Spring in big sur

  The name of Big Sur is fierce. When I heard it for the first time, I turned over the hippo-like body in my mind, and the stream was mighty, like the original virgin forest.
  So someone asks, what’s in Big Sur? The answer is that there should be beaches, because in California, aren’t they all coastlines?
  Everything is good in California, but the house is expensive. The next topic will say so.
  I sat in the car and was drawn to the California sky. Such a thin cloud floats gently in the sky, and the scarf is generally around the neck of the city. The houses in San Francisco are listed on the hillside, the white flowers under the sun, like building blocks towering obliquely in the air, there are not many high-rise buildings, and the topography is different from other places.
  You can smell the sea in the air. The sea molecules jumped into the air, and the clouds were all light and elegant. Where there is water in the end is different, and the clouds and mists will make people mistakenly think that they are somewhere in the East. This place is very close to China, and the other side of the Pacific Ocean corresponds to somewhere in the South China Sea or the East China Sea, right?
  A group of three came out of the car rental office at San Francisco Airport, and Xiaoge was driving the car. Noah and I are passengers. Noah is the queen of walking, but after 90s, she has rich practical experience. The three of us came together to run a marathon in Big Sur. The scenery of Da Sur is beautiful, and the people who come to run the marathon here are basically the drunkard’s intention not to run, but also to care about the mountains and rivers. Now, we start to appreciate this beautiful scenery while sitting in the car.
  Pieces of wilderness on the side of the road came head-on, green furrows were neatly aligned, and low plants were dotted with small white flowers. In the distance, a large white truck is parked in the field, and people are bending over to work, like a painting, but the people in the field are active, they bend over and get up and put something into the basket in their hands.
  It is strawberry. I was suddenly reminded of the strawberry fields that Kerouac had painted. People with turbans on their heads bent over the fields to pick them up. If it is an Impressionist painting, the name can be called “The Strawberry Picker”.
  Kerouac’s “On the Road” depicts such a scene. He went to Big Sur, worked hourly to survive, helped people pick strawberries, and formed a small family with a Mexican woman and her children. Three people compete to see who can pick up more and earn more. This piece was published in the Paris Review as an excerpt titled “Mexican Girl”, and was included in the 1956 “Best Short Stories”.
  Suddenly dawn seemed to come, and water seemed to flow over the ice, and the rising mist turned the ice blue. The glaciers sank into an emerald green, duikers, antelopes, golden groupers and walruses wandered in the sky, and the purple stone fish jumped and jumped out of the arctic circle…
  This is the description in his book, what a beautiful scene. It seems to be talking about the scene of alternating clouds and water. Strawberry fields bring to mind a lot of youthful things. Kerouac himself, for example, went to Columbia University at the age of nineteen on a football scholarship, and dropped out after arguing with his coach as a sophomore. It came down to the fact that he didn’t think he needed to go to college, because he was going to be a great novelist like Jack London and Thomas Wolfe.
  As everyone knows, Jack London is too poor to go to university. Later, Kerouac recalled this experience and admitted that he was reckless and unruly, as well as stupid independent thinking. It can be seen how many such misunderstandings in the experience of growing up.
  The biggest gain from reading their books is to see how they dared to face the experiences of life, analyze themselves, and let future generations learn from them, although it is unknown how much they can learn from. Because if people can control themselves, why do they need to suffer? Pain no one wants, because of the nature of life. So there is a saying that it will be the same again and again, and this is probably the reason. But the pain can be relieved, it can be avoided, if it can.
  What unfolded before our eyes was the mythical, white city of San Francisco, perched on eleven hills. The background is the blue Pacific Ocean with its approaching fog barrier, and the smoke and golden atmosphere of twilight.
  This is San Francisco depicted in Kerouac’s original words. White, blue, golden and fog. It seems that the city has not changed much. He used the word fog barrier. We also noticed the fog in San Francisco at once, and thought it was only in recent years, but it turned out to be there for a long time.
  Driving like this, I walked along Highway 1 along the California coastline. The scenery on both sides was unique, with the coast on one side and the green hills on the other side. This section of the road is beautiful and famous in the United States. Imagine driving on such a road, the sea breeze blowing coolly from your cheeks, and the native nature is oncoming… Kerouac said that he used to backpack in this dense jungle late at night. Okay, just to try my courage, those high and low trees swaying, seem to have the posture of life in the dark night. In fact, he said that what he was most afraid of was not these, but the cold. Indeed, the climate here is cool, plus the fog, it always gives people a cool feeling, and the sun is like playing hide and seek.
