Don’t eat staple food in summer? Be careful to lose weight

  In summer, in order to maintain a good figure and dress more beautifully, some beauty-loving women simply skip the staple food and only eat fruits and vegetables. As we all know, eating fruits and vegetables can promote intestinal peristalsis and supplement trace elements, which is good for the body, but not eating staple food for a long time is not a good thing.
  Fatigue and low blood pressure
  Staple food is the main source of carbohydrates for the human body, an indispensable nutrient for the human body, and an important source of energy. It releases energy faster in the body, is the only energy available to red blood cells, and is the main energy source for nervous system, heart and muscle activity.
  If you do not eat staple food for a long time, the body does not have enough “nutrients” to complete the corresponding physiological functions, people will feel dizziness, fatigue, low blood pressure, arrhythmia, anemia and other symptoms.
  Brain degeneration: Eat less
  staple food , and carbohydrate intake cannot meet the needs of the human body, resulting in affected brain thinking activities. According to research, the brain needs about 130 grams of starch to provide energy every day.
  The more you lose weight, the more you lose weight. Can you lose weight without
  eating staple food? The answer is not necessarily, there may be some weight loss in the short term, and it will rebound as soon as you eat it back. In fact, the real cause of obesity is excess energy. Eating carbohydrate-rich staple foods is not likely to create excess energy and make you fat. Weight loss should be controlled by a high-fat diet.
  Cause constipation
  Many people think that as long as they eat more fruits and vegetables and don’t eat meat and fishy food, they will not be constipated. But experts say that the human body has enough dietary fiber, and lack of water or oil can also lead to constipation. Because fats act as “lubricants” in the gut. If women are too diet, vegetarian, and less fat, there is no “oil and water” in the body, but it is easy to cause constipation.
  gallstone formation
  There are more plant fiber in vegetarian food, which can reduce the absorption rate of bile acid and the concentration of bile salts. Vegetarians often have insufficient intake of vitamin A and vitamin E. The lack of these two vitamins makes the gallbladder epithelial cells easy to fall off, resulting in the deposition of cholesterol and the formation of stones.
  Reduced fertility
  Research has found that if men are often vegetarian in their daily lives, it will not only seriously affect sexual function, but also affect male fertility, and female friends are no exception. Long-term vegetarian men will be deficient in zinc or manganese. The lack of these nutrients will affect the pituitary gland to secrete gonadotropins, resulting in sexual dysfunction, testicular atrophy, decreased sperm count, etc., and may even lead to male infertility. .

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