Poor Emily Jensen

  Everyone feels sorry for Emily Jensen. She married an alcoholic, what kind of life did she live? Of course, she never said anything, but the whole town knew how her husband treated her. What a pity! How many times can a man stumble down the stairs of a wine cellar? It’s hard for anyone to live here in this barren, sandy New England town with fickle weather, but everyone feels sorry for Emily Jensen — even if they can’t do anything about it.
  Magistrate and hardware store owner Bob Martin has a harder heart than most. Thinking back to when Emily was still pretty, he always wanted to marry her, but Emily’s father forced his daughter to marry Jensen because Jensen promised to stay and help him on the farm, and he would not accept wages. Jensen is hard-working and has no complaints, waiting patiently for his father-in-law to return, dreaming about the cash box full of cash. Ugh! That old guy can’t do farm work, let alone be a man. He is a liar! He left behind a lot of debt.
  Jensen has been drinking since the day of the wake, and has a “won’t stop unless I’m in the grave” attitude.
  Emily doesn’t have children, which should be a good thing. Her only friend is a cat. Jason kicked it every chance he got, threatened to drown it, burn it, and torture it, because he liked seeing Emily devastated by his brutality. Years of abuse had left Emily numb, and the frontal attack from Jensen had done almost zero damage to Emily. She stopped crying when she was beaten, the last time Jensen nearly beat her to death. Although he was always drunk, he knew he had to be careful not to kill anyone, so if he caught him, the cat would suffer.
  That cat never left Emily, and Emily never left Jensen, both of which are a mystery. Well-meaning people in the town think that the cat loves Emily and knows she needs his love. Now that Emily has the cat, there’s a reason people don’t see her as often, and it also avoids the risk of being scorned by Jensen. Jensen was a little more polite to the townspeople than to his wife. “Emily is not alone, she has a cat with her,” people console themselves.
  Occasionally, if Jensen doesn’t kick it too hard, the cat will give birth to a few scrawny kittens, but they don’t live long – Jensen happily handles them as soon as he finds them Lost.
  One year, Emily was overjoyed to find out that the cat had given birth to five kittens. She hurriedly hid them from Jensen’s discovery. The father of these kittens must have been some pampered tomcat in town, for the two marmalade kittens and the three tabby kittens were all healthy, among all the kittens that poor tabby mother had ever had. Belongs to the fattest group.
  Emily has never been happier in recent years. Whenever Jensen went to town on errands or fell asleep after drinking, she slipped into the barn and played with God’s gift for a while. One night Emily was in the barn feeding her weaning kitten some tough steak left over from dinner when Jason came back in a worse mood than usual, and I’m afraid it won’t be better for a while. . He rushed to the barn to find Emily, only to find her feeding the kittens there.
  The last thing Emily sees is a wine bottle slamming into her head.
  She woke up the next morning, her vision a little blurry under the severe pain. She grabbed the post of the four-poster bed and struggled, feeling her hand touch something furry, and looked closely, the tabby mother cat and three kittens were hanging on the four bedposts, the breeze from the window blew, but they Not moving.
  Emily went out of the bedroom to milk the cows and prepare firewood for the stove. The stove was out because no one was adding wood. Jason lay on the floor in the living room, snoring loudly after drinking. She stepped over cautiously. If she was lucky, Jensen would sleep until noon.
  After Emily buried the cat in the garden, she went to work for the day. She was slow but firm like an ascetic, as she had been for years. There is always work to do on the farm: sowing, weeding, preparing pickles and bacon for winter. She can always find things to save Gu Ying’s self-pity when she is idle.
  On Sunday, Emily did not go to church. So a neighbor stopped by her house on Monday to see if everything was okay. After all these years of living with Jensen, one thing Emily has always insisted on is going to church. For eighteen years, she has never missed a church service. Emily thanked her neighbors for their concern, saying she didn’t go to church yesterday because Jensen didn’t come home Saturday night, and she began to worry about whether something had happened to him. She said he sometimes drank a little too much. When she said this, she seemed to be revealing a secret that no one knew. She hoped that the poor man hadn’t broken his leg and was lying somewhere. She said she had searched the five-hectare forest and two pastures, but found no one. She didn’t know what to do next.
  This neighbor knows. She immediately reported the news of Jensen’s disappearance to Bob Martin, while adding her own opinion: It’s a good thing without Jensen, Emily and the entire civilized world are saved.
  Bob immediately organized a team to search, but in fact his enthusiasm was not too high. They later found a battered hat, an empty wine bottle (the kind of cheap wine that the missing person liked), and that was enough evidence. Everyone said there was quicksand in the swamp beside the hat and bottle, and that Jensen drank too much poor whisky and got caught in the quicksand, and no one doubted that speculation. A week later, a boot emerged from the swamp, and without hesitation, the coroner announced that Jensen had died unexpectedly.
  Emily, the widow, kept her past suffering deep in her heart and never said a bad word about Jensen, much to the disappointment of the ladies in town who thought they would finally have a chance to hear Emily. Detailing the tragic life she and Jensen lived together.
  Emily continued to run the farm, taking care of the two surviving kittens, Xiao Huang and Xiao Ju. She even planted some flowers. This was unthinkable before, because Jensen always thought that planting flowers was a waste of time and a waste of time. Emily erected a simple but meaningful monument in front of Jensen’s tomb, with the letters “Jason” and “The people are gone, the sound is still there”. It was a single-hole tomb, but the people in the town were very knowledgeable, and no one broke it. The cemetery said that Emily told him this: Her mother said before her death that she wanted her daughter to be buried next to her in a hundred years, and there was only one place left in her mother’s cemetery, so it would not be given to Jensen – even if he if the remains can be found.
  After a short period of time, Bob Martin’s car began to show up next to the farm, saying “see how Emily is doing”. The two got married quietly in less than a year, and everyone said that the bride was beautiful.
  The farm was then sold to someone else, but Emily brought the two kittens into their new home. She said she owed them because they had helped her through a difficult time. Bob didn’t mind at all, because Emily was impeccably good, and he couldn’t refuse any of her requests, especially after Emily gave birth to twins within a year of marriage, he was more than willing to. With those two cats, Bob says, there are no mice in the pantry; the cats can also play with the kids. In addition, it is very likely that with those two cats, even the fox dare not go to the chicken coop, because they are the biggest male cats the townspeople have ever seen.
  ”How did you feed them, they grew so big?” Bob asked one day, watching the two marmalade-colored male cats catch pigeons on the balcony.
  ”Meat, darling, just meat,” Emily said. “It’s cheap ground meat.”
  ”Well, that old miser would let you feed the cat. Emily, I say so. Don’t be angry with him, Jason is not a generous person.”
  ”Ah, he, he is not that bad,” Emily smiled gently, “Actually, Xiao Huang and Xiao Ju like him quite a bit.”