The little magpie repays its kindness, and the surging love is twice the savior

  Dying magpie
  broke into the haze family
   One day in August 2013, the Wilson family of five living in the suburbs of Brisbane, Australia, drove to the child’s grandmother’s house.
   It was supposed to be a pleasant trip, but the Wilsons were all over their heads. Mr. Wilson drove the car without saying a word, and the hostess, Evelyn, leaned in the back, staring dully out of the window. The three children Jim, Lucas and Raphael didn’t speak to their parents, and couldn’t think of a topic to break the silence.
   In fact, the previous Wilson family was not like this. Wilson and Evelyn became attached because of travel. After entering the marriage, the couple’s yearning for nature became stronger. As a result, the family always goes out to explore together as a group, or go to attractions around the world. The family at that time was always full of laughter.
   However, in January 2013, when the Wilson family was enjoying a pleasant vacation in Thailand, Evelyn fell from a six-meter-high hotel balcony because she was leaning against a disrepaired wooden fence! The family quickly called an ambulance. Fortunately, Evelyn was resisted by the canopy as she fell and survived. But unfortunately, her spine and thoracic spine were severely injured, resulting in high paraplegia, and the nerves below the chest were difficult to repair, and she may spend her life in a wheelchair.
   The doctor’s conclusion was nothing short of thunderous for Wilson, who loved his wife, and Evelyn was even more painful – for her love of travel and sports, high paraplegia was more uncomfortable than death.
   After returning to Australia, Wilson pushed his wife all over the country to well-known hospitals, seeking help from experts with superb medical skills, but still could not get Evelyn to stand up again. The originally happy family fell into the darkest moment, and everyone’s face was covered with clouds.
   “Dad, stop! I saw a furry little guy on the side of the road!” the
   second son, Lucas, shouted, pulling the family out of the memory. Wilson stopped the car and saw that there was a dying bird in the lush grass on the side of the road!
   “It’s a little magpie, my God, it seems to be badly injured!”
   “It must have fallen from that bird’s nest! Look, that tree is so tall!” the
   children shouted Attracted to Evelyn, Wilson put her in a wheelchair and pushed her to watch together.
   The little magpie fell under a towering Norfolk Island pine tree, and the bird’s nest hanging high in the pine branches was more than 20 meters above the ground. Evelyn looked at the poor bird and imagined that it accidentally fell, hit the layers of branches, bounced, spun, bumped, bounced again… and finally fell heavily to the ground. How similar this picture is to what happened to me in the past!
   Evelyn looked at the little magpie with tears in her eyes. She saw that the little magpie’s wings were weakly drooping, and suffered such a heavy blow, the bird could barely move, and could only rely on its weakly undulating body to prove that it was still alive.
   “We must save it!” As soon as Evelyn spoke, the children carefully wrapped the little magpie in a soft cloth. After returning home, Evelyn, who was a nurse, used her years of nursing experience to direct Jim and Lucas to drug the magpie, while five-year-old Raphael followed behind her brothers.
   “This magpie is so cute!” Lucas said in admiration as he drugged the magpie. Jim agreed immediately: “Yes, it must be a little girl, shall we call it Emma? From now on it will be our sister – Miss Emma Wilson!”
   So, in the cheers of the three brothers, Wilson The family welcomes its sixth member – a magpie named Emma!
  Crazy Emma awakens life
  with love
   Although the house is full of haze, the Wilson family still do their best to protect the weakest family member. The three brothers picked wildflowers, caught insects, and played with Emma; Evelyn, who used to be silent in a wheelchair all day, also sang softly for Emma, ​​encouraging her to eat well; Wilson often found herself lazy in Emma , encourage it to exercise damaged wings. “Little guy, you have seen the sky, and you know how beautiful the gorgeous world outside is! So, you have to strengthen your training, and only rely on yourself to fly as soon as possible!”
   Although he was speaking to Emma, ​​every sentence The words floated clearly into Evelyn’s ears.
   Under the careful care of the Wilson family, Emma grew stronger day by day and was finally able to fly outdoors without hindrance. After that, Emma often flew to the backyard alone to find something to eat, and then stood on the low wall of the backyard, sang vigorously, and used its loud voice to attract the neighbors to watch.
   Not only that, but Emma is also very human. It wakes up the Wilsons every day at dawn, singing beautiful songs. When the three brothers were lazy in bed, it would scratch the soles of their feet with its small claws, making them have to beg for mercy and get up.
   Sometimes, seeing the Wilson family sitting around the dining table eating pasta, he would also cheekily run to the table to “rub” the meat. The three brothers pretended to expel it, and Emma would pick up the meat and fly straight to Evelyn’s arms to seek refuge.
