people living under the sacred Greek mythology are frugal and natural. The colorful windows of the houses with white walls and gray spires are covered with a wide variety of flowers. People place sofas and seats among the flowers and plants, and place the dining table in the courtyard where you can enjoy the sun and the sea breeze. This kind of scene of harmonious coexistence between man and nature can be seen everywhere around the Mediterranean Sea, which reflects people’s love and admiration for nature on the one hand, and people’s good attitude towards life on the other hand. Walking through the streets, plants and flowers can be seen everywhere, and the crafts of returning to nature are even more diverse and dazzling. Concise, rough, unrestrained, simple and honest are its most prominent features. These distinctive artworks are mixed with simple and scattered buildings and various rare flowers and plants to complement each other.
  The hometown of the immortal art work “Venus” is also the birthplace of the ancient Olympic Games. It should be said that it is the best example of Greece’s admiration for nature. Its fascinating place lies in the extraordinaryness brought to people by the beautiful Greek Athenian urban environment art and decoration, which not only reflects the sacred style of the Greek tradition, but also reflects the material characteristics and characteristics of the Mediterranean region. Spiritual temperament. Although the history of Greece has undergone changes in different periods such as ancient Greece, the Roman Empire (Byzantine) and the Ottoman Empire, leaving traces of various national cultures, the pursuit of simplicity and nature seems to have become the cornerstone of the land of Greece. The selection, the depiction of the ornamentation, and the mode of composition, all present a reverence for the attributes of nature. To this day, olives, which have been endowed with many spiritual factors by the Greeks, have become a worldwide symbol, which cannot but be said to be a continuation of the Greeks’ respect for nature.
  Walking on the sandy beaches of Nice, France, full of Mediterranean sunshine, you will be inadvertently attracted by the courtyards of a family and the natural scenes in the room, and you will feel instantly brightened. The layout of the room is extremely “special”. Although it is a small indoor suite, it has a natural and simple air. All kinds of furnishings are generously and elegantly arranged, and the living room decoration materials are natural and high-quality, with an elegant style, which not only highlights the characteristics of the nation, but also seems to have the common style of the Mediterranean. Hand-made decorative items are scattered all over the room. Various figures and clay pots are exaggerated in shape, strong in decoration, bright in color, and full of primitive and simple beauty. In addition, in order to strengthen the natural and classical atmosphere, the beams and walls are made of rough rock combination, with all-color high-quality natural log furniture, which forms a sharp contrast and contrast with the white walls, white inlaid chandeliers, sofas and seats. The original color of the original wood is mainly used with light-colored linen fabric cushions, and the background is the work of abstract painters. There are both contrasts between materials and changes in the style of the times, but everything goes with the flow and does not show any deliberate carving. Mark of. Coupled with the spacious doors and windows and plenty of light, the whole room is bright, refreshing and healthy.
  The use of logs as a decorative material in the living room is often the best way to reflect the natural atmosphere. On this basis, various subtle decorations and arrangements are carried out, which is also a unique style around the Mediterranean Sea. Of course, the “natural-like” style created by the graceful curves of natural flowers and plants has become the main theme of local architecture and courtyard design (see attached photos). But this does not seem to affect the folk customs of different ethnic groups and different religions. They use their favorite colors to decorate their homes and environments, forming a unique and colorful scenery of the Mediterranean. Spain likes to use red and yellow, France has its own preference for red and blue, Italy is more inclined to the strong and shocking gray emanating from the incomplete historical relics, and in Morocco, North Africa, the solemn black is more. It is shrouded in a strong mystery… Seeing these colorful scenery and appreciating this unique ethnic customs, my heart seems to have risen to the clouds of the Mediterranean…
  The southern end of the Mediterranean Sea is a painting with a strong Arabian style. In the unique residential building, people are bustling, singing and dancing, as if they are in the mythical world of the Thousand and One Nights. On the one hand, the room layout of the Arab nationality shows the characteristics of the Arab nationality, and on the other hand, it has the same simplicity as other parts of the Mediterranean. The layout of the interior space is free and smooth, with bright colors. The decoration not only emphasizes the scenes of Arab folk life, but also has sacred religious content, making the interior atmosphere both solemn and peaceful. Vintage candlesticks, exquisite brick carvings on the roof or walls, Islamic-style seats, frugal fabrics, various exquisite handicrafts, metal lighting, and Arabic circular arches, columns, domes, etc. are well organized and arranged. This special living environment layout has become a symbol of the local people’s unique life attitude and value orientation. The local people attach great importance to the relationship between residential buildings and the environment, and strive to be close and integrated with the living space and nature, which fully reflects the spiritual essence of Mediterranean people advocating nature.
  Oceans, beaches, mountains, trees, and sunshine are the symbols of the Mediterranean, and they are the sacred relics in the hearts of Mediterranean people. The “crescent moon” raised in the dunes is another moon in their hearts; the steep mountains are the heroes in their hearts; the blue and white clouds are their clean souls; the waterfalls and clouds show that their beautiful life is long and long… Camel caravans are like ships on the Mediterranean Sea; residential gardens along the coast are like corals on land; This is the beauty of the harmony between man and nature along the Mediterranean coast. The harmony of nature brings the Mediterranean people a beautiful life concept, and also cultivates the spiritual connotation of the home art in the Mediterranean area.
  Art is actually people’s illusion of beauty, and the best experience of this illusion comes from nature. I hope we can, like the Mediterranean people, take the enjoyment of nature as the ultimate meaning of life.

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