Bright Guest House

Huang Meizhu got up in the morning, opened her eyes and saw a spider, Huang Meizhu thought that the other party saw her too.

Huang Meizhu couldn’t fall asleep anymore. She followed it and saw that there were only some faint marks on the wall, which should have been left by the previous family. Near the window is a painting of my daughter when she was a child. It is still hanging in the same place after more than ten years. Huang Meizhu had thrown it away in her impression.

The house needs to be cleaned, and it should be painted at least once, but it is full of debris, and it takes some physical strength to move it. Huang Meizhu is worried that she is not strong enough, so she has not moved. She thought that if Chen Jiahe was in a better mood one day, she would ask him for help, but she never waited. This thought had been in her mind countless times, interrupted by other things, and she would stop thinking about it later. When my daughter was in junior high school, she brought her classmates home. The classmates asked why your house was so old. The walls were peeling off, and occasionally small cockroaches passed by. After the other party screamed exaggeratedly, they took off a small piece, causing the surrounding There are bigger cracks on the wall. This incident caused my daughter to give birth for a few days, and she almost didn’t want to go to school. Huang Meizhu did not say that this was a second-hand house. When he moved in, he had no money for decoration. All the furniture such as the gas stove and air conditioner were left by the original owner. She didn’t want her daughter to know too much, including her relationship with her husband Chen Jiahe. Huang Meizhu was afraid that it would affect her daughter’s happiness. The boy is also a local boy, and his family is rich. She doesn’t want her daughter to lose this opportunity.

There are many things that Huang Meizhu needs to consider at the moment, none of which is more important than painting the walls. For example, the big brother (brother) in Hong Kong has been unable to come back due to the epidemic, and he has not responded on WeChat. I don’t know what the current situation is. Grandma is very anxious, it seems that Huang Meizhu’s happiness has taken away the boss. Sometimes my grandmother would give her a face, even if she was eating the food delivered by Huang Meizhu, she would keep complaining, “I brought these cheap goods again, and what others don’t want, I can’t eat it, and I can’t even throw it away. don’t fall.”

Huang Meizhu hopes not to leave everything in the refrigerator for the boss, it will not only cost electricity, but it will expire if it is not eaten in time. Considering that it was not clear when the customs clearance would take place, I told my grandma that the salmon should not be kept for a long time, so I had to eat it as soon as possible.

“Why did you send over the expired things? You look down on me.” Huang Meizhu then heard her grandmother spit out the yellow fruit in her mouth with a puff. She expressed her dissatisfaction with Huang Meizhu in this way.

“I originally wanted to leave it to the boss to eat.” Huang Meizhu explained.

“When will you think of others in your heart?” Grandma’s hateful eyes shot over.

Huang Meizhu said timidly: “If the boss comes here, he needs to be quarantined for 14 days.”

“So what, fourteen years have to wait.” Grandma looked aggressive.

Seeing that her grandmother became angry again, Huang Meizhu stopped talking. If Huang Meizhu has been doing well these years, Grandma will be angry, because the bosses over there can’t go to the construction site yet, so they have to eat at home. The reason is that he fell while repairing a house in Tuen Mun, rested at home for a long time, and had no income. As a result, Grandma started to worry, and always advised Huang Meizhu to pay attention to the boss. “He only has thirty-eight levels there, and he can’t even turn away. Do you think that’s what he should suffer? Shouldn’t you ask when you’re free?” eyes, and continued, “If he had entered the unit at that time, how could such a thing have happened.”

The unit that Grandma said had already changed its system, and the guest house was turned into a restaurant, which was contracted to the boss. The “Bright Suckling Pigeon” for 45 yuan has become a well-known sign, so the name has also been retained.

It seems that the good thing in Grandma’s eyes is that she doesn’t work on the construction site. Every time I see Huang Meizhu wearing a neat uniform, she will let out a cold “hum”, as if Huang Meizhu is not her daughter, but a peer who is envied by her. If Grandma invites someone to drink tea in the guest house, and happens to see Huang Meizhu running through the middle of the house and directing her little sister to set the dishes, she will order a few more dishes and put them on the side to dry, and pack them away when they go out. Anyway, she will stay Just bought it by Huang Meizhu. Huang Meizhu said coldly, “Why should I care! I am also old and young. Before going to bed every day, I feel that I only have one breath left. Except for eating and sleeping, I am working!”

