The “emergency room” of the permanent members of the United Nations

  The United Nations Headquarters is located between 42nd Street and 48th Street on First Avenue in Manhattan, New York City, USA. The land originally belonged to the Rockefeller family and was leased to the United Nations after World War II at an annual rent of $1. Henceforth, this land is international territory. The United Nations Building has a total of 40 floors. If you walk up and down, it is like walking into a maze. It is not that the structure of the building is complicated, but that the names of the various agencies in the United Nations Headquarters are all in English abbreviations, which makes people confused for a while. For example, the English abbreviation of “Economic Commission for Europe” is “ECE” and so on.
  On the second floor of the building, there is a room numbered “209, Building C”. Even though it is only eight or nine square meters, it is a special consultation room for the five permanent members. Whenever a major event occurs in the world, the consultations between officials of the permanent members at all levels will follow the pulse of the times and become extremely frequent. At this time, Room 209 in Block C is like an “emergency room”, which is particularly eye-catching.
  For such consultations among the five permanent members, usually one of them serves as the coordinator, and takes turns in the order of China, the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, and France, and each country serves a three-month term. As the “work” of the Security Council is often urgent, permanent members often need to meet in a timely manner. Consultations are held in “emergency rooms” whenever a country so requests. Everyone generally cuts to the chase, cuts down on gossip, and goes straight to the point. If a consensus can be reached, it will be implemented accordingly; if there is no agreement for the time being, there is no need to get angry, and continue to negotiate next time. Some major draft resolutions or presidential statements of the Security Council are usually discussed in plenary meetings after the permanent members negotiate in advance and reach a certain consensus. This improves work efficiency in certain procedures.
  Because of the extraordinary “emergency room”, some media reporters sharpened their heads, managed to sneak into the United Nations building, and set up the camera directly at the exit of Room 209, Building C, to simultaneously capture the movements of the ambassadors of the five countries. Some journalists have their own “tricks”, holding miniature digital tape recorders, following the ambassadors of the five countries and their assistants, and secretly searching for first-hand information. Sometimes diplomats are caught in the net of journalists without paying attention.
  Among the permanent members, Beijing is the farthest from New York and the most expensive to travel. Every time our foreign minister goes to New York for a meeting, he leaves in a hurry and returns in a hurry. Sometimes he can only stay in New York for one day and return after a lunch. Someone joked: “In terms of conversion, the Chinese Foreign Minister’s lunch in Room 209, Building C, is the most expensive among the five foreign ministers!”

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