Tom Brady: I ​​still want a championship

  NFL legend Tom Brady was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2022 Laureus World Sports Awards Online Ceremony in Seville, Spain on April 25. Football star Beckham, who announced the award, praised Brady’s character and achievements: “I have to say that this year’s Laureus Lifetime Achievement Award winner is the greatest athlete of all time. His tenacity and leadership can only be seen in real life. He was a great father, a man who loved his family, friend and partner. He was a true champion.” The
  Lawrence World Sports Awards, known as the “Sports Oscars”, are the most influential sports in the world one of the awards. The Lifetime Achievement Award is nominated by more than 2,000 senior sports journalists from more than 70 countries and regions, and the winners are voted by 52 members of the Lawrence Sports Academy. Tom Brady said after receiving the award: “This award means a lot to me to be voted for by many outstanding athletes around the world who are engaged in different sports and know how to achieve their greatest potential.”
  Since the 2000 NFL draft, the sixth The 199th pick in the round entered the professional game. Brady, who just retired and announced his comeback, has played for 22 seasons, leading the team to win the Super Bowl 7 times, was elected Super Bowl MVP 5 times, and was selected as an All-Star 15 times, becoming the first player in American football history. one person.
  Brady’s career was like a torrent, full of ups and downs, with a strong legend. He’s been on the bench and won his first Super Bowl in his first season as a starting quarterback for the never-winning Patriots. He created the prosperous dynasty of the Patriots in four years and three Super Bowls, but he missed the championship in the next nine years and was questioned whether he was still able to eat? When the outside world frequently speculated whether he was about to retire, he led the team to the finals again and again and became a quarterback that his teammates absolutely trusted. In the face of the question that “if there is no Patriots and coach Belichick, he cannot succeed”, he joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who have not made the playoffs for 13 years, in 2020, leading the team to win his seventh the Super Bowl.
  No matter when he is at the bottom or at the top, he can always “ignore the noise, ignore the evaluation of outsiders”, just train day after day, try to do his job well, try to make himself better, “I always think that rugby is a It’s something that takes all your effort, and you can’t succeed without a 100 percent commitment to competition, and success is what I love about the sport.”
  February 1, 2022 Brady, 44, was in A letter of retirement was issued on social networks, declaring that he would leave American football and start a new life. And after 41 days, he was back on the court with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. “I realized that my position is still on the court, not in the stands.”
  After more than 20 years of hard work on the field, he is still chasing victory with passion and blood. “I have experienced so much, and I am still so eager for the championship.”
“I don’t want a flash in the pan”

