Preventive articles continue to improve workplace competitiveness

  Risk prevention mainly includes two levels, namely unemployment risk and survival risk. We need to improve our professional skills to improve our competitiveness in the workplace, and we also need to master the corresponding survivability to be able to cope with risks when they come.
  A sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic has disrupted the life rhythm of many Shanghai people. Many problems that seemed to have nothing to do with us have emerged one by one during the epidemic. This has to make us re-examine the experience we have accumulated before. And proactively raise awareness of risk prevention. Especially in terms of work and life risk prevention, we must prepare in advance.
  Preventing unemployment risks
  For working-class people, they mainly rely on salary income to pay for all expenses at home, so it is self-evident that it is important to have a stable job. As for how to keep jobs and prevent unemployment risks, we recommend mainly the following aspects:
  First, we should strive to improve our workplace competitiveness, master core technologies, obtain corresponding vocational qualification certificates, and further improve academic qualifications. We often say, “Live until you are old, learn to be old”, and this sentence also applies in the workplace. In the workplace, we must hold the mentality of lifelong learning, study hard in our professional field, and make ourselves a “big taker” in this field. Naturally, we can be valued by our bosses. While consolidating our position, we are also expected to get the higher salary.
  Second, to enhance teamwork and communication skills. For office workers, it is necessary to do teamwork for subordinates so that they can overfulfill their tasks and get more performance commissions and bonuses. And leaders also need to do a good job of communication. To maintain professionalism and professionalism, accurately grasp the requirements and hopes of superior leaders, strive to exceed expectations to complete the work assigned by superiors, and eliminate misunderstandings in a timely manner, which is very important for one’s own workplace development.
  The third is to take the initiative to build network resources and prepare in advance for looking for the next job. You can take the initiative to get in touch with the headhunter and update your resume in time, and you can try to get in touch when you have the right opportunity. In addition, it is recommended to master a skill to facilitate the transformation of the workplace. For example, for technical talents, they can properly participate in management work and make themselves a compound talent.
  raise income level
  As mentioned above, we need to improve the competitiveness of the workplace, make ourselves into compound talents, and get more salary through the promotion of positions; or strive to improve performance, so as to obtain higher income. In addition, we can also consider part-time jobs and reasonable investments to increase our income and enhance our ability to resist risks.
  Increasing your income through part-time jobs is a good way to protect yourself from risk. We should focus on the core business. It is the place where everyone invests a lot of time, energy and sunk costs in the workplace, so the corresponding core competitiveness is stronger, and it can also be recognized by the demand side. For example, those with broadcasting expertise can choose to use their spare time to do part-time audiobooks, while accounting personnel can help some small-scale companies do financial work. However, if you work part-time in a field that you are not good at, you may not be able to achieve good results. For example, a person who has no experience in opening an online store rashly opens a store, and he is likely to lose money. Therefore, when doing part-time jobs, you should consider starting from your main business and your own advantages, so that the road to part-time jobs can be more stable.
  In addition, another effective way to prevent unemployment risk is to obtain relatively stable returns through reasonable investment. In addition to large-denomination certificates of deposit, bank wealth management products, short-term debt funds and other varieties to choose from, high-yield stocks are also one of the options. There is no standard definition for so-called high-dividend stocks. It is generally believed that the annual dividend rate can reach 4% to 5% or even higher, and the dividend policy is relatively stable, and will be identified as high-dividend stocks. Typically, high-dividend stocks are those that are more profitable and pay more dividends each year. Because of this, high dividend stocks are often the stocks that investors focus on.
  Among the more than 4,700 A-share listed companies, it is not uncommon for stocks that meet the conditions of high dividend stocks. According to the tracking and monitoring of communication data Datayes, companies including Joyoung Co., Ltd., Jiumuwang, Fangda Special Steel, Shuoshi Biology and other companies have a high dividend ratio this year. Based on the closing price on June 1, their dividend rates are all over 10%. In addition, the dividend yield of bank stocks is generally high, including Bank of Communications, Agricultural Bank of China, Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank and other dividend yields above 6%.
  It should be noted that investing in high-yield stocks requires patience, and you can properly ignore the volatility of stock prices. To give a simple example, at the end of May, the share price of Bank of China was about 3.2 yuan, and the dividend per share was 0.221 yuan. Based on this calculation, the dividend rate was 6.9%. In the future, no matter how the stock price fluctuates, investors will be able to enjoy the expected dividend income as long as they keep the number of shares held constant and the dividend per share is equal to this year.
  Preventing Survival Risks
  Nowadays , many young people usually rely on take-out for three meals a day. However, when take-out fails during the epidemic, survival has become a problem.
  To prevent survival risks, the first step is to learn the skills of cooking, so as to get rid of the dependence on takeout and prevent the embarrassing situation of having no food to eat during the epidemic. Some small household kitchen appliances can help ordinary people make delicious meals, such as rice cookers, microwave ovens, air fryers, cooking robots, electric ovens, etc. This type of kitchen appliance is highly intelligent and can be easily used by simply following the instructions.
  To solve the problem of cooking and cooking, you can also choose products with a higher degree of intelligence. For example, in May last year, Yitian Smart launched an “ice-steaming-in-one” machine, which can be remotely controlled through the APP, refrigerated and preserved in advance, and remotely reserved for cooking before meals. Time-consuming, provides more convenient kitchen solutions.
  In addition, in order to cope with some emergencies, we need to reserve a certain amount of food in advance, and we can consider purchasing large-capacity refrigerators and freezers; and in order to increase the amount of material reserves under limited space conditions, we need to learn to master storage skills to Improve space usage. In addition, you can replace ordinary door locks with electronic door locks to avoid the embarrassment of forgetting your keys when you go out; choosing a smart toilet can reduce the amount of toilet paper used and avoid the risk of toilet paper shortages.

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