Gorgeous visual feast

  ”You can’t escape love. This is an advertisement published in the “Baltimore” newspaper. This is how he found her…” A pair of sexy red lips appeared on the scene. The story is also eloquently told between these two red lips.
  ”This is not a love story, but it’s a story about love.”
  Who knows what they’re going to say? The beginning of the film is chaotic, I don’t know what’s going on, a man is in a hurry to arrange a tight day – he can see her at 6 o’clock, marry her at 9 o’clock, and return to the office at 10 o’clock. It’s kind of weird, but it highlights his style even more. Then came the chaotic dock, where he seemed to be looking for a woman. So far, I have not entered the play. This is not a love story, but a story about love and its impact on life, the power to heal or destroy, and the story begins here. The heroine appears. The corners of the skirt, the bird cage, and Louis raised his head with a puzzled look on his face. In the backlight, we couldn’t see her face, but we could hear a magnetic female voice. That’s enough to pique our curiosity. As Louis stood up, we also saw a good-looking Luo Julie. The explanation of the two people’s encounters and greetings is quite wise and candid. Only then did I see the doorway and couldn’t help but smile, for the beautiful encounter of this beautiful morning.
  One sent a picture of someone else, worried that men would only fall in love with their own beauty; one said that he was just a housekeeper and was afraid that women would only fall in love with their money. Very interesting. “Neither of us are trusted,” the mail-order bride said, “and it looks like we have something in common.” That’s how they met that morning and rushed to the wedding scene immediately. We are thinking that it is time for a beautiful couple to start a happy life.
  Unexpectedly, a bird with a broken neck announced the beginning of misfortune. That encounter turned out to be a sinful conspiracy. But Hua Louie still believed that he fell in love with her. From the first time he saw her, in the early morning with the dazzling sunshine, on the blue bay pier, he fell in love with the woman with deep eyes and sexy red lips. “I loved you when I met you, not Julie Luo, not Carbonnie, but the real you.” For the love he firmly believed, he endured deceit and betrayal again and again, even at the cost of bankruptcy, just hoping that she could be with him. He even shot him in desperation just to protect her, but she still deceived him. Finally he drank the cup of coffee she had poisoned. Coincidentally, in “The Banquet”, Ge You also drank the tea served by Zhang Ziyi in an attempt to kill him. It is also a sad statement. So I sighed, this year, there are really many good men, and they are so great that they moved a bunch of women who are absolutely indifferent and tragic. But I still prefer Banderas’ outstanding acting in this film. That kind of heart-wrenching attempt to make a clear ambition with death was vividly and contagiously performed by him. It is estimated that it will fascinate many women in the world.
  Come back to say Luo Julie, this girl who was so radiant as soon as she appeared, it turned out that she came with ulterior motives. Louis thinks that she makes him more like himself, he sees the loss in her soul, and he tries to take care of her and give her happiness. Because she is his wife. he loves her. But after “shooting” Lawyer Tang, seeing her calm and unhurried, even Louis was deeply surprised. No one could control her except Billy. Billy was part of her past life, they were brother and sister, father and daughter, lover. She was in his control and couldn’t stop. Can it be said that she is innocent? Louie was surprised at how lightly she said she handled Don’s body alone, he said – don’t you have a conscience? “Of course I have a conscience, but I won’t let it control me. When something must be done, it’s up to you to do it. Life is short but full of excitement.” She said with a smile, putting the wine in her hand away. He drank it all, and then smashed the cup in his hand proudly. Leaving a puzzled Louis. This mysterious woman carries terrible sins, but she is so beautiful, and he loves her so unreservedly. At this moment, does Louis feel the slightest fear in his heart? We don’t know, what we can see is whether he is still paying for her as always. Lower than playing cards is a man who wants a woman to cheat for him. It was a great insult to him and her, but he was for her. Even if he was thrown off the ladder and his nose was bruised, he was most worried about her. Julie Luo always smiled proudly, raised her head, and remained calm. It shows its courage and charm. Only when she saw Billy, she didn’t have that cool smile. And we can see Louis panic when she drank that cup of coffee after making a bunch of soulful confessions. At other times, she can handle it with ease, including repenting in front of the priest. You can see her smile and her sinful and affectionate story, which just frightened a priest who didn’t have much experience. Finally, when the warden came to execute the execution, what we saw was a kind and simple priest trembling all over, whether it was because of fear or because he was moved. And she appeared beside him in Morocco, still beautiful and charming, and won praise. Another Hollywood “happy ending”. I just wish they had a happy and peaceful life after so much. No matter the cost, you can’t escape love.
  Louis brought beauty back, this is his conclusion. Before meeting her, he believed that “a wife does not need to be beautiful, as long as she is young, virtuous and able to bear children”. Love changed him and changed her.
  The rich and sassy Latin American style, the beautiful and freehand language of the camera lens, the moderate rhythm of the plot, and of course the passionate interpretation of Antonio Banderas and Angelina Jolie have created a gorgeous visual feast.

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