Health is the premise

  Whether it is the reserve of financial insurance or the improvement of personal skills, in order to achieve these two goals, there must be an important premise: personal health.
  Maintaining personal health can not only help us create more wealth and value, but also reduce or even avoid all kinds of expenses and losses caused by illness. During this uncertain epidemic, personal health is the cornerstone of everything.
  Health requires action to achieve What actions would you take
  to maintain or improve your health? The “2022 National Health Insight Report” (hereinafter referred to as the “Report”) released by Dr. Lilac has conducted a statistical survey on this issue. Multi-dimensional data from 60,420 samples on self-assessment of current situation, self-assessment of expectations, and healthy behaviors show that 57% of respondents said they would pay attention to health knowledge, 55% were willing to maintain good living habits, and 44% said they would pay attention to health knowledge. Take regular exercise and fitness to maintain and improve your health.
  The “health knowledge” and “good living habits” chosen by more than half of the people are undoubtedly the core of building a healthy body, and among them, a healthy diet structure and regular life and rest are particularly important. The “Report” pointed out that, influenced by the concept of healthy food, in 2021, 0 calories, 0 fat, dietary fiber, and no trans fatty acids will become the key words consumers pay attention to when purchasing food. A set of data from CBNData’s “2021 Beverage Consumption Trend Insights” also echoes it: From 2019 to 2021, the sugar-free beverage market has grown by 6 times, and more and more consumers are starting to give up milk tea, cola and other sugar-sweetened beverages , in response to the call to “reduce sugar”.
  In fact, “reducing sugar” is a key component of a healthy diet. In 2019, my country issued the “Healthy China Action (2019-2030)”, which proposed a reasonable diet action and encouraged the whole society to reduce salt, oil and sugar, so as to reduce the risk of hypertension, cardiovascular disease, obesity and other diseases.
  However, a healthy diet is not just a simple low-salt, low-sugar, and low-fat diet, but also a balanced diet and balanced nutrition. Referring to the “dietary pagoda”, try to diversify the food to ensure that you absorb the various “nutrients” your body needs; at the same time, you need to cooperate with it in cooking methods, steaming more, boiling more, and frying less , less frying, two-pronged approach, together to help healthy eating.
  The regular work and rest is mainly reflected in the aspect of sleep. The “2022 China Workplace Youth Sleep Quality Report” released on World Sleep Day this year shows that 52% of young people in the workplace will not fall asleep until after midnight every day, and 13% of them will stay up until after 2 am. In terms of sleep time, 77% of young people sleep an average of less than 7 hours a day.
  The importance of sleep quality to a healthy body is self-evident, and in addition to avoiding watching mobile phones, playing games, and watching dramas before going to bed, there are some ways to help us fall asleep better and faster.
  Poor sleep in the short term is often influenced by more negative events or emotions in real life, and after discovering the fact that we can’t sleep, we usually toss and turn more easily, so we can pay closer attention to our sleep. Therefore, maintaining a good attitude and avoiding excessive anxiety, depression or tension can help improve sleep quality. If you really can’t sleep for a while, don’t pay too much attention to sleep. You know, even if you don’t fall asleep, bed rest can help us recover a certain amount of energy.
  If you have poor sleep for a long time, we can improve it by adjusting your diet, seeking professional assistance or appropriate sleep aids. In addition, not eating enough food before going to bed, not drinking stimulant drinks, exercising properly, and not going to bed too early or too late are all good ways to help you fall asleep, improve sleep quality, and establish a regular routine.
  Of course, to build a strong physique, regular exercise and fitness are also indispensable. With the popularity of fitness apps including Keep, and the popularity of “Liu Genghong Aerobics”, which was frequently searched during the epidemic, modern people’s concept of exercise has gradually strengthened. According to the statistics of Dr. Lilac’s “Report”, compared with 2020, people’s exercise health self-rating scores have increased, and 74% of the respondents said they maintain exercise habits; in addition, the types of exercise have also become more abundant, and exercise The frequency has also increased.
  Proper exercise can make our muscles stronger, bones and physique stronger, and prevent diseases such as osteoporosis and sarcopenia. In addition, exercise can also improve our concentration, stabilize our mood, and improve sleep quality. However, exercise and fitness must be done within one’s capacity, inappropriate or excessive exercise will cause harm to the body.
  Mental health cannot be ignored The
  social “involution” has brought a huge psychological burden to modern people. According to the “Report” released by Dr. Lilac, in the survey of “In the last year, which of the following health problems have you had?”, emotional problems This is the third year in a row that the issue topped the list with 47%. It is worth noting that among the 60,420 survey samples, 91% of the respondents are worried that they have psychological problems such as anxiety and depression, but in fact, the proportion of people who are actually diagnosed with mental illness is only 30%. . It can be seen that modern people are not optimistic about their own mental health, which also reflects the huge psychological pressure that modern people bear.
  But the good news is that from the data point of view, modern people have become more and more concerned about mental health problems, and most people are willing to “take the initiative” when facing their emotional problems. The “Report” pointed out that 74% of the respondents who thought they had psychological distress said they had taken action to deal with it; 56% of them said that their actions really had an effect, and 10% believed that the effect was very good. .
  Therefore, in the current social pressure, attention to mental health must not be ignored. At the same time, when you find yourself in negative or extreme emotions, don’t worry too much about your mental state. You can channel and actively deal with yourself through means that you like or that you find effective. For example, in the “Report”, more than half of the people choose to “sleep, shop online, play games, eat” (56%), “foster some hobbies” (56%) or “exercise” (51%) , to solve their mental health problems; 48% of the population said they would adjust their mentality by seeking friends and relatives to talk to or playing with friends. Of course, you can also seek help from professional psychological institutions through online and offline counseling services.
  Maintaining an optimistic attitude and positive self-adjustment can enable us to live more calmly and happier no matter what we are in adversity or adversity.

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