Grandma didn’t look at Huang Meizhu, she put one hand on the armrest of the huge refrigerator and said, “You still have a husband and a boss, but you don’t have any bosses.” Speaking of which, Huang Meizhu’s grandma felt wronged She pursed her lips, and hoped that Huang Meizhu, the younger sister, would come out with some money. Usually, what Huang Meizhu secretly stuffed to Grandma was taken to the boss, because Grandma felt that the boss was too pitiful and no one cared. These yellow plum beads all know, but they won’t expose it.

“Why doesn’t he have any money, so he won’t gamble again.” For a while, Huang Meizhu’s boss was obsessed with buying horses, and he wouldn’t say anything if he lost money, but would come back suddenly, climb up to the attic and sleep with his head covered. , the grandmother began to ask Huang Meizhu for money.

“It’s long gone! It’s really bad luck to gamble, what do you mean when you talk about yourself as a boss?” Grandma was dissatisfied with what Huang Meizhu said. For this boy, my grandmother also has a grudge, but I just keep it in my heart, and no one else can mention it. When he went to Hong Kong, he followed the Chaoyang people to build exterior walls in the New Territories and Tuen Mun. Huang Meizhu’s big brother had been in love twice, but he was cheated of money and never married a wife when he got old, which made grandma feel guilty and shameless. The sons of other families come from there with Hong Kong dollars and profits and sugar, but none of my sons. Every time the neighbors asked about this, my grandmother would get irritated and turn her head to scold Huang Meizhu. She suspected that her daughter had told these things about the family.

Seeing that Ama was so protective of her shortcomings, Huang Meizhu simply said: “Ama, you have to tell the boss, don’t use my money for those women outside, all those women are lying to him, and none of them will marry him. , this heart is dead!”

The more afraid she was, the more she would hear. At this time, the grandmother was really angry. She put down the stew pot in her hand heavily, without looking at Huang Meizhu, she went back to the room with a dark face and cried. Usually, grandma hates others to say this, and even when she walks, she avoids those who like to ask questions. Last time, she took more medicine for insomnia. After she was discharged from the hospital, her body was a little weak, and she was even more reluctant to go to the vegetable market with her neighbors.

Huang Meizhu had thought about it, if there was nothing she had to do, she would not go back to her parents’ house in the future, even if they begged themselves. Where is the family’s family, it is clearly the wolf’s family. How many years have been said about a guest house, it seems that she took a huge advantage. Over the years, there have been many things that have caused her insomnia. Fenbid and Bilitong can no longer be taken. It is said on the Internet that eating too much will cause Alzheimer’s disease.

I got up a little late, and the alarm clock on my phone rang a few times, but Huang Meizhu was still groggy and couldn’t feel that it was already bright. The reason is that the night is divided into segments, like the periods of life. She wasn’t so chaotic until the last time. When it was almost dawn, Chen Jiahe, who was sleeping beside her, started to get up. Unlike Huang Meizhu who got up slowly, Chen Jiahe sat up suddenly and got out of bed. Every time I go on a business trip, I don’t say anything, I just pack my things early and put them in the living room. When the time is up, he takes the box and leaves lightly, as if he was worried that Huang Meizhu would stop him temporarily to ask something, and dragged him away. hind legs. At that time, it was still a long business trip, I needed to stay for a few days, and as long as I went out, I would not return the phone. Huang Meizhu understands, but she doesn’t cry or make trouble. She had long wanted to understand that it was useless to do anything, and life had to be lived. As long as you come back, even if you can’t bring back the money, it’s good to come back. After all, there is a man in the family who will not be bullied, otherwise he will be threatened by the gangsters. Like other women in the village, Huang Meizhu accepts her fate. Sometimes, like other sisters, she would go to the street to distribute flyers, euphemistically called Tuoke. Once she met a woman who came straight to her. She should have seen the uniform that Huang Meizhu was wearing, so she thought it was a community cadre. The other party lifted his shirt, revealing the wound on his chest, saying that he was beaten by a man at home, and other parts as well. Across the clothes, the woman pointed to several places on her body. Because she was not mentally prepared, Huang Meizhu opened her mouth in shock, and before she could speak, she quickly left the scene. The other party was wearing a mask and sunglasses, and Huang Meizhu stood in a daze on the square. It felt like a dream. Why do you think this voice is familiar?

