Attack on Zhang Xixi

For the first time, Zhang Xixi went to the street with Wang Xue and asked Wang Xue how to take the bus. Wang Xue was stunned. She doesn’t know how to take the bus! Wang Xue looked at Zhang Xixi’s curious expression and told her what the arrows on the stop sign meant, what the next stop was at this station, and how to sit so that she wouldn’t sit upside down.

It was freshman year. Zhang Xixi comes from a place called Mutoujiao Village. The house is surrounded by mountains. To go to school, she has to walk, ride a donkey and ride a bicycle. For Wang Xue, a local living in the city, Zhang Xixi is an alien from Saturn, but Wang Xue doesn’t mean to look down on her, after all, she is a roommate.

Sophomore year, Zhang Xixi got a smartphone. She used Wang Xue’s mobile phone to get coupons and points from Moments online to catch up on holiday discounts. goods. She used an old phone before. After changing the mobile phone, she still has to send the old man’s phone home for her grandfather to use. Her monthly living expenses are only four hundred. Once, Wang Xue asked her carefully: Is your money enough? Zhang Xixi said: It’s enough to save, there are two younger brothers at home.

She is not very tall, with a round face and a mushroom head. We were all flowers of the motherland, but later, some people grew into roses, some people grew into lilies, and some people grew into Chinese cabbage. Zhang Xixi belongs to a common variety of Chinese cabbage, with no special features. The only thing people remember is that she has two dimples when she smiles. Ever since she got a smartphone, she’s been on the moon, feeling fresh everywhere, and breaking new ground with her roommates at every turn: I found a software that makes money. Everyone asked: What software? She said that it is the speed version of a certain sound, and she can earn gold coins by watching videos, and can earn one or two yuan a day. At first, everyone was very interested, but after brushing and brushing, they lost interest. In the end, she was the only one left to persevere. Later, she went to a certain treasure to swipe the empty bill, and she swiped it day and night. Wang Xue said that this is illegal, so be careful to get into it. She didn’t listen, saying that it would make more money than playing a certain tone. Until one day, she said absentmindedly, “It’s over, the deposit of 600 cannot be refunded, and the two months are all in vain! Later, she joined a group of ghostwriting essays, and she could earn two or three hundred yuan for writing an essay. Don’t say, she was really looking for her, and the title of the thesis is also very strange: research on group contagiousness of farts, discussion on the magic of love and the northwest wind… The roommates said: Zhang Xixi, you are a major engineering student. How can you do such a slapstick deed? She said: No way, I have to earn living expenses. The roommates sighed: unreasonable, hopeless. Until one day, she showed off to her roommates with her mobile phone: Look, a joke I wrote went online! I made this up!

That pride was like winning the lottery.

There are six people in this girls’ dormitory. Except for one girl who had a boyfriend when she was in high school and has maintained it until now, all the others are female bachelors. Zhang Xixi said that she did not have a boyfriend either. The roommates didn’t believe it, because every month a boy who looked like Taihang Mountain came to see her and brought her many souvenirs. Zhang Xixi explained: This man shares the same village with her, and his father is the party secretary of the village, which is equivalent to the head of fifteen families. The roommates all said: That’s great. I found a son of a village tyrant. In the future, you will be a mine owner. However, Zhang Xixi said: I have no feelings for him. My dad and the village party secretary were classmates in elementary school, and they wanted to be a baby boy. Later, the boy came and dressed up specially, wearing a cheap suit and a pair of sneakers, and said to Zhang Xixi: We have found iron ore in the mountain behind our village. Zhang Xixi was a sophomore at this time and said, “That’s good, your dad is going to make a fortune. The man said: Isn’t it all ours in the future? Zhang Xixi said, “It’s all yours, so don’t come here in the future.”

This is what Zhang Xixi told his roommates later.

The boy still came, and when he came, he stood downstairs in the girls’ dormitory and waited for her. She hides, and when she can’t hide, she runs away and says I want to go to class, so you should go back. He put down something and left reluctantly. The roommates all persuaded her: You said, you don’t look for mines at home, why bother? Zhang Xixi said: I just can’t stand his dad, I want to drive the excavator back and let them see what is the king of heaven and earth tiger. Later, the epidemic closed the school, she finally breathed a sigh of relief, and finally subsided. But the boy came again. When I asked him how he got in, he said: Someone cut a dog hole in the north wall of your school, and I got in with the students. Zhang Xixi was so angry that she reported the dog hole to the school that night.

She was usually very busy, busy earning a little money here and there, and sometimes came back very late. Asked her, she said: I went with people to spread flyers, and it was fifty at a time. Would you go? Everyone shook their heads: the high number was passed, and they had to make up the exam. She said: Is high math so difficult? The roommates rolled their eyes at her: If you know you got a perfect score, don’t bother us.

She is a bit of a wicked person, and she passed all the high-number analog circuit spectroscopy that her roommates suffered from.

After graduating from her senior year, she successfully enrolled in Harbin Institute of Technology. The roommates asked her to treat her, trying to beat her up. She found a mid-range restaurant and spent more than three hundred. She said: I earned the money by spreading flyers in the mall. Roommates ask: What do you mean? Are you still allowed to eat? Zhang Xixi said: No, everyone eats hard. I have contacted Harbin Institute of Technology in advance and found a restaurant cleaning job, and I can go to work as soon as I go to school. The roommates laughed: Zhang Xixi, Zhang Caifan! Let’s talk about the experience of the research. Zhang Xixi said that the biggest feeling is that I think the wall of Harbin Institute of Technology must be stronger than the one here, and no one will dig a dog hole again. After all, Harbin Institute of Technology is 985.

After speaking, the two dimples appeared on her face again.

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