   Evelyn not only pampered Emma as her daughter and let her sleep in her bed every day, she often confided to her when her husband and sons were not at home: “Now, my legs and abdominal muscles are full” I’ve fallen, I can’t sit up, I can’t stand, I can’t walk, I can’t run, it’s the same as when you were injured… You haven’t seen me when I was healthy, I was so charming back then, really!”
   Emma She tilted her head and turned her small eyes, as if she completely understood her words.
   This reaction made Evelyn more willing to talk, and she struggled to open the nightstand drawer and pulled out an old photo album. “Look, this is me and Wilson. The tall guy next to me is called Edith. He is my ex-boyfriend and lives near our house. The three of us love to travel and used to be very good friends.”
   Speaking of this, Evelyn stopped suddenly, she found that Emma listened very seriously, but she really didn’t know what to say next: after she and her ex-boyfriend broke up because of trivial matters, Wilson immediately pursued her, and Evelyn immediately pursued her. At that time, he was angry and agreed to Wilson’s proposal.
   “Wilson is very good to me, I really fell in love with him after marriage, and then, we have your three brothers, haha!” She
   actually shared a secret with a bird, and Evelyn was suddenly amused by herself. What’s even more funny is that Emma seems to understand her words, flapping her wings and flying to the wheelchair, as if to let Evelyn sit in the wheelchair and take it out to see the “sad ex-boyfriend” in the story.
   Even though Wilson hired a carer for his wife, Evelyn liked to wait for him to get back from get off work so he could carry herself into a wheelchair. Years of nursing experience made her understand how hard it is for female nurses to help patients in wheelchairs. Therefore, when she needs to be cared for as a patient, she always tries to cause less trouble to the nurses.

   The former Evelyn was full of energy and loved going around helping others. But now, she needs to rely on others to live in embarrassment. Therefore, she suffered from depression and became sensitive and forbearing. She didn’t want to cry in front of her family, but chose to cry silently in the middle of the night; every time she went to the hospital for medical treatment, she also behaved meekly and politely. When the rehabilitation treatment made her in pain, she also held back and never cried.
   And every time Emma was by her side, she could always easily capture Evelyn’s emotions. It’s like the executive officer of “Brave Expression”. When Evelyn is exercising hard, her brows are knitted, and her teeth are clenched, Emma will chirp, as if to speak for Evelyn; and when the rehabilitation doctor is inappropriate , When Evelyn was in pain, Emma flew forward unceremoniously and pecked at the doctor’s hand!
   This loud cry and neat movement made Evelyn’s eyes red for countless times: this straightforward bird, in its own way, made Evelyn realize that her needs were cared for; she and Like any normal person, they should be respected!
   With Emma by her side, Evelyn’s rehab has become less difficult. Every morning, Emma stood on Jim’s shoulders, and after “sending” the three brothers to school, she flew home to accompany Evelyn to practice.
   Wilson installed simple rehabilitation exercise equipment at home, and Evelyn began to train every day with the help of a carer. In order to keep the master from getting bored, Emma tried her best to accompany her. When Evelyn held the horizontal bar to practice arm strength, Emma flew to the hanger on the side, held the bottom of the hanger with her small claws, and greeted Evelyn by hanging upside down; Evelyn was supported by the nurse. Practicing standing, Emma also folded her wings, hid one leg, and used the antics of one-legged jumping to bring courage to Evelyn…
   As Evelyn’s body improved, her signs of depression gradually disappeared, A long-lost smile began to appear on her face.
   “Little guy, it’s you who woke up my Evelyn, you are really a great hero of our family!”
   Wilson was overjoyed by his wife’s change. He had tried every means to get Evelyn out of her tears and vulnerability, to no avail. Unexpectedly, the arrival of this little magpie turned out to be like a beam of angel light, breaking into this haze-shrouded family.
   Three years passed by in a blink of an eye. In the summer of 2016, Evelyn was finally able to straighten her upper body in her wheelchair. Whenever she was at her desk, reading a book and writing a diary, Emma stood obediently at the table, posing a very cultural “scholar” attitude; when her family pushed Evelyn out to bathe in the sun and do graffiti, Emma He will flap his wings and command the three brothers to “serve with pen and ink”, and must not be neglected…
   “Thanks to ‘Emma’ to take care of mother with us, mother can be happy again!” Lucas often finds “Emma” for himself. Proud, “You must be a long-lived bird, and you won’t be allowed to grow old until your mother is fully recovered!”
   “Emma makes me feel like a queen! Haha, dear Wilson, you and ours All three sons are my heroic guardians!” Evelyn laughed in the flowers in her yard, the three children rushed to sumo into her arms, and Emma stood proudly on her shoulders. Wilson used the camera to record the happy look of the family, but inadvertently photographed Evelyn’s “sad ex-boyfriend”…
   “Hey, Edith, long time no see!”