Business is getting more and more difficult now. If the weather is hot, Chen Jiahe is reluctant to go out. After the pandemic, books are getting harder to sell. Once when he asked an acquaintance for help, he asked with a smile, “Do you know Confucius?”

Chen Jiahe asked timidly, “What is this, is it a personal name?” He seemed to have thought of something, but he didn’t dare to answer. Chen Jiahe’s hand pressed the ancient coins in the bag, which he bought with his own money. If someone bought his book, he would send a small string of thanks.

“Forget it, you don’t know what time it is. You must have not studied hard back then. Okay, don’t interfere with us in the future.” The other party closed the door and threw the Chen family and one person away. in the hallway. Under the monitor, Chen Jiahe was extremely lonely. This man used to be his classmate.

Every time he stood in those units to scan the code to register, Chen Jiahe would always be stunned for a while, he couldn’t remember who he was looking for. Every time the Chen family travels on business, they make loud noises. Pulling the cabinet seems to be unloading the cabinet. When the door is closed, there will be a loud bang. Afterwards, Huang Meizhu would hear the other party’s leather shoes walking back and forth on the floor several times, fetching keys, mobile phones and flower glasses. Then it was completely out the door. In a short time, he came back, and this time, he didn’t seem to be going out anymore. He first pulled the curtains hard, put the socks he took off into his shoes, and then lay down on the sofa and closed his eyes.

Chen Jiahe never snores when sleeping, which makes Huang Meizhu, who has been snoring since childhood, like a man. Chen Jiahe doesn’t snoring, just like a person with no emotions, quiet but terrifying, it seems that people can’t find the rhythm and flaws, let alone when he is not sober. Whenever Huang Meizhu returned to the bed, she felt a pair of eyes watching her secretly, although Chen Jiahe might have been asleep for a long time. In this way, Huang Meizhu could only wait until she was too sleepy to open her eyes before falling asleep. Huang Meizhu usually walks with trepidation. She doesn’t want to make Chen Jiahe unhappy, because the other party’s voice is related to his business. A roar in the middle of the night will often light up many people’s lights, followed by a group of people in the group. scolding.

When Huang Meizhu walked into the kitchen, she saw the greasy dirt on the stove and the unwashed dishes, and her mind returned to last night. Last night, Chen Jiahe grabbed her by the neck and said that it would be better for everyone to die together.

Originally, Chen Jiahe didn’t have this awareness. When the sentence of domestic violence came out, he seemed to be awakened. He even raised his other hand, put both hands around her neck, and shouted. After the business failed, his temper grew. Huang Meizhu knew that the Chen family and hoped that his wife hated him, and that was the only way to treat him as a man. So the more Huang Meizhu forgives, the more fire the other party will get. At the end, he said, “Are you sympathizing with me?”

The tableware and chopsticks were left by Huang Meizhu in a fit of anger. She originally wanted to wash these things before going to bed, and she had to clean them up anyway, but she couldn’t find the tools in the kitchen. Chen Jiahe threw away her pot-washing brush again, and did not forget to put it on the ground and stomped on it so that even if it was picked up, it could no longer be used. Every time the Chen family did this, Huang Meizhu knew that he was upset again, the business was not settled, and his cigarettes and alcohol were wasted in vain. These cigarettes and alcohol were reluctant to take him with Huang Meizhu on a night of thunder and lightning. sent to the other party. The two of them had been waiting under the tree for a long time, until the door of the villa opened, he saw the familiar figure of his colleagues, and he didn’t expect them to be the first. After handing over the information that I had been filling in for a few days, the other party politely said thank you, I don’t need your introduction for the time being, I’m really sorry that we haven’t considered this recently. Reminds me of introducing Huang Meizhu’s identity – the hostel used to be a decent job.

At this time, the rainwater on their bodies flowed through the trousers and on the clean floor. Huang Meizhu could think of the way Chen Jiahe looked at the gift distressedly, and they all wanted to take it back. He had previously protected them with an umbrella, keeping these precious gifts from the rain. When he got home, Chen Jiahe didn’t scold anyone, he didn’t even mention the other person’s name, he just kept silent. Before dawn, he smashed a kung fu tea cup he liked with his hands.