  In the spring of 2000, during the NFL draft, Brady was refreshing the page every night, reading draft simulations, draft forecasts, and looking for his name, and he was just a mediocre in that draft.
  Brady came to football training late, and although he went to every California 49ers game as a child and loved football, he spent most of his teenage years in baseball training until high school. Just joined the football team. On the University of Michigan team, he was on the bench for the first two years before being promoted to the starting quarterback as a junior. Despite his stellar performances on the varsity team, Brady’s physicality is undervalued in a talented draft roster.
  Poor fundamentals, thin physique, lack of great physique and strength, lack of flexibility and ability to avoid tackles, insufficient arm strength to make deep threats… Scouts have said this about his draft performance. Brady is also in a period of confusion and doesn’t know where his strengths are. “Is it physical, mental, or emotional? I don’t know what I can do.” The
  NFL draft lasts for three days, and each team has 7 rounds of selection. player opportunities. “I knew no one would pick me on the first day. The next day I thought, would anyone pick me? By the fifth round I was thinking, it’s over, there are at least two hours until the next round, I’ll have to wait.” Finally, the phone rang, and he was selected by the Patriots’ new head coach Belichick with the 199th overall pick in the sixth round. Brady was excited, even though he didn’t know anything about the team.
  Former Patriots linebacker Willie McGuinest recalled, “When we talked about Boston Sports, we were talking about the Boston Celtics (of the basketball league), the Red Sox (of the baseball league), and no one would Talk about the Patriots.”
  At the time, the Patriots’ starting quarterback was Drew Bledsoe, who was signed in the 1993 draft, and he didn’t care about the newcomer Brady. “I thought he might be The kind of guy who’s been in the league for a long time, but I’m afraid he’s going to be a backup all the time.”
  Bledsoe then found the newcomer to be very studious, to the point of being annoying, “always asking, why did this decision? Why did that decision? I share without reservation, he’s just a skinny kid from Michigan, I didn’t take him as a threat.” Bledsoe jokingly asked Brady between the game: “You just want to pass the ball, but you’re on TV, right?” Brady smiled: “Yeah.”
  Willie of the team’s defense team found that backup quarterback Brady worked very hard, not only participating in the training of the offensive team, but sometimes with the defense team. Brady later explained the importance of hard work: “Hard work is a sustainable trait, and if you don’t have that, the talent will disappear sooner or later… The guy ahead of me in the draft has so many physical advantages over me, In order to catch up with them, I have to add a lot of basic training.”
  In 2001, Bledsoe extended his contract with the Patriots, signing a huge ten-year contract of $103 million, showing the club’s trust in the team’s starting quarterback.
  Just then, Brady’s opportunity came unexpectedly. In the 2001-02 season between the Patriots and the Jets, Bledsoe was severely injured by the Jets linebacker and caused internal bleeding, and Brady was pushed onto the court under pressure. The next week, Brady, who played as the starting quarterback for the first time, met the Colts, and the opposing quarterback was 1998 No. 1 overall pick Peyton Manning. The Patriots finished with 44 under the unfavorable circumstances. -13 won the game.
  Brady said, “In 2000 and 2001, I worked hard, earned the trust of the coaching staff and my teammates, built the confidence, and when I got the chance, I felt like I was ready.” , Brady led the team to a series of incredible victories in the hands of strong teams.
  Bledsoe, however, only had a six-week break, and his return to the game was the Patriots’ quarterback battle. On one side is the team’s meritorious starting quarterback with a contract of hundreds of millions, and on the other is a sixth-round pick from the University of Michigan. Everyone is paying attention to the choice of coach Belichick.

In the 2021 Super Bowl, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 31-9, and Brady won seven championships.

  At this time, Brady and the Patriots are like Cinderella wearing crystal shoes. Brady doesn’t know when he’ll be back on the bench, and the Patriots don’t know how long they can keep their momentum going.
  In this fantastic season, the bell of midnight has not yet struck. With the support of Belichick, Brady was firmly seated as the starting quarterback, and the Patriots also reached the finals all the way, defeating the St. Louis Rams and winning the first Super Bowl in team history.
  ”Can you believe we can actually win the Super Bowl?” Brady murmured.
under focus

  In his first season as a starter, Brady showed his amazing passing accuracy and tactical literacy. Twenty years later, in his personal documentary, he still remembers the key tactics used in every game at that time.
  Brady’s personal documentary is titled “Man in the Arena,” a quote from Roosevelt’s speech that was once posted on the wall of the University of Michigan’s power room. He watched this sentence for more than four years and realized his own understanding: “In the arena, as a player, there will be many pairs of eyes looking at you, and the decisions you make in an instant will be magnified.
  ” In other words, after winning the 2001 Super Bowl, he felt the public’s unusual attention to him. The spotlight gave him both the glory and the pressure to not just focus on developing the skills and physicality needed to be a quarterback, but also to learn how to take on the quarterback — the heart of the NFL offense — in the Position on the team, observe and study the style of other team leaders.
  In the 2002-03 season, the Patriots failed to adjust their mentality after winning. After winning three games at the beginning, they suffered a losing streak and missed the playoffs. In the 2003-04 season, the team adjusted and reorganized in the failure, replacing the originally trusted safety Loye Miloy with Rodney Harrison, who had just been cut from the Chargers. Miloy then moved to the Buffalo Bills and joined the Bills in a 31-0 victory over the Patriots in the season opener. For the first time, Brady realized that “the professional field is really a business field.”
  When fans and the media wantonly publicized the damage of Miloy’s departure to the Patriots and the discord between the team’s coaches and players, Brady gradually knew How to face the voices of the outside world – ignore them, “It doesn’t matter if no one understands you, you must believe in yourself, believe in your own efforts, believe in your progress, and believe in your team.”
  He immersed himself with the entire team. Pushing on each other, then-linebacker Teddy Bruski recalled: “We were very competitive and it wasn’t about who gave how much, it was about who gave more. We would say it out loud, and I did it. , what have you done? Are you leaving the training ground so early?”
  Coach Belichick’s teaching took Brady’s understanding of tactics to a higher level. Belichick talks with Brady every Tuesday, researching the opponent’s defensive and offensive lineups for the next game and how to use their strengths and weaknesses.
  Brady also tried to change his mentality toward his teammates, not with a few close friends, but with the whole team. “Strive to build friendships with your teammates, care about them, care about their families, and only by caring for each other and being true to each other can we succeed together.”
  In the last regular season of the 2003-04 season, the Patriots won 31-0 The Bills, reversed the playbook for Game 1, went on a playoff streak against the Titans and Colts, defeated the Panthers, won another Super Bowl, and successfully defended their title in 2004-05, the Patriots’ momentum Then it reached its peak.
  In the nine seasons since then, the Patriots have twice reached the Super Bowl, but have missed the championship. At a time when the outside world was full of controversy and the newcomers in the team continued to put pressure on him, Brady once again showed his calm and self-contained qualities.
  In the 2014 draft, the Patriots selected 23-year-old quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo with the 62nd pick in the second round. Belichick told Brady: “A lot of quarterbacks don’t play very well late in their careers, and they’re average.” In the first three games of the 2014-15 season, Brady’s passing accuracy was the highest in the league. Poor, Brady was substituted in a losing streak in Game 4 against the Chiefs.
  In the media interview after the game, the reporter kept asking Belichick: “Are you ready to replace Tom Brady.” Belichick only repeated: “Prepare for the Bengal Tigers.” After returning to the training ground, Brady walked into the video analysis room alone, watched the game repeatedly, and planned his next game against the Bengals, which the Patriots won 43-17, won seven straight games, and had a laugh that season. Finally, win the Super Bowl again.
  ”It’s been ten years and coming back to the top again, that explains everything about our team … ignoring the noise, ignoring the opinions of outsiders, good and bad,” Brady said.
professional player