  We are going to run the marathon first, which is a preview, because if we really run the next day, we probably don’t have the time and mood to spend so much time watching the scenery. “On the Road” Noah is very familiar with, and she also knows that Kerouac’s other two books “Dharma Wanderer” and “Big Sur” are widely read by modern “post-90s” readers.
  I think I came to Big Sur to get close to the scene in the book, which is why I said yes when Lucy mentioned coming to the city to run a marathon. It’s just that the advocates themselves can’t come, but the followers become the protagonists. Lucy missed this competition because of a running injury, and because the Big Sur Marathon had to draw a lottery in order to participate, it was not easy to win, so Noah set off, so that the three of us had a meeting.
  If you are three people, you must have my teacher. Because Noah often leads the team for high school students from China, San Francisco has been revisited many times, so a few people found a halal street and went to eat mutton steamed buns, Xi’an noodles, and fried dough sticks. Warm up. Kerouac specifically mentions fog intensifying hunger—“the sea of ​​joyous fog always rushes in at night, making all people hungry for food and more excited”.
  Because of excitement, I ordered double fried dough sticks again. The vermicelli is really delicious, I picked it up for Noah and I and ate it all, but there was still some flatbread left, and Noah was still eating the flatbread in the car the next day.
  ”On the Road” also has a lot of scenes about eating, that is, hungry, because there is no money, so a group of people always have their first meal but not the next. Why do they do this? This is the answer I want to pursue this time. Although I already know it, it is the words of the critics. The hotel we stayed in was at the Red Lion in the small town of Carmel, not far from the starting point, but it was stipulated that everyone would take the bus to the starting line collectively, so I was responsible for putting Xiao Ge and Noah at the bus location first, and then returning to park .
  After dinner, it was ten o’clock in the evening when I returned to my room. The next morning I had to report to the starting line at four o’clock, and I had to get up after three o’clock. If I recognized the bed, I basically didn’t need to sleep. Horse racing in the outer city is good, but getting up early is not good, especially if you get up early like this. Noah seems to have long been used to it, she has fallen asleep, and there is a small snoring sound. I saw her wearing leggings, sleeping in it, jumping up and walking, and pinning her race number on the head of the bed—it was really well-trained.
  The next morning, Xiao Ge came to knock on the door as scheduled. He was so punctual. If he had accepted the bed, he wouldn’t have slept much, and it was really hard to drive all the way.

  The sky was dark and the night was quiet. Xiaoge talked about the last experience. He came here at night, and the road was unknown when it was dark. He found a Starbucks and rubbed the Internet to find his way. It was the same house. Now he’s pointing us to the same Starbucks, and we’ll meet here after the game.
  After seeing them off, I found a place to park the car and saw the buses parked next to them, so I hesitated to get on the first bus and took the first seat in the first row. By the window, you can see the sparks outside.
  Racers came one after another, and the bus quickly filled up. Sitting next to me was a woman in her 60s who came from Arizona and her daughter came to participate in the game. The mother and daughter lived in a hotel not far from us. This is their second time here.
  After chatting and waiting like this, I hesitated to go to the toilet, but in the dark night, there seemed to be few shops open, and I thought that the car was about to leave, so I could go to the destination.
  But the bus will not open if you wait left and right. The other cars swayed away, and our number one car remained unmoved. The driver stood at the door and looked around nonchalantly.
  The moment of hesitation when I got into the car just now was that he looked a little strange. It seems that sometimes the sixth sense still has to be believed. In short, under the uneasy fluctuations of the whole car, the driver finally jumped into the car, started the engine, and put up the mobile phone. The Google map was displayed on it.
  This is to use mobile phone navigation ah. Can’t help but wonder, aren’t the drivers all locals? How many kilometers do you still need to navigate? The old beauty next to her understood it and said that many of them are volunteers. Although they are residents here, they are not necessarily more familiar than us. Speaking of which, we stared at the navigation, comforting ourselves that this is the only way, where can we go wrong? Because I drove here the day before, I also checked it at the starting line, and now there is another car leading the way in front of this car, so I think there should be no problem with the driver.
  Facts are sometimes just like the English proverb: Throw a curve ball – a branch outside the festival, that is, the driver even took a detour when he arrived at the destination, without the intention of stopping. A car of people watched other cars turn down the mountain road to the starting line they saw earlier. The people in the car couldn’t sit still.
  Where are you taking us? Some people were half-joking and half-serious.
  Aren’t you going to run a marathon? The driver is also very serious.
  It’s a half marathon. If we want to run a full marathon, wouldn’t we take the bus to the starting point of the full marathon? The people in the car were not to be outdone.
  Getting up early is not meant to be late. said the man behind the driver.
  It seems that we are not tossing enough. The old beauty next to me complained.