Huang Meizhu jumped off the bed as usual and almost fell. For the first time, she found that her feet were a little heavy and sore. She swayed to the mirror like a woman with tiny feet. The woman inside was a familiar look to her, fat and dark, and she looked more and more like her grandmother, something she was very unwilling to face. It turned out that the young and beautiful girl became more and more ugly after middle age, and she didn’t understand the reason. Huang Meizhu’s eyelids were swollen badly, but she wasn’t crying, she was no longer like that. The things that happened were tangled into twine, soaked in water, melted together, and knotted again. You have me, I have you, and I can’t figure it out. Of course, Huang Meizhu’s appearance changed together with Chen Jiahe. The other party’s original tall body has now become a disadvantage. He has a hunchback early, an O shape appears in the middle of his legs, his feet have become splayed, and he wears a few pairs of leather shoes. And one white hair was dyed black, and it turned yellow in less than half a month. Yellow hair and a pale, expressionless face, very odd. Chen Jiahe, who was smoking cheap cigarettes, became baggy, and he was no longer the manager of the Xinhua Bookstore who made mousse on his head every morning. Chen Jiahe’s face was gloomy, he just wanted to face everyone in the room like this. Huang Meizhu’s face was always upturned, white and empty, and she lost her focus. She didn’t want to look at this face that she also hated. Over the years, she has been hiding from the mirror, but the woman inside will observe her and remind her from a distance.

Huang Meizhu was the floor manager of the guest house back then, a slender and slender little bead who could speak well. It was the nickname given to her by the toothpick-lipped male guests. Never thought that after a few years of bright days, the Guangming Guest House would become the owner.

The Guangming Guest House became privately owned, and Huang Meizhu’s name was still attached to the manager, but 100% tap water had already been added, and almost no one listened to her command, and Huang Meizhu became the bright commander.

When turning on the faucet, Huang Meizhu found that the water had stopped again. It stops four times a month, and the notice of the community is always issued after the water is cut off. The night before yesterday, she was still thinking about whether to mop the floor—the building was being built outside, the next door was being renovated, dust was flying everywhere, and their home was covered by floating ash. After only hesitating for a moment, her body was unwilling to take another step. She wanted to lie down, so she just lay down. The clothes in the washing machine have not been washed for two days, and there is not a drop of water in the faucet at home. If it goes on like this, the clothes will be useless, but all the organs on her body seem to be rusted.

At this time, the phone rang suddenly and violently. It turned out to be the return of the 200 yuan clothes ordered on Taobao. The call was from Cainiao Company. The other party said that he would pick it up at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Huang Meizhu said that I was at work at 3 o’clock. My courier can be sent back by yourself.

“I’m not the only one.” The courier said.

Huang Meizhu became angry after hearing this, “Don’t I have to go to work in order to wait for you?”

“It’s ok if there is someone at home.” The little brother ignored Huang Meizhu’s strange question, and said, “Then at four o’clock, it’s fine for your family to bring it to me.”

“I am also at work at four o’clock, and there is no one at home.” Huang Meizhu thought that Chen Jiahe should be at home at that time, but she didn’t want the other party to know that Chen Jiahe would be angry. For shopping, he had already posted it several times. fire.

The courier brother got impatient and said, “If there is no way, you can cancel it online. Don’t waste my time.”

Huang Meizhu said, “I will complain to you.”

She called the complaint number, and the other party was a robot girl, very gentle. Huang Meizhu wanted to make things a little more complicated and pour out the past, but she forgot that this was a new era, and even robots were reluctant to communicate with her. Huang Meizhu said: “If I return the order, I won’t even be able to get a refund of 200 yuan. It happened before.” The other party repeated the previous words. Huang Meizhu found that no matter what she said, the other party’s answer was the same. Obviously, that’s the set voice, and it’s going to loop forever.

Huang Meizhu’s fire was directed at the sky and at herself. After the fire was over, she saw the anger wrapped in the dirty water and dust in the sky and turned into heavy rain, falling from the sky and hitting her body directly.

