My 10-day fasting experience in Thailand

  Although I am a woman who loves to eat, a recent trip to Thailand led me to make an extraordinary decision to fast. Because there is a kind of fitness that prevails locally, the so-called fasting therapy. It is said that Jesus, Moses, Muhammad, and Sakyamuni all fasted; Gandhi, Socrates, Plato, and Mark Twain also fasted. And Gandhi once said: “Fasting in the true sense is a purification of one’s body, mind and spirit.”
  Departing from Melbourne, Australia, after a day’s flight, I arrived at the Oasis Resort in Koh Samui, Thailand. At the time, my skin was dry and pale, my body was fat from eating too much, and my eyes were dull. I signed up for a 10-day fasting treatment, and despite paying $1,000, I still hoped from the bottom of my heart that my body would improve.
  The locals call periodic fasting “purification”. During the fasting period, the resort provides a variety of supplements: vitamins, minerals, herbs, as well as honey, lime tea and light juices to maintain the body’s blood sugar levels and help suppress hunger; while under the guidance of a professional doctor, Customers can further enhance the efficacy of fasting with some light, moderate exercise. Through fasting, you can remove the “garbage” in the digestive organs and do a “clean-up” of the internal organs of the whole body. When cleaned, the function of the gastrointestinal tract will be further enhanced. It is said that after 24-36 hours of fasting, the body will enter a state of detoxification. The various excretory organs (lungs, liver, kidneys, intestines, and skin) rely on a lot of sticky substances to remove toxins, and people feel powerless. But I swear that no matter what, I will stick to it.
  The third day was the defining moment of the treatment, and I’m glad I’ve reached the third day of my fast. At 8 am, I was already in the bathroom waiting for my colon hydrotherapy. The large intestine is a “warehouse” for storing human waste, and flushing it can speed up the entire detoxification process. After lying down on the spa, I found a small note on the ceiling that read: “Let the toxins go out”. I repeated the above words in silence, and seemed to have found a kind of strength. At this point, there were signs that I was beginning to feel sick: nausea, headache, dizziness…but I was still in good spirits.
  I was told to get rid of all distractions because they interfere with “the inner process”. With a good mental state, I seem to be gradually getting used to it. Feeling good, determined and more energetic than ever. I started to talk, laugh, and live a simple life. I enjoy walking breaks and talking reading and writing. Especially when I have a massage every day, I feel that all the distracting thoughts seem to be dissipated with the wind. The heart seems to have shed a layer of “skin” and glow with a new brilliance. Of course I know fasting is temporary. After 10 days, I’ll start eating again – a belief that is such a strong mental pillar of mine that it’s hard to imagine that I’d stick to fasting otherwise.
  Fasting naturally leads to weight loss, but weight loss is not the main purpose of fasting. The resort’s nutritionists reminded over and over again that weight loss wasn’t the key, and that fasting was a whole-body “cleansing” process. Human body, mind and spirit will be purified. Every year, there are some regular customers who have spent 355 days of unhealthy life, and after gaining a lot of weight, they come back for fasting treatment. It is unforgettable that different ages, different races, men and women, come to this resort to try multi-day “purification”. In the end, everyone’s skin glowed, eyes brightened, and teeth whiter. Among the companions was a 58-year-old Belgian Buddhist, a track and field athlete, who not only fasted but also insisted on jogging 10 kilometers a day to prepare for the Sydney Marathon.
  A sage once said: Anyone can fast, but only the wise know how to stop fasting. And the best way to end fasting is not to resume eating suddenly, but gradually. Eat some fruits and vegetables first, followed by carbohydrates and protein. On the last day of fasting, I had some disgusting liquids for breakfast: nourishing lime juice and oils.
  Dinner is the real end of fasting. Now that I can finally eat, I’m hungry, really hungry. Here comes the food: a plate of juicy watermelon slices.
  A fork, a nice stab through the thick flesh. Slowly put it in your mouth, chew, taste, swallow, fully enjoy every moment of eating fruit, and stay away from fasting – this is the healthier life I love more.