  Because this road is the only road, and there is no room for turning around on a one-way line. If you miss it, you can only drive forward, keep driving forward, and the further you go, the farther away, the people in the car are also restless.
  Finally, the driver couldn’t help it and said, I promise to drive you to the right place, okay?
  After driving for more than half an hour, I finally saw an open space ahead, a lot of people and cars. Go ask first, the driver is still not sure. Opening the door, he asked the person standing there loudly: Is this a full marathon or a half marathon?
  The man seemed to be confused by the question, and looked around for a while, so he had to ask the other people around him.
  The old beauties sitting in the car are really going to go crazy. God, is there such a volunteer? Is there no one to train it? Do you even have to ask others to know where you are?
  Amid the anger, everyone noticed a large strip outside the car window, which read: The starting point of the Big Sur International Marathon.
  Confirmed, this is the starting point of the marathon (full marathon).
  I remembered going to the race headquarters to get materials and sportswear the day before, and this label was everywhere, with the letters of Big Sur in yellow under the blue sky. It seems that we really have a relationship with the marathon, and we have to take another look at it no matter what. The people in the car muttered, watching the people below happily take pictures.
  At this point, the driver turned his head and headed home, pulling a car of people back.
  It was still dark outside, and under the Big Sur sky, there was only a flicker of lights at the starting line.
  finally reached the correct starting point. The group of people got off the bus in a row, and I hurried to find the toilet. Just now, the driver was stuck in the wrong place, and now I think the best place in the world is the toilet.
  Fortunately, there are not many people in the toilet, and it is still clean. This mobile toilet is simple and convenient, but it is not suitable for long-term use. When I was about to start, when I turned back and ran a second time, someone had already covered their noses. Didn’t someone say that in the movie, there are thousands of people in the big war scene. Has anyone thought about the problem of going to the toilet? Isn’t it a realistic and urgent problem how to use the toilet for so many people? Fortunately, the organizers are experienced in this regard. Austin is so hot in summer, and the simple toilet on the running road has a slight smell. Someone will come to clean it soon, and it will smell refreshing and pleasant when passing by. This is off topic.
  Speaking of horse racing, while waiting for the start, there will be food and drinks to enjoy, and some people will lead you to do yoga and stretch your limbs. Under the night, a sea of ​​people stretching their waists can be regarded as a landscape.
  The sky slowly turned white, and the early morning of Big Sur in April slowly unfolded around him. The Big Sur Marathon deserves to have many years of experience in organizing, and doing stretching yoga before running is very good. In addition, there is a collective storage place for clothes, so that people can travel lightly, and after the run, they can get their belongings back by the number at the finish line.
  In the morning fog in Big Sur, the runners started their journey.
  There is a saying: If you want to run, go for a mile or two; if you want to experience another life, go for a marathon. What’s the meaning? Just run a mile or two at will. If you really want to experience it, you still have to run a marathon.
  On the mountain road, the land of Big Sur truly stretches underfoot. Stepping on the running shoes, the black and white pebbles on the asphalt are so real. You are measuring step by step, stroking the earth and mountains with your footsteps. The places that I drove by yesterday, are now passing by. The small flowers on the roadside are also so close, and patches of yellow wildflowers sway across the field. If you want to stop and smell it, you can.
  After running for real, my mood also became relaxed. Thinking of the experience of riding in the car ahead, why is the people in a car so nervous is also a kind of expression of modern people. Worrying about being late, in fact, if you don’t care about your grades and just simply run, maybe you won’t have so many worries? Then the question comes, to expand, is the journey of life if you don’t care about winning or losing, can you reach another realm?
  The scenery in the canyon makes you think that you are in the scene of the movie “Avatar”. The green grass is like a felt, and every hill is full of green and fluffy spirits, occasionally mixed with pink and orange flowers surrounded by green. The dreamy seaside meadow that suddenly spreads upwards, where cows graze gracefully, and the endless blue Pacific Ocean stretches out in the background.
  Like Kerouac’s portrayal in “Big Sur”: always remember the day by the creek in Big Sur, but not the day MGM bought the book he wrote.

  Walking into the blue misty night of Monterey, I felt as light as a feather and as happy as a millionaire. It’s really beautiful here, especially if you look up to the north, you can see the infinitely vast coastline winding and long, and the inland mountains are dreaming beautifully under the quietly floating clouds.
  No wonder Henry Miller is obsessed with it. Someone asked Henry Miller what Big Sur had? He answered, nothing but nature. But he spent almost the rest of his life here. Yesterday we went to his memorial library specially to see it, but unfortunately it was closed. A few people looked in through the gap in the fence and saw nothing but the forest. Noah cleverly turned the “Closed” sign at the door to “Open”, and then took a picture with Kacha.