She thought she could go to work after washing, but her emotions were no longer right, her heart was full of fire, but her flesh was empty, and those resentments floated on her body. At this time, she heard the beep of WeChat, someone was talking to her. The voice released in the voice was particularly manly, saying: “Why don’t you accept red envelopes?” This exaggerated man is her hair.

“What kind of red envelope?” When she spoke, Huang Meizhu saw a small piece of red in her eyes.

It turned out that today was her forty-ninth birthday, and she forgot. Of course, every year I only think about it later, when I think about it, I am either mopping the floor or drying my clothes. She hadn’t had a birthday for too many years. If the word “birthday” was mentioned, Chen Jiahe would snort. So she had no choice but to not mention it, especially when the Chen family and business were unsatisfactory.

Now this man still remembers her birthday, which really makes Huang Meizhu feel sad and happy. Except for the bank, who still remembers her birthday, even my grandmother no longer remembers the painful day. The other party sent her a red envelope of 152 yuan. Huang Meizhu hesitated for a while but didn’t answer. After thinking about it, she thought that she didn’t even need to answer the word “thank you”. Simply leave it there, as if a child was anxiously waiting for her mother to come home. Being expected is also a very special feeling, and Huang Meizhu feels fresh and interesting. Behind the cartoon head is a man over 50 years old, or a down-to-earth businessman, who had a crush on him back then. And now, his business has failed. Huang Meizhu’s image of the other side appeared in her mind, and despite her failure, her greasy-mouthed flower characteristics still remained. He was always wearing a mid-length collar, with exaggerated oily hair, and a string of caramel-colored mahogany beads tightly tied around his wrist, the one exposed just happened to be gold. Huang Meizhu knew that if she received the other party’s money, it would be equal to reconciliation with the other party, and the money owed by the other party could also go away with the yellow joke. Closing her eyes, Huang Meizhu knew that the other party was playing her money with the idea, not physically or otherwise. Now, no one cares about her body anymore. In addition to taking a detour, some will express emotion: “You were really pretty when you were young, especially like a girl from Jiangsu and Zhejiang, not like a local.”

Huang Meizhu counterattacked dissatisfiedly, “What happened to the local woman.” The other party found out that he had said something wrong, and quickly corrected, “Of course there are also good-looking ones, such as you.” These words were the one who published the novel. Practice has proved that if what is waiting for her is not borrowing money, it is something that she cannot complete. If it can’t be done this time, it seems that I owe him a favor. After many years, Huang Meizhu finally realized that she really did not have much charm, and those so-called charms came from her work and aboriginal identity. But anyone can lie to her. This guy is her child, but she went to Xinjiang with her parents back then. When she came back, she had missed the great opportunity, including demolition and dividends. Since then, everything has been sour. On this morning, Huang Meizhu took advantage of her upset and added a “hate” label to the other party that made her feel relieved. She searched and found that there were more than a dozen names under the name “hate”, some were colleagues, some were classmates, and some were actually her own brothers. Huang Meizhu was worried that she would selflessly help the rogue grow up under irrational circumstances. Sometimes she will think about the other party’s difficulties. After all, there have been several times when he has brought guests over to spend in order to help her complete the task. She persuaded herself, after all, he paid for the ambiguity, and he also passed on warmth when you were the most frustrated. If you think about you, who would want to tease you when you are so old?

When he was young and old, he had nothing left. He thought that his hometown in Shenzhen was waiting for him, but when he came back, he found that the benefits had nothing to do with him. He can only exchange this cost for a little benefit, such as sending her a red envelope. The honest bully the honest, and the poor bully the poorer. Why are you treating me like this? After she scolded the other party by asking and answering herself, she turned her face to the light, feeling that only the sun is warm in the whole world.

I don’t know when, Huang Meizhu is willing to use this method to relieve her troubles. Facing the Chen family and those vile words, when she couldn’t digest it, she would find a small, not salty, casual chat. She only regarded the other party as a trash can, and left the remnants of her own garbage that had not been sorted out and sorted, and poured all the soup and water to the other party. Faxiao will naturally regard her as an empty woman, listen to her words and make up her mind, he is not in the mood to feel sorry for his lost childhood. After cleaning up, Huang Meizhu felt a little more comfortable. She said in her heart, “Your function is the tree hole. Just help me install these. There is no need to react.” Of course, when she feels bad, Huang Meizhu will also consider whether Always treat the other party as a punching bag, and it is also necessary to help others do something.