  The stories surrounding Brady always seem to have heroic narratives, but he himself does not pursue individual heroism. Whether at the University of Michigan or the Patriots, the foundation of the team is teamwork. Brady remembers the Michigan school at that time. The team coach has always emphasized: “No one is more important than the team, and no coach is more important than the team.” He also knows that every controversial choice Belichick makes is for the team.
  Brady embraces the idea of ​​the team over the individual, and he’s never afraid to take responsibility, whether it’s in practice or wrapping up after a game. Teammate Harrison commented on him: “Tom never dumped the blame on his teammates, he never said Rodney you should steal the ball, or that your defense should stop it, he would only say the offense should play better. , would only say that he should do better himself, that he, as the team leader, should take the lead.”
  Brady was willing to sacrifice his personal interests for the team. American media BusinessInsider analyzed that Brady gave up about $60 million to $100 million in salary while playing for the Patriots so that the team could sign a number of important free agents. For example, in 2007, Brady adjusted his contract to free up salary space for the addition of Randy Moss. That year, with Moss’ cooperation, Brady showed his strength and led the team to a full regular season. winning record.
  After Brady announced his retirement on February 1, 2022, the Patriots filmed an interview video to commemorate Brady, and many former teammates gave him generous praise. Wide receiver Julian Edelman said: ” He meant everything to me and was an important part of my career.” He recalls working out with Brady in the 2011 offseason, running 60 simulated attack lines a day and doing all kinds of physical exercises. “From then on, I understood why this guy was so special, so great, he never had a day off when we weren’t on the team, when he walked into training or wanted to get something done, always There’s a goal…he’s not just a top football player, he’s a top professional player.”
  Edelman was also impressed by Brady’s competitive spirit: “It’s a killer Obsessed with competition, obsessed with perfection. A lot of people talk about it and spend so little of his time doing it, and he’s doing it all the time.”

Brady and wife Gisele Bundchen.

  In 2007, Brady became a father. In 2009, when he formed a family with German-Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen and had two children together, his priorities in life changed and he made time for his family, but he was always a good guy. Professional players, always full of passion, sprint after sprint for rugby’s highest honors.
  In his personal documentary, Brady summed up the ups and downs of more than 20 years: “My entire career, I have been constantly exploring my potential, my dreams have come true step by step, and everything I hoped to happen has also come true. It’s like an evolutionary history, I struggled hard, crawled hard, kept moving forward. One step at a time, trying all the progress, all the experiences, highs or lows, victory or defeat, twenty years of heartbreak and heartache, Countless sleepless nights and great victories.”