  I think Henry Miller would be delighted to see this. This is very in line with his concept, that is, he ignores that set of things, and specifically fights against the so-called tradition. The so-called:
  taboo, in the final analysis, is just a remnant of history, something that some people with broken heads came up with. You might say, it’s something that some horrible people came up with, who lacked the courage to live but lived sanctimoniously, and wanted to impose these things on us.
  This is the excitement that a great soul can bring to people. Get rid of your doubts, face the world, and face yourself.
  On the sign at the entrance of the Henry Miller Museum is a passage of his words:
  ”Develop an interest in life as you see fit, the people, the things, literature, music…” translated into Chinese is:
  ”According to your preferences Develop interests, whether it’s things, or people you associate with, the world is so rich, rich treasures, beautiful souls and interesting people. Forget yourself.”
  Forget yourself, I think it means don’t live for the sake of living.
  To say who of their group is the most enviable, it is Henry Miller. Because he not only wrote masterpieces, but also very handsome, and he lived a long life. He lived to be in his 90s. The key is to live until he is old and gentle.
  When it comes to clinking poverty, their group is basically connected to hunger. In Henry Miller’s Tropic of Cancer, everything is related to food. Look at his metaphors – “embroidering language on the bowels of the earth”, “thyroid-like eyes, Michelin-like lips, and a voice like pea soup”.
  Big Sur is definitely the hardest in terms of difficulty. Because it is all mountain roads, and it is a winding mountain road. Looking from a distance, the mountain road winds in the mountain stream, and the slope rises in grades and then rises.
  Seeing the winding mountain road rising in a trapezoid shape in the distance, I couldn’t help but gasped. Are you asking for hardship? I am reminded of the joke some people made yesterday while driving to explore the road.
  Like Henry Miller, who is out of ammunition and hungry, he still has to write, only to write, because nothing else can move his heart. If people’s life is divided into spiritual, physical and social aspects, then they undoubtedly put the spirit above all others, and they are open and sincere.
  Anyone who wants to say anything can say it here, no signature required. We want to describe our time in detail. The world will depend on our books for the next thousand years, and it’s all-encompassing.
  Listening to my own footsteps on the road in the mountains, I was thinking wildly in my mind.
  I’ve simplified everything…I’m throwing all my money away, what’s the use of my money? I am a writing machine that works with the last screw on. There is no gap between me and the machine. I am the machine…
  I am the machine. I only need to move forward step by step under my feet. The accumulation of small amounts of money is a long way to go. As long as I move forward one step at a time, I will reach my destination.
  In the former residence of Henry Miller, a few people leaned on the fence and looked in, and saw a pair of mannequins in wedding costumes standing in the courtyard against the green grass of the mountains, much like Dickens’ novel “Great Expectations”. In the deserted garden, the immortal bride escapes from marriage.
  Noah hisses, Creepy. It’s scary.
  Think of Anais Nin, the confidante Miller met in Paris. Anais married a wealthy husband and was a writer herself. She knew that writing had to be backed by money. She supports Miller’s writing with money and love.
  Miller later recalled Paris and summed it up in one sentence: “I have no money, no resources, no hopes. I am the happiest man alive.” — Spring without money, tears, and hope, is the world’s the happiest person.
  It can only be said that the greatness of love and the greatness of human nature. Anes admires Miller and thinks that he can write and is talented. This is enough. As long as there is one person in the world who sincerely praises you, no matter what you do, you will be happy. . In short, there was a time when Miller really wanted to marry her, but of course not, Luo Fu had a husband. So, aren’t the men and women in wedding attire in the yard not Miller’s yearning?
  Of course, he doesn’t need an illusion. He himself said that he is the happiest person in the world, with a stable marriage, children around his knees, and a strong physique. In the photo of Miller in the display column of the former residence, he is wearing a T-shirt, with a refined body and a neat bald head, old and handsome.
  Pass the most famous bridge in Big Sur. Bixby Bridge (Bixby Bridge) This bridge is a classic place for the marathon, known as the Golden Gate Bridge in Big Sur. When I passed by the day before, it took a few seconds in the car, but now I am straddling the bridge step by step. In the picture, I was attracted by the mighty scene of this bridge. The blue background is the sea and the blue sky. The single-hole stone-gray bridge is between the valleys. There are harp-like hollow vertical holes on both sides. You can step on it and feel the 1930s. creation and history.