Huang Meizhu can invite the other party to have a meal at most, anyway, he can get a 20% discount on his hand. For this meal, he brought in his business partners, owed friends, ex-girlfriends and future girlfriends who lived together. During dinner, when introducing Huang Meizhu, Faxiao no longer called her a little girl, a big beauty, etc., but said that this is the boss Huang of the Guangming Guest House. There are several peasant houses in the family, which will be demolished soon. It attracted someone to bring tea to her. Sometimes Huang Meizhu also enjoys this statement. It’s just that the person hadn’t come home, and he made a call to urinate and said, “Can you call me two thousand yuan first, as an emergency, and pay you back in a week. It’s half an hour later, I’m not a human being.” It’s also been delayed for a few months, so he needs this guarantee.

Huang Meizhu asked, “Why are you borrowing money again? What are you doing again?”

Sending a novel: “I only need to transition for a few days, or you will help me open a room.”

Huang Meizhu deliberately exaggerated: “There are a lot of houses for rent, and there are intermediaries everywhere.”

“You don’t understand what I mean, you have seen the girl who just ate. She is a good person, and I just met her. She is seriously ill and has no family to accompany her. She needs to stay temporarily for a few days, and she can’t do anything just after the operation. Yes, I have no money on my body, and it is so pitiful that I have to re-examine it soon. Just those few examinations have spent all the family’s money, what kind of world is this! I want to curse the world!” Huang Meizhu remembered that he was in The way he roared up to the sky on the street made him feel more and more funny.

Huang Meizhu’s grandmother suddenly called in. She seldom contacted Huang Meizhu. The call must have something to do, and it was always very important. Of course, 90% of it was related to money. Grandma has bragged in front of her son, daughter-in-law or niece, so she said to Huang Meizhu, “Oh, you have to help your niece get a job!” Huang Meizhu said, “She doesn’t want to come here, and she thinks our place is dirty, see you. All the men are uncles, oh, is she looking for a job or a husband?”

Grandma said, “If you want to find a husband for a job, won’t you find another one for her?”

“Where can I find it! I’m a hostel, not a talent market, and she’s not a talent.”

Grandma was unconvinced and said, “How could you find it back then?”

“The people in the hostel back then were different. What is it now? They need real money to do business. There are plenty of waiters, so no introduction is needed! Besides, I can do these jobs, why can’t she do them?”

“She’s your niece. If she, Laodou, hadn’t given you this state-run unit quota, would you still be today?” Grandma said.

Huang Meizhu said: “The last time she scolded me for being a escort when I was young, wearing high heels and holding a small book all day long, taking guests upstairs and downstairs to watch seafood and order food, with a smile on her face, it made me sick. “At that time, my grandmother and Huang Meizhu didn’t know how to turn off the phone after talking on the phone, and Huang Meizhu overheard it.

Huang Meizhu always does not understand those complicated issues. Now she seems to have some clues clear, she doesn’t understand why Grandma always stares at her and says, “Because you are Grandpa.”

Huang Meizhu said, “I’m an auntie and I should die!”

“How do you say death? If you, the big guy and the slender guy, didn’t see that you would give me a retirement, they wouldn’t give you the state-owned unit.”

“What? Let me be my daughter’s pensioner? Well, then my name should also be on the property certificate, otherwise what is it?” Huang Meizhu asked.

Grandma pretended nothing had happened: “It’s been done a long time ago, it’s your boss and the slender who do it.”

Huang Meizhu became nervous: “What do you mean? Is there my name?”

“I’m so old, I don’t know how long I will live. I don’t want to care about your young people.” Grandma began to perfunctory.

Huang Meizhu was desperate, and she shouted, “Ama, am I still young?”

Huang Meizhu’s grandmother was also unconvinced: “So what? If you hadn’t entered a state-run unit, would your boss go to Hong Kong, would it be so miserable? Would your little boss go to work in a factory? If you didn’t have this If you plant a good unit, will your husband choose you?” After saying this, Grandma seemed to have regained her strength, and she began to give orders, “Don’t talk about the past, you are Grandma, there are a lot of adults, don’t stop Squeak talking so much nonsense.”

