Grass Smell

  Everyone knows that the best perfumes in the world are French. Most of these famous French perfumes come from a small town called Grasse. Grasse is a typical mountain town located in the foothills where the Mediterranean coast of southern France meets the southern Alps. The climate here is warm, the rainfall is large, the land is fertile, and there is plenty of sunshine all year round, which is very suitable for the growth of various flowers. On the hills outside the town, there are large and small flower beds scattered, jasmine, roses, acacias, violets, all over the mountains and plains are the sea of ​​flowers. The town is built beside the mountain, and the steep steps are like winding belts, strung together the scattered tower buildings and narrow stone roads in the town. Every morning, there are busy flower and vegetable trades on the wheat-threshing square, and the flocking tourists are drowned out by the busy and cheerful haggling of the locals.
  In the 16th century, Catherine de’ Medici, a beautiful Italian woman married to Henry II, brought her pursuit of fragrance to France. Grasse at the time was specialized in producing leather gloves, but could not remove the odor from cooked hides. At Katherine’s suggestion, cobblers tried to use essences in the production of cooked leather, resulting in scented gloves, which soon set off a scent storm in European high society, and people flocked to this scented fashion supplies. In this way, Grasse changed from specializing in the production of leather gloves to refining the essence. Because flowers and herbs can be picked everywhere in Grasse, the essence extraction technology here has been perfected day by day, and those stooges in those days have gradually become the makers of women’s charm. Making these fragrances is a lot of work. In order to ensure the quality of the essence, the manufacturing process is very elegant. All flowers used as raw materials are picked by hand, and the time requirements are very strict. Pixelated flowers can only be picked between 4 am and 10 am. And jasmine must be picked with dew between 4 am and before sunrise, because as soon as the sun comes out, it has no fragrance. This almost harsh traditional method has been passed down from generation to generation. Even though Grasse is small, there are more than 30 perfume factories in the town, all of which are famous. There are many factories that can be visited by tourists, such as Fragona, Garima, Molinell, among which Fragona is the largest. At Garima, under the guidance of a technician, according to your personal preferences, you can create your own unique fragrance in the world. At Molinell, you can take a “Perfume Master Tour”, where someone will teach you the secrets of making fragrances face-to-face. And in Fragona, all the senses of the visitor are enchanted by the scents here, and at the same time they can enjoy a free “aromatherapy treatment”. The International Perfume Museum here can see containers related to cosmetics for more than 4,000 years, from ancient amphora, to exquisite incense storage boxes, modern glass bottles, and learn about all the perfume manufacturing from ancient Egypt to modern times. technology.

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