European popular beer bath

  According to legend, Cleopatra, the ancient Cleopatra, once bathed with animal milk; in the 19th century, the ladies of Paris, France, liked to bathe with champagne; in the 1980s, the Japanese invented the sake bath. Japanese medical experts believe that wine bath can accelerate the blood circulation of the body, which can effectively regulate and improve the metabolism and nerve conduction of the human body, and has a good auxiliary treatment effect on some skin diseases, rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases.
  The inventor of the Japanese sake bath was a small businessman surnamed Saito, and his creation was purely accidental. One day in the mid-1980s, Saito returned from a trip. In order to relieve his fatigue, he told his wife to take a bath. When the wife was preparing the bath water, she accidentally knocked over a bottle of wine in the bathroom and poured the wine into it. into a bathtub full of warm water. Saito didn’t think it was necessary to change the water, so he soaked it for 20 minutes in lukewarm water as usual. Afterwards, he felt that the bath was more comfortable and less exhausting than ever before. From then on, he added some wine every time he bathed. After 3 months, Saito unexpectedly found that his arthritis symptoms for many years had almost disappeared, and at the same time, his skin had become smooth, soft and elastic. .
  Saito’s wine bath has attracted the attention of Japanese medical experts. They have studied it and found that the composition of wine in the bath water is a benign stimulus to the skin of the whole body, can accelerate blood circulation, and has a negative effect on nerves. Conduction works well. According to clinical observation, wine bath has good curative effect on some skin diseases, nerve pain and other diseases.
  In fact, European beer baths are dozens or even hundreds of years earlier than Japanese wine baths. Veronica, a 70-year-old old lady in the Czech Republic of the beer kingdom, said: “When I was 18, my mother told me the secret of the beer bath, and since then I have followed this simple method. I believe in beer. It’s a natural nutrient you need to keep your skin looking toned, and it really does work.” Despite being a grandmother for many years, Veronica doesn’t have a wrinkle on her face. Old lady Veronica’s hometown of Ostrava opened a modelling school. In order to make these future supermodels more youthful, the school authorities encouraged students to bathe with beer every day. Students who insisted on beer bathing, All fair skin, full of youthful vitality.
  The beer bath is not to fill the bath with beer and let the bathers jump into the beer one by one to take a bath, but after a scientific experiment, pour a certain proportion of beer into the bath to make it a mixture of wine and water. In 2006, a brewery in the small town of Hodoplana near the famous Czech spa city Maria launched a brand new dark beer bath. In a 160-liter bathtub, firstly, in a ratio of 1:1, mix ordinary hot water and local hot spring water with a normal temperature of 34 degrees Celsius, and then pour 8-10 liters of fresh dark beer; herbal recipe. Beer bath can relax muscles, activate joints, remove harmful substances hidden under the skin, improve cardiopulmonary function, and strengthen blood circulation. The vitamin B1 contained in beer has a therapeutic effect on eczema, and hops contain substances that make people soothe and calm. The right temperature in degrees Celsius can also stretch the joints and relax the whole body. When taking a bath, the bather can soak for 25 minutes in the bathtub with the aroma of beer, then wrap the body in a hot towel, rest on the reclining chair for half an hour, dim the lights, listen to soft music, drink a glass of refreshing beer, so that the whole body can be refreshed. The mind is completely relaxed and a massage is done at the end. The whole process is supervised by a doctor, so that possible allergies can be detected and resolved in time.
  This unique beer bath was immediately popular with consumers and attracted a large number of guests from neighboring countries. To take a stout bath these days, you have to book a seat a month in advance. The owner of the brewery threatened to build a European “beer paradise” in the town of Hodova Plana. He said that the unique and wonderful enjoyment of the beer bath would definitely attract many tourists.
  European health experts say: a beer bath once a week and stick to it can make the skin and face of the bather 20 years younger. The results of a survey of 2,500 European men and women who had teenage-like soft, smooth and fair skin, all had in common a beer bath at least once a week for more than five years. Experts believe that beer is indeed good for beautifying the skin. Due to the environment, climate and human aging, the skin becomes dry, rough, and wrinkled. The beer bath not only softens and restores elasticity to the skin, but also treats a variety of skin diseases. Another benefit of a beer bath is that it eliminates nose-piercing body odors without the need for potentially dangerous cleansers and strong perfumes; it would be even better if the beer bather had an additional beer or two a day. It is also believed that the beer bath also has a good adjuvant therapeutic effect on insomnia, hypertension and other diseases.
  Scientists are trying to isolate the skin-beautifying ingredients in beer, and what has been determined so far is that it allows the skin to absorb a variety of minerals and vitamins, protects the skin from losing moisture, and strengthens fatty tissue. It’s not yet certain what ingredients in beer are responsible for such a miraculous effect. We all know that beer is brewed from several grains such as barley, wheat, rice or corn, and it contains 17 kinds of amino acids and 10 kinds of vitamins and minerals such as potassium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, etc. that are necessary for the human body. A series of studies have shown that these substances in beer are necessary for maintaining good muscle condition, a healthy nervous system, strong bones, normal blood pressure and heart function, soft skin and flexible body tissue, and Beer bath is to use these substances to produce benign stimulation to human skin, so as to achieve the effect of health care. European scientists have found that the hands of brewers who are often in contact with beer are always softer and younger than the average person. This cannot but be said that beer nutrients play a role.
  The amount of beer required for each beer bath is about 50 bottles, once a week and persisting for several years, the cost is considerable, and it is necessary to soak for at least 25 minutes in each bath. It is best to warm the beer to room temperature. Frozen beer not only It is uncomfortable for the bather and less effective.
  In 2006, a brewery in eastern Germany launched its first “bath beer”, which was welcomed by hotels and bath centres. “Bath Beer”, although also drinkable, was primarily developed for bathing, where it nourishes the body and promotes blood circulation. Known as the elixir of youth, the beer is said to bring a whole new cooling sensation. “Bath Beer” is supplied to consumers in 50-liter vats. Not only is the beer popular in Germany, it is also exported overseas, and in some places it is even available in pharmacies.
  With the passage of time, the bathing method of beer bath is also constantly innovating. In recent years, people not only use beer for bathing and rubbing, but also use beer in sauna. Using beer as a sauna also has the effect of relaxing muscles and promoting blood circulation. Some beer saunas use beer directly for steam baths, while others use grains and hops to make baths for fumigation and bathing.
  In addition to beer baths and beer saunas, there are really places in the world where 100% beer is used for bathing. The “Frog” Hotel in Cancun, a tourist resort in Mexico, invested US$6,000 to build a beer swimming pool to attract tourists. The swimming pool is 3 meters square and 1.2 meters deep. The pool is filled with 7,500 liters of beer. The hotel’s sign reads: “Please come and experience the world’s first beer pool.” This move has been criticized by locals.

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