Huang Meizhu shouted: “I took this life in exchange for a job, have you seen me live well?”

At this time, the phone of the guest house came in, it was a young vice president. The other party said that he would arrange someone to go to the expedition tomorrow and let her see who is suitable.

“I’m not going, I’m so old, no one listens to what I say.” Huang Meizhu’s hands were still shaking slightly, but she deliberately pretended to be calm, she understood what the other party meant.

“It’s right, you can sell it to those Abos.” said the vice president of the “nine generation”.

Huang Meizhu said, “Then you can’t arrange for me. Everyone in the Guangming Guest House is a young girl. Why do you want me to go?”

“I saw that you didn’t take a day off before. I thought that you might be short of money, and the opportunity just came.” The other party was still trying to convince her.

Huang Meizhu was about to refuse and said, “I can’t do it. Those men are too embarrassed to make dirty jokes when they see me standing beside me, and they are too embarrassed to let me pour tea. Alas, I can be their elder.” Having said that, Huang Mei Zhu is a little sad, this guest house has dragged her down almost all her life.

Unexpectedly, the other party smiled and said, “That’s right! This time, we need you to deal with those retired, wealthy and lonely elderly guests. You brought them over for dinner. During the New Year’s Eve, The family will leave them alone and go out of town.”

Seeing that Huang Meizhu still refused to agree, the other party got angry and said, “If it doesn’t work, you can find someone to do it for you. You must do something for us.”

Huang Meizhu said: “Who can I let go, I am the oldest employee in the guest house.”

The vice president said coldly, “That’s why we didn’t fire you. Originally, the company didn’t want such an old employee. Not only did they not need them, they had to pay for them.” After the vice president finished speaking, he hung up the phone before Huang Meizhu could speak.

“We? Don’t we have me?” Huang Meizhu stood on the spot with the phone in hand, she suddenly didn’t know where she was going.

Summer noon is quiet, and there is not a single cloud in the sky. Huang Meizhu seems to have returned to the old Shenzhen. Pedestrians on the street did not know where they were going, and there was a bright light in the distance. This abnormality made Huang Meizhu feel in a trance, as if it matched her nostalgic heart.

Huang Meizhu walked around the street for a long time, not knowing where to go. When she got home from the hostel, she was exhausted. When he entered the room, he saw Chen Jiahe watching TV and eating. The poached eggs in the pot had been taken away by him, the meat and vegetables were gone, and only a few pieces of mustard and noodles were left. The TV was on, I don’t know what program it was, and the men and women were screaming and laughing.

At this time, an unfamiliar call came in. Huang Meizhu hesitated and finally answered it. It turned out to be the little brother in the morning. Huang Meizhu remembered the clothes on Taobao, so she said coldly, “There is a rich nest downstairs.”

The courier said: “Important documents need to be handed over to you.”

“What? It’s so mysterious.” After speaking, Huang Meizhu was suddenly a little nervous, and she heard her own heartbeat.

The other party said that it should be an admission notice, which needs to be signed by myself or a family member. At this time, the daughter’s WeChat also arrived, and it was a big smiling face. The daughter deliberately chose this method, just to give Huang Meizhu a surprise. After a few years of exams, she was of marriage age and became a family’s heart disease. Huang Meizhu thought about dissuading her daughter from taking the exam again. After all, the girl’s youth is short, and there are rich second-generation pursued by her. The other party promised that she can let her daughter work in the joint-stock company, and she will have no worries in the future.

The blood of Huang Meizhu’s whole body rushed to his head. This should be the reason why Chen Jiahe didn’t go out. He usually goes out for a walk even if there is nothing to do. Huang Meizhu blamed herself for all kinds of idleness and complaints. The day before yesterday, her daughter used WeChat to remind her to remember to receive the courier, but she was so annoyed by the various things in front of her that she completely forgot. The sunflower on the wall appeared in Huang Meizhu’s mind. She was busy every day, and never looked at it seriously, let alone a row of small words written in pencil: “Leave the place, smile and move forward.”

It turned out that the spider I saw in the morning was here to announce the good news.

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