   “What a coincidence, Wilson. Hello, kids!” The bachelor Addis looked a little embarrassed when he saw the harmonious picture of the family of six, but he still mustered up his courage and greeted the person he cared about the most.
   “Good morning, Evelyn, it’s a pleasure to meet you!” The
  special “matchmaker”
  was reborn as a savior.
   Although he lived relatively close, he would inevitably meet Edith when he went out, but the kind and generous Wilson told Edith Never hostile. “Seriously, kids, if it wasn’t for your mom breaking up with Addis, it would have been really hard for me to ‘take advantage of it’!” Wilson said and laughed, “If one day, Dad walks in In front of your mother, you can call Uncle Edith over and take care of your mother with you…”
   This was a joke, but it turned out to be a prophecy.
   In the winter of 2018, Wilson was involved in a car accident on his way from get off work. He was hit by a large truck and broke many bones in his body. After the rescue was ineffective, he left his favorite family forever.
   When the bad news came, Evelyn and the children seemed to be hit by five thunders. They couldn’t believe that God was so cruel to let this family who had just come out of the pain fall into doom again!
   Holding the portrait of her husband, Evelyn, who had fainted several times, burst into tears. She was so heartbroken that she didn’t have the courage to face the world again. The three sons surrounded her, crying uncontrollably. No one noticed that at some point, the magpie who accompanied them through the joys, sorrows and sorrows, disappeared at this moment.
   When Evelyn looked up from her grief and saw that Emma was gone, she became furious and coughed violently. She has just lost the love of her life, does the “angel” who protects her also abandon her!
   Just as the family was in relative tears, the door of the house was suddenly opened, and a tall figure appeared at the door against the light, with a bird standing on his shoulder!
   “Evelyn, I’m late! I work in the city, and my neighbor called me and said this bird has been waiting at my door!” Edith said, striding forward to embrace the three poor children .
   When he saw Emma waiting anxiously at the door, he had a premonition that something was wrong. On the way here, he kept calling Evelyn’s phone, but it was always turned off. He asked around, only to know that Evelyn had experienced the greatest grief in her life…
   “Evelyn, cheer up, Wilson must not want to see you and the children in such pain!”
   Edith helped the collapsed to the ground. Evelyn, with her three children, wiped the tears from her face.
   “Wilson has always regarded me as a good brother, Evelyn, please give me a chance and let me take care of you!”
   As soon as Edith finished speaking, Emma flew to Evelyn’s palm, lightly pecked her fingers, and turned to look at her. to Addis.
   Evelyn understood Emma’s intentions, but she was immersed in the pain of losing her husband, and she was really in no mood to respond.
   Edith didn’t embarrass Evelyn. After he took care of Wilson’s funeral, he sold his house and bought the courtyard next to Evelyn. In order not to burden Evelyn with a psychological burden, he explained with a smile: “Fortunately, I am a freelancer, I live in the same place, and I still have a lot of time to take care of you.”
   Since then, every morning, Emma arrives first. Next door wakes Edith, and loudly acts as an “alarm clock” for Evelyn and the children. After getting up, Edith made breakfast for Evelyn and the children every day, just like Wilson did. After sending the kids to school, Edith returned to take Evelyn to rehab for training.
   The days are as warm and happy as before, and every time Evelyn sees Edith busy in the kitchen, or playing with the children in the yard, she feels that Wilson is still by her side, never leaving…
   But What forced Evelyn to return to reality was the aging Emma and her gradually recovering self.
   Her body has been able to dress, eat, and even surf on a skateboard on her own through hormone shock therapy, nervous system recovery, and several years of rehabilitation. These changes made Evelyn extremely happy, and also made her grateful to the silently guarding man beside her.
   In recent years, in Emma’s “matching” time and time again, Evelyn understands that she hopes to come together with Edith to form a complete family.
   It seems to remember Lucas’ words to be a “long-lived bird” for Evelyn. However, the lifespan of a magpie is not more than ten years at most, and Emma is about to be eight years old…
   In the summer of 2021, Evelyn, who was out of her grief, finally agreed to Edith’s proposal. Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, their wedding only invited both family members. At the wedding, they solemnly introduced their special “matchmaker” to the family, a magpie named Emma. It not only pulled Evelyn out of depression and loss, and brought the family back to life, but also matched the love between Evelyn and Edith, and gave the owner another life!
   It’s just that this human magpie quietly left after Evelyn’s wedding and never came back. Although the Evelyn family looked for it everywhere, they could not find it. Perhaps, it has long wanted to return to nature and return to its own home, but before that, it was not at ease with Evelyn and her children. Now, it can finally leave with confidence.
   However, the Evelyn family still misses this magical bird, which redefines the connotation of “home” for them.
   “At first, we thought we were the one who saved ‘Emma’. But then we realized that it was this amazing little bird who changed us and saved the family with its surging love…”