Slovenia lake island, two bronze bells resonate for love

  At the foot of the Alps about 50 kilometers away from Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, lies a beautiful fairy lake like a fairy tale. This fantastic lake is called Lake Bled. On the island in the center of the lake, the most eye-catching building is a Baroque building – the Cathedral of the Virgin Mary, which is one of the most beautiful churches in the world. Wedding Holy Land!
  In addition to enjoying the beautiful scenery, they have the opportunity to personally pull the rope and ring a large bell in the Church of the Virgin Mary. Whenever the resounding bell echoes between heaven and earth, there is another bell at the bottom of Lake Bled, which seems to be responding to it, like a pair of lovers echoing each other affectionately! This custom of ringing the bell to make a wish has always been favored by couples, because the history dates back more than 500 years ago, and there is a tear-jerking story left on the bronze bell of the Huxin Island Church!
  Hard work to build the fairy island on earth
  In 1572, the Austrian Habsburg royal family, which ruled the vast area of ​​central Europe, had an infighting. In order to avoid this court battle, a young nobleman, Fminger, left Vienna with his wife Lisa, and came to live on the shore of Lake Bled after being instructed by a friend. The couple hired a wooden boat, sailed across the rippling lake, and boarded the island in the heart of Lake Bled, which is like a fairyland.
  Knowing that it was a visit from the royal family, Pastor Sangfu, who was in charge of the Virgin Mary Church on the island in the heart of the lake, greeted them warmly, and led the Fominger couple to visit the buildings on the island. What makes the couple feel the fly in the ointment is that although the tallest Virgin Mary Church here has not been built for a long time, the external decoration and internal facilities are too rudimentary, and it really cannot match the beautiful island in the center of the lake.
  When the couple asked about the reason, Pastor Sangfu reluctantly told them that the Roman Catholic emperor had limited funding, so the church could only be built in haste. As devout Christians, Fominger and Lisa have heard Pastor Sangfu’s hardships, and they unanimously said: “We have a lot of savings in our hands, and we are willing to donate them to continue to repair the church, and we must make it the most beautiful building here. !”
  Because the Fmingjie couple donated a lot of money in the name of the royal family, a group of skilled craftsmen came to the island in the middle of the lake. Under their diligent transformation, the Church of the Virgin Mary has been extensively expanded and renovated, and the rest of the island’s buildings have been transformed into baroque castles and named Fort Bled.
  The Fomingers live happily in this castle on the cliffs of the coast. In their spare time, the couple often stand on the high and steep bank, overlooking the green lake with the same color as the water and the sky. Fominger told his wife Lisa that, with this unique paradise, he never wanted to go back to Vienna’s lifeless palace. Lisa applauded her husband’s idea: “If you can spend every day here in peace, it’s really worth your life!”
  Fumingjie agreed with his wife, and he was determined to continue to build the island in the center of the lake. After careful decoration, in just a few years, the entire lake island was covered with lush vegetation, with flowers blooming everywhere and colorful. In order to facilitate other people to visit and experience life on the island in the center of the lake, the couple specially created a spindle-shaped wooden boat similar to the island in the center of the lake. Lisa named this wooden boat “pletnas” ingeniously.
  Since then, the traditional way of transporting tourists in this wooden boat has continued to this day. People take the “pletnas” to first land on the island in the middle of the lake, and then climb the forest corridor paved with 99 white stone steps, which twists and turns to reach the Church of the Virgin Mary and Bled Castle. The Fomingers played with the people, and sometimes invited the Reverend Sanf to join them.
  If it wasn’t for the intentional introduction of Reverend Sanfu, perhaps people would never have known that the approachable Fominger was actually the younger brother of the current Austrian emperor, and Lisa was the daughter of the chancellor of the Austrian court.
  The Fomingers spent six years happily on the island in the heart of the lake. In the seventh year, the court envoy from Vienna came to the door and conveyed the will of the Austrian emperor: Ferminger should go back to assist the royal family and serve as a high-ranking official in charge of national diplomacy. Forminger, tired of the intriguing bureaucracy, sent the envoy away.
  The arrogant Austrian emperor saw that his own younger brother Feminjie was not appreciative, full of anger, and ordered the deprivation of Feminjie’s royal title and cessation of salary treatment. Feminjie didn’t mind this and comforted his wife confidently and said, “It doesn’t matter, the land on the island in the middle of the lake is fertile and suitable for growing melons, fruits and vegetables. As long as we are more diligent, eating and dressing will not be a problem.
  ” From then on, the Jie couple gave up their status as royal aristocrats and started farming like ordinary commoners. Although it was very hard work, Fumingjie jokingly said to his wife: “It’s good to work, not only to experience happiness, but also to make us both live longer. How many times stronger are the sick nobles in the Vienna court!”
  Fumingjie used his savings to make expenses, and he also opened several handicraft workshops in other places. Because of his wise mind and honest management, he quickly earned his first pot of gold. In order to make the flowers and trees on the island in the center of the lake more beautiful, Fominger tried every means to introduce a batch of peony seeds from the east, and opened up what is known as the first peony garden in Europe on the island in the center of the lake.
