The world’s strange decorations

  All over the world, due to differences in folk customs, living habits, and cultural customs, people have unique artistic tastes and styles for beauty makeup and jewelry wearing.
  Facial decoration The Luguru people of
  Tanzania have a peculiar custom. When girls grow up to twelve or three years old, they have to tattoo all kinds of patterns on their beautiful cheeks. For unmarried women, in addition to tattooing on the cheeks, they also burn circular patterns on the forehead. Even a cut line is added to the double eyelid to show beauty. In Nigeria, many people like to stab a dark face with bizarre patterns, some with scorpions on their cheeks, some with arrow clusters on their foreheads, and some with horizontal knife marks on their cheeks. The logo of the tribe, you can know which tribe the person belongs to by looking at the patterns on the face.
  Many women in Babylon used talc to remove facial hair. In the 19th century, British women took the risk of taking a small amount of arsenic in order to make their skin more radiant; Queen Elizabeth I often used white lead powder to wipe her face to make her face white and delicate; Cleopatra, the ancient Cleopatra, in order to maintain the skin’s beauty. White and smooth, and a paste made from crocodile dung and donkey milk is used to apply to the face.
  Hair accessories Blonde beauty in
  ancient Venice drenched her head with lion urine, resisted the pungent smell, and then exposed it to the sun, using the acid in the urine to change the hair. The chlorine in the urine can make the hair shiny. Women in ancient Arabia, on the other hand, used camel urine to wash their hair to make their hair black and shiny.
  Ancient Egypt can be called the birthplace of perm. Its women often curl their hair on a wooden stick, apply a saline-alkali mud containing a small amount of borax, and then remove the mud after exposure, and the hair will have beautiful curly hair.
  Forehead ornaments
  Indian women paint a colored dot between their eyebrows. This kind of forehead ornament, called “Gum Gum” by the Indians, is a symbol of good luck. The forehead ornament is a sign of Indian women’s marriage. Only after the groom paints red dots on the bride’s forehead, the wedding is completed. Today, brow decoration has become a fixed part of Indian women’s makeup and beauty regardless of religion, origin and social status.
  The foreheads of the Rotuja people in southern Sudan have a different meaning. People there use animal patterns such as “green dragon” and “white tiger” as the totems of various tribes, which are tattooed on the forehead. Later, the worship of totem gradually disappeared, but the pattern on the forehead was still used as a decoration of beauty.
  Eye ornaments
  Few people adorn the eyes, but in the United States, some people wear metal rings on their eyelids, the size of small earrings, buckled at the right end of the eyebrows. Many people imitated this kind of eye ornaments, and it became fashionable for a while. .
  In ancient Egypt, women’s eye beauty was very special. They used galena powder to paint the upper eyelid black, and malachite powder to paint the lower face green. In addition to the beauty effect, it can also prevent insect bites and prevent eye diseases.
  Nose ornaments
  On the Pacific island of Yap, the local custom is proud of nose ornaments. This kind of nose decoration is to pierce a small hole in the nasal septum, and insert colorful flowers into the hole, and the flowers change according to the season.
  Women in West Africa like to have two lines of “big” thorns on the bridge of their noses, which means the lucky stars are shining.
  The Oceania natives have the custom of piercing their noses. Most of them pierce the bridge of the nose and insert wooden strips or bone fragments to mark the totems, or to pray for the protection of the totems. This totemic decoration is also found in the indigenous people of New Guinea.
  Lip ornaments The lip ornaments of the
  Latin American Niava people are amazing. When the child was very young, his parents slaughtered his lower lip and forced it into a small wooden stopper. As the years passed, the wooden stopper was replaced year by year. The bigger the plug, the more forward the lower lip protrudes, which makes it feel more beautiful and admired.
  The Kebo people in the Amazon River Basin in South America not only like nude tattoos, but also pierce their lips, hang beads, and decorate them as mouth rings. The length of the mouth rings also marks the level of social status. Women in West Africa especially like to tattoo circles or triangles on both sides of the corners of their mouths, indicating that this is where their loved ones kiss. The world’s smallest Pygmies, women pierced their lips and adorned them with a bunch of protruding reeds.
  The inhabitants of Micronesia, Oceania, have a custom of dyeing black teeth for beauty. If anyone shows white teeth when eating or talking, they will be regarded as the scum of the nation and will be cursed and punished by people. Therefore, as soon as the baby teeth grow, the parents immediately blacken their teeth.
  Nowadays, the beauty of teeth is not only about dyeing teeth. In some cities in the United States, a kind of tooth fever has emerged. The so-called dental tattoo is to go to the dental artisan, choose all kinds of dentures you need, and then ask the artisan to engrave your favorite pattern on the denture, and then put it on your real teeth. Various patterns or initials are tattooed on real teeth. The teeth are intricately handcrafted and brightly coloured, making them attractive when smiling. Another advantage of tattooing is that it can be put away, replaced, or removed.
  Since ancient times , earrings have become pets for Chinese and foreign women to dress up their faces. However, earrings have become incredible in the hands of American sexy star Madonna. Recently, at a solo concert, she made beautiful earrings out of live cockroaches, which immediately attracted the attention of fans. When a reporter asked her why she used the live cockroaches as earrings, she replied: “I like to work with Different, live cockroaches as earrings are also a kind of fashion and a special kind of beauty.”
  Women living in the interior of Sarawak prefer big ear piercings because they traditionally believe in “big ear holes”. It can highlight their beauty and noble temperament, and use this to find a good man.
  Milk ornaments The Maori people of
  New Zealand have long had the custom of tattooing connecting patterns between their breasts. It means that the milk is sufficient and can be competent for the task of raising children. Declare that you are big-hearted and can tolerate animal-like attacks.
  Navel Ornaments At a New York fashion show, four models with navel piercings wore stainless steel or gold rings around their navels.
  Next to the navel decoration is the belly button beauty, which has become a fashion in Japan now. A 21-year-old female college student in Tokyo requested that the navel be shaped into a comfortable belly button. Cosmetology and decoration around the navel.
  hip accessories
  Among a considerable number of ethnic groups, people think that women with beautiful buttocks are the most beautiful and attractive. Therefore, in order to show beauty, women painstakingly researched buttock make-up, enduring pain, tattooing a variety of beautiful and complex patterns on their buttocks; while men often gathered around women to watch their buttocks make-up.
  Women living in Europe and the United States attach great importance to the back decoration. They have a long knife-shaped print on their back, which is a sign of loyalty. will be punished by slashing.
  Hand ornaments
  In Rajasthan, India, every festive festival and banquet, women have to draw patterns on their palms to celebrate, while in some other tribes, only brides are allowed to paint patterns on their palms for the purpose of Let it be known that she is the bride. The pattern is drawn by some highly skilled old women who do not use pens but fingers when painting.
  Leg ornaments Women in Pope Island and Samoa Islands
  in Oceania like to tattoo animal patterns on their legs, such as leopard, tiger, lion and other animal patterns, to express their strong and healthy legs.
  Foot ornaments Women
  living in Greenland believe that only by having their feet tattooed can they win the love of their husbands. According to different parts of their feet, they carry out different tattoos to express different meanings.