A “true” adventure

  In Hegel’s aesthetics, beauty is the idea, and in the sense that beauty itself must be true, beauty and truth are the same thing. That is to say, the premise of true beauty, to understand beauty, one must have a basic understanding of true beauty. What is it?
  If we use Hegel’s logic to understand “Idea is true”, “Idea, as an idea, conforms to the essence in itself and universality, and thinks as something that conforms to the essence in itself and universality. Therefore, as thinking It is not the sensuous external existence of the Idea that is the object, but the universal Idea within this external existence. But the Idea also realizes itself in the external world and obtains a definite present existence, that is, natural or spiritual. It exists objectively.” Then the idea is like a utopia, which we can only grasp with spiritual imagination. It cannot be perceived by other means.
  In today’s world of advanced imaging technology, “truth” is no longer what we perceive through our senses. Like an idea, it is also hidden in the complicated world of appearances. We live in a world that is alien to reality. But the pursuit of “truth” in human nature has never stopped. Human beings try to break free from this constructed false world through various means.
  The Truman World is also trying to show us a real world. As director Christo said in the film, people are tired of the directors’ shoddy stories and the actors’ fake performances. He promises to give us a world of true people, the world of true man. In Truman’s world, there is no disguise, no psychological alert, this is a world of real people.
  Truman lived under the camera from birth to his thirties, and his every move was recorded by the camera. But he doesn’t know anything about it himself, so every action and every expression of his is real. On the well-known side, he is like a transparent person under the camera, and everything about him is exposed whether he likes it or not. The director tried to give us a real world, Truman showed himself completely to us, but is this world really real? The director overestimated his own abilities. He reprimanded other people’s fake performances, but he was trying to construct another fake world.
  In Truman’s world, except Truman, who is real, other people, including Truman’s parents and wives, are all actors. The director in the film arranged everything about Truman like a god. When Truman wanted to voyage with his father to explore the world on the other side of the earth, he used an artificial storm to drag him back to the world he arranged for him; when he arranged for Truman’s first love and Truman had real feelings , but he kicked her out in order to prevent the world he constructed from being exposed. He arranged for him a beautiful wife, friendly neighbors, close friends, a stable and comfortable life around Truman, but all of this was deliberately arranged to put Truman firmly in this huge studio . When a world is manipulated by some people, the world becomes unreal and free.
  While the director is trying to use Truman to show the audience a real world, Truman is also doing his best to find a real world for himself. After spending 30 years in this beautiful seaside town, Truman found that everything around him seemed so dramatic. His father, who died in a shipwreck when he was young, suddenly appeared on the street, and was surrounded by The passers-by quickly took him away. When he told his mother and wife all this, they were as if nothing had happened. Roughly thrown out by security for no reason. He suddenly felt that everything around him became strange. He met the same people saying the same things every day. Everyone around him seemed to revolve around him, but none of them could communicate with him. Mother, wife, friends, colleagues became strangers, Truman fell into endless loneliness.
  In order to recognize this vague world, Truman tried to leave this comfortable world and find a real world. He tried everything he could to change his world. He wanted to leave by boat, but he was afraid of sailing because his father died when he was a child. He wanted to travel by car. The director gave him a car breakdown. He was put off by the fact that he didn’t have a plane ticket. (Continued from page 42)
  (Continued from page 28) He wanted to drive away with his wife and was caught by the director. In short, the director tried his best to confine him to this fictional world.
  If Truman follows the advice of his wife and friends, continues his comfortable life, and gives up his desire to explore the truth, the director’s fictional world will continue. But the pursuit of truth in human nature motivates Truman to seek the real self and the real world at all costs. He escaped the camera with his own efforts, and prepared to escape this false world in a small boat. The director’s violent storms, lightning and thunder did not break his beliefs. He finally reached the door to the real world.
  However, when he opens the door to the real world, he will also enter the imperfect and accidental unknown world. Is this world real? Looking at the world around us, we dare not easily be sure.
  In this film, the whole world is manipulated by images. The director Christo in the film is superstitious to construct a real world with his own camera. And the protagonist in the real world he tried to construct resisted the director’s manipulation in order to find his own real world. Director Christo has clearly recorded the world of Truman for more than 30 years, but this is not Truman’s real world, but an illusory world constructed by the director for him.
  Without the director’s deliberate arrangement, Truman’s life might have been a different story. There are many potential possibilities in Truman’s world. Which one is the real one? The director is only on an adventure to seek the “truth”, but does not give us a real world. Truman strives to escape from the false world that the director arranged for him, but the real world is not the “real” one. The complicated appearances in reality separate us from the real world. We can only take risks and go to the Approaching the “true” world that is in itself like an idea.

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