  Strictly righteous, rejecting unreasonable demands
  Under the careful cultivation of the Fumingjie couple, in the first year, the peonies bloomed in full bloom. Unexpectedly, in the second year, the peony flowers in the garden gradually withered and died before they could grow. The gardener reluctantly gave the answer: “Like people, flowers will not adapt to the soil and water. If they fail to withstand the test of environmental changes, they will die on their own!”
  Lisa saw that her beloved peony garden became deserted, Couldn’t help crying sadly. In order to comfort his wife, Fominger picked out the most vivid one from the peony portraits and hung it on the wall of the Church of the Virgin Mary.
  Later, with the passage of time, the peony portraits at that time were basically lost, and only this one was preserved. It is said that during the Second World War, Nazi Germany once sent people to ask for this painting, but the descendants of the priest Sangfu, who was in charge of the church, risked their lives to deal with the Nazis, and finally this painting failed to fall into the clutches of the fascists.
  One day, a group of guests were welcomed on the island in the heart of the lake. Among them, a middle-aged man with a foreign accent told Fominger through a hired interpreter that his name was Paul and that he was a painting lover. In addition to visiting the Church of the Virgin Mary and Bled Castle this time, he came to Lake Heart Island. , the main time is used for on-site sketching and painting.
  Fominger entertained guests from afar and discussed art with Paul. Looking at the splendid Virgin Mary Church and other buildings, Paul was extremely excited and exclaimed: “It’s so beautiful!”
  Paul suggested that Fominger should draw a complete floor plan that reflected the whole picture of the island in the center of the lake, and Fominger happily expressed his support . Paul then lived on the island for more than a month, and finally drew the entire floor plan.
  It is just that Fominger is quite puzzled that Paul actually left without saying goodbye, but also took away the floor plan. Fominger told his wife Lisa about this strange thing, and Lisa felt uneasy: This foreigner named Paul usually has mysterious and strange activities. Is it as simple as stealing a picture?
  Three months later, the officials in charge of diplomacy in Vienna, the capital of Austria, came to the island in the heart of the lake, and the Fuminger couple were surprised to find the answer. It turned out that Paul, who had a dual identity, was not only an art lover, but also a spy for the ruler of the Ottoman Turkish Empire, the Sultan.

  After the rise of the Turkic Empire from the Asia Minor peninsula, in order to expand its territory, it extended the claws of aggression to the fertile and vast European land. The ambitious sultan wanted to build an ideal place for a convalescent vacation in Europe, so he gave the task to Paul. So Paul came to the island in the center of Lake Bled under the name of painting and sketching.
  After a detailed survey, Paul selected this island in the middle of the lake on the border between Austria and Turkey. Moreover, he dedicated the pictures such as the plane map of the island in the center of the lake and the Church of the Virgin Mary to the sultan, and suggested that the resplendent cathedral should be transformed into a mosque in the future for the sultan and the royal family to worship. The sultan then sent a diplomatic mission to Vienna and directly requested the Austrian emperor to cede the area of ​​​​the island of the lake to the Turkish Empire.
  In the face of the aggressive Turkish diplomatic corps, the Austrian royal family, who has experienced internal strife, knows that the country is weak and border defenses are lax.
  Therefore, some timid nobles encouraged the emperor to simply accept the request of the Turkish embassy and let the small place called Huxin Island go.
  When Fominger heard that the Austrian emperor was going to give the island in the middle of the lake to the Turkish sultan, he said angrily: “Although the island in the middle of the lake is small, it is the sacred and inseparable land of the Austrian country, and must not agree to the unreasonable request of the sultan!
  ” On the day Mingjie returned to Vienna with the diplomats, he met his elder brother, the emperor, to state his interests: “Island in the heart of the lake cannot be tolerated. If the sultan dares to invade, we will fight with the enemy to the end!” The emperor heard his younger brother Fumingjie After making a generous statement, he still shook his head with a sad face: “I heard that the Turkish Sultan has a million army, and he has long coveted the vast land of Europe. Once the war starts, can it be done with the power of Austria alone?”
  Fominjie replied sternly: “Although I have not been in the palace these few years, I have also heard about the extortion and extortion of the Turkish Sultan against other European countries. As long as all the European countries opposed to the Sudan form a coalition, they will be able to show off against the enemy! ”
  Seeing Fominger’s resolute attitude, the Austrian emperor’s courage suddenly grew stronger, and he instructed the diplomats to send a note to the Turkish embassy: “All countries are equal, so Austria will never cede land for nothing!” The Turkish embassy left angrily, and Fominje knew that the relationship between the two countries was completely broken and an inevitable war was coming. Fominger struggles to persuade his brother to restore his royal title so that he can justifiably command an army to defend the territory.