  At this time, a piano suddenly appeared at the end of the bridge. The black grand piano fell on the cliff like a big bird, which was a pleasant surprise. The piano sounded, lingering in the valley, the pianist sat in front of the piano, playing with all his heart, his black tuxedo lined with a white shirt, and his black hair matched his young and handsome face. Um, is this a show? When did running become entertainment? Or is running an entertainment in itself?
  Passers-by like this kind of scene, why are they so serious? Isn’t it a marathon? They pose, follow the music, and snap photos in front of the valley against the backdrop of the piano.
  The sound of the piano is empty, the melody is high, and the romance is galloping. Later, I searched for this pianist curiously, but it turned out to be a little famous, Michael Martinez, the queen pianist of the Big Sur Marathon, who has been playing for ten years. That is to say, in the past ten years, he has played against the mountains and rivers many times in this valley. Interestingly, this is also a piano marathon for him. Because he wanted every runner who ran past to hear this moving melody, high-five, or praise, he played for two and a half hours, which was really a marathon piano performance.

  On the left-hand side of the quiet Pacific Ocean, the white waves hit the coastline, unchanged from time immemorial.
  Suddenly the word freedom came to mind. Yes, running is a kind of freedom.
  It was not easy to find the pianist. He had to arrive at the scene ahead of time, at the top of the bridge, set up the piano and tune it. There is a video recording that a group of people will arrive at the scene after five in the morning. It is cold in the morning. The pianist jumps on the ground to keep warm, and sometimes plays the piano directly with gloves on.
  Big Sur is very cold this season. He has been sitting all the time, so naturally he feels colder. Of course runners run hotter. Everyone who ran by had red faces, and they steamed up to the piano to take pictures with him. He smiled while playing, and took pictures with him. Playing like this for two and a half hours was truly the spirit of a marathon piano playing.
  As soon as I stepped on the bridge that day, I heard the melodious piano sound first, and I was a little surprised, because I didn’t know there was such an arrangement. When he ran to the bridge, he saw the figure of the pianist. The white collar and cuffs of the black hair and black clothes showed him a little melancholy. The water vapor of the sea tide and the mist of the mountains lingered around him, and a man and a piano stood on the top of the mountain. The sound is beautiful and melodious, echoing in the sky above the sea. The white waves were inlaid at the foot of the valley like silver, and they beat the shore one after another, and the sound of the slap disappeared in the sound of the piano.
  A sudden feeling. What are we afraid of?
  Running on the mountain road, you can see the rugged Big Sur coast in the distance, winding up the high slopes one after another. Just like the Buddha in “Journey to the West” told you in advance that the journey to get scriptures from the West has to go through nine to eighty-one calamities, so why don’t you go? To run that hill, and then another hill, will you be scared first? Still in awe, go ahead?
  Honestly, there are. It just feels difficult, seeing so many mountains one after another, who wouldn’t be discouraged? Good thing we did. There is also a similarity between writing and running. Writing requires writing word by word. Running is also similar. As long as you keep running, you will reach the end. Writing may be alone, as is running. But marathons are collective, individual individuals appear in the collective, and you can see other runners around you. I met several people on the road, and they were always on the same level. After running for a while, they were familiar with each other. It was like saying that this person also had the same pace as himself. And that’s okay, because it doesn’t take long for the person who passed you to stop to drink water to tie their shoelaces, or even slow down to walk, so you pass him again. The so-called life is a marathon is also in this, do not care about the situation in front of you, there will always be scenery along the way.
  Here comes the man who delivers the strawberries. Fresh and red strawberries, the sweetness of eating energy gel all the way just now has finally been resolved. With the greeting of “On the Road”, Kerouac’s strawberry picking scene came to mind.
  Some people say that “On the Road” is for young people to watch, and whoever is still on the road in seven or eighty years is called over-thinking. Who said that only young people have courage in life? Are middle-aged and old-aged people destined to work hard to survive?
  What are we afraid of? Whether Henry Miller or Kerouac, they have nowhere to live, are starving but still write and write, what do they want to tell us?
  Running on the mountain road, these thoughts are like the steps under your feet.
  Stopped to take pictures with the pianist, and everyone passing by stopped to take pictures. Relieve the fatigue and feel the good times, because running on the mountain road is not easy, plus there is a time limit, I can’t help but feel anxious. The melodious sound of the piano seems to have awakened a certain emotion in my heart, which is common and consensus. Running is hard work, and running a marathon is a collection of hard work.
  Life is hard. If the mountain road is the epitome, then all the uphills are destined, all the downhills are rewards for you, and you are happy to run. Whether it is the flying of footsteps or the flying of thoughts, being able to think and run is a great happiness in life. Because you are independent, because you are free.
  So: on the road, we are forever young and always tearful.

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