  Two bronze bells, praying for eternal love On the one hand,
  Fominger quickly contacted other European countries to form an anti-Turkish alliance; on the other hand, he took time to return to the island in the middle of the lake. Wife Lisa learned that there was going to be a war around the island in the heart of the lake, so her husband made up his mind to ask Ying to go on an expedition, and she couldn’t help but feel deeply worried.
  Seeing that his wife’s face became very haggard, Fu Mingjie temporarily put down his official duties and stayed with his wife. They looked at the solemn and solemn Church of the Virgin Mary together. Reverend Sanfu prayed devoutly every day, and sincerely hoped that the Austrian army would triumph and save this beautiful and poetic island from war.
  Fominger repeatedly enlightened his wife: “I don’t want to get involved in politics, I just want to live a stable and free life with you, but the greedy enemy wants to invade the land under our feet, even an ordinary civilian will burn in his chest. A blazing patriotic flame! In order to defend my homeland, I must take up arms and devote myself to this war. After defeating the enemy, I will come back here again, and let the island in the heart of the lake become the most beautiful place for us to spend our lives!”
  Lisa actually I understand the patriotism of my husband, and I also think of the worst result, that is, the husband may devote himself to the country. When she expressed her worries with all her heart, Fominger smiled slightly: “If my blood is spilled on the battlefield, you can buy a big bell for the Church of the Virgin Mary, as long as the bell is loud and clear Ringing, I will definitely hear it in heaven…”
  Lisa heard her husband’s words, tears streaming down uncontrollably. According to the locals, the bell in the church is the best signal between long-lost couples. If one party thinks of a distant partner, they will ring the big bell with their own hands. At this time, the long ringing of the bell will convey good wishes to the sweetheart.
  Lisa clearly knew that her husband just wanted to keep the best way to comfort himself, and he was about to put on his armor and charge for the country.
  The development of the matter was just as Fominger expected. The sultan of the Turkish Empire failed to ask for the island in the middle of the lake. He became angry and launched a war outrageously. The European coalition forces headed by Austria were standing by, and hit the enemy several times.
  Sudan refused to give up and continued to deploy reinforcements. The two sides stopped and stopped on the border, making the war a standoff. In order to prevent Turkish spies from infiltrating the island in the center of the lake again, Fominger selected dozens of soldiers to be specially responsible for guarding, not only to protect the safety of his wife Lisa, but also to ensure that buildings such as the Church of the Virgin Mary are not damaged by the enemy. During the arduous war years, Fominger wrote letters to Lisa many times, telling his wife that although he was relieved, the army under his command won consecutive victories and would eventually defeat the Turkish Sultan.
  Of course, Lisa also wrote affectionate letters to her husband, saying that she is full of confidence in the future and still has an incomparably persistent love for life. In the days when her husband was not around, Lisa worked hard and continued to dress up and adorn the beautiful island in the middle of the lake with sweat.
  In Lisa’s anticipation day and night, the war has been going on for nine years. One day at noon, while Lisa was tending the flowers and plants in the flowerbed, she suddenly saw Pastor Sangfu walking over with an official document, and her face was full of tears.
  Lisa had never seen the naturally optimistic Pastor Sangfu look like this, and her heart couldn’t help pounding: “Mr. Pastor, what’s the matter?” Trembling and handing it to Lisa. Lisa took a closer look and suddenly fainted with a loud cry. It turned out that this was an obituary, and the content was that the brave Prince Fominger was unfortunately shot and killed in the fierce battle to seize the enemy’s position. The body has been transported to Vienna to be buried with other fallen generals.
  A year later, Lisa, who gradually came out of the incomparable grief, took out the savings that the two of them had saved, and ordered a beautiful bronze bell from other places, ready to be transported to the Church of the Virgin Mary on the island in the middle of the lake.
  Lisa did this in accordance with the naive prophecy left by her husband before her death, hoping that the moment she rang the big bell with her own hands, her husband in the kingdom of heaven would hear it. Lisa also expects that when the resounding bell echoes between heaven and earth, she will pray that there will never be war in the world, and that all loving partners will grow old happily.
  Unexpectedly, after the bronze bell was shipped by the “pletnas” wooden boat on the shore of Lake Bled and set sail, it encountered an unprecedented gale in the middle, causing it to sink to the bottom of the lake. Lisa fell ill after hearing the news. Despite the doctors’ efforts, Lisa murmured her husband’s name and stopped breathing forever.
  When the Pope heard the poignant story of the Fominger couple, he could not help but be deeply moved. So he made another 178kg bronze bell with personal investment and donated it to the Church of the Virgin Mary. Since then, there have been two magical bronze bells in the Lake Bled area, one sank at the bottom of the lake and the other hung with ropes in the Church of the Virgin Mary.
  In today’s increasingly popular tourism industry, in order to experience the charm of the love story left by Fominger and Lisa, an endless stream of tourists will go to the island in the heart of the lake and ring the bronze bell in the Church of the Virgin Mary in person. It is said that while the big bell is ringing, the echo of another bell will be faintly heard from the bottom of the lake. Let’s pray together that the beautiful love will last forever!