Men in nightmare

  In 2003, the famous American director Clint Eastwood directed Brian Helgerland’s adaptation of Dennis Lehan’s novel “Mystic River”, which is a successful American crime thriller. , was well received by film critics.
  ”Mystic River” is one of Clint Eastwood’s most outstanding masterpieces.
  Mystic River is a major American film, an irresistible masterpiece that touches on some of the most basic human emotions: love and hate, fear, revenge and disappointment. Director Clint Eastwood was full of confidence and tightly controlled the entire production process of the film. The film’s success and far-reaching implication is that it seamlessly combines these emotional factors. Undoubtedly, even if they exist alone, it is difficult to express, let alone express their combination.
  Mystic River is both a gripping, intricate crime drama (which involves sexual harassment and murder of children) and a disturbing but thought-provoking psychodrama (about how a nightmare of the past stretches out its destructive tentacles) affect current life). These two factors are not in conflict with each other but support and complement each other.
  It’s a mainstream movie from a major Hollywood company, but deals with embarrassing and gloomy subject matter that Hollywood usually manages to avoid.
  Meet six or seven main cast members – including Sean Payne, Tim Robbins, Kevin Bacon, Laurence Fishburne, Marcia Gay Harden and Laura Rinnai — for that matter, it’s their star carrier again, giving them a good role to remember. The producers carefully sought out even the tiniest actor with lines.
  When Lehan’s intricate novel was adapted into a film, the narrative was much simpler, and the story had a certain tendency to develop. Although the film respects the original book and uses key dialogue from the original novel, the adaptation of Mystic River is flawless and a model of classic directing style.
  Most admirably, “Mystic River” has Clint Eastwood — an older generation of cinematic masters who take their time, challenged, inspired, and inspired by this film material. Over the decades, he has tackled the subject of violence and masculinity and understands what they mean. Now he mustered up the courage to take the risk and become involved in a maelstrom of more somber and deeper emotions. “Mystic River” became his best directorial masterpiece since “The Unforgiven,” and arguably the most mature best picture of Eastwood’s film career.
  Everything comes from Lihan’s original novels with strong emotional colors but cherishing ink like gold. The novel is a major breakthrough after Lehan’s five novels about private detectives. “I started writing the novel Mystic River 10 years after I conceived it,” the writer said. Undoubtedly, this explains why the story of a novel is so intricate and nuanced from a psychological point of view. As a novel describing the police handling procedures, it has too much emotional color.
  The story takes place in difficult times – when “the worst things happen sometimes”. Lehan tells a story—one of life’s fatal contingencies: false suspicions, unresolved hatreds, lost opportunities and shattered misunderstandings… all of which add to an already complicated situation. But in fact, no one is pure and innocent in the story, everyone is an accomplice.
  Retribution for masculinity is the core of “Mystic River” that is both calm and boiling. “Mystic River” is a somber, mournful hymn of ritual violence, silent asceticism and native pride.
  In Eastwood’s 30-year career as a film director, let alone his acting career as a screen icon, he has delved into a group of old gunmen and old-fashioned values. His films often celebrate masculinity with a capital “M”. Now his “Mystic River” is not the first time he has explored the fundamental values ​​of loyalty, guilt, shame and strength. These factors appear in the violent culture of male clans, and the emotional tone is set too high. The film is still full of sadness, anger, and resonates with audiences.
  The film “Mystic River” is named after the location where the story takes place—a neighborhood in Boston. The film opens with three 11-year-old boys playing hockey on the street. Tired and restless, they began to carve their names on the wet cement that had been plastered on the sidewalk. The third boy, Dave, was taken away in a car by two men. He disappeared for four days and endured unspeakable brutality of sexual abuse until he narrowly escaped.
  Decades have passed. Jimmy (Sean Payne), Sean (Kevin Bacon) and Dave (Tim Robbins) still live on the same block but rarely see each other. After Jimmy’s 19-year-old daughter is murdered in a nearby park, Sean, now a police detective, reunites with two of his best childhood friends. Not only did he suspect Dave as an eyewitness or even a suspect when he began his investigation of the case, but he also had to navigate a distraught Jimmy—whose grief turned into a burst of rage, and he also had ties to local criminal gangs .
  ”Mystic River” is actually a film about the police handling procedures. But in Eastwood’s hands, it immediately becomes an indictment of psychological damage and a spiritual ode. The characters rarely speak, and the male characters cannot explain their feelings, as does their wives (played by Marcia Gay Harden and Laura Lynne). What they were saying was roughly that they were very lonely.
  ”Mystic River,” shot on location in Boston’s crowded blue-collar neighborhood, often has a similar loneliness to “The Unforgiven.” The audience seems to have gained a tacit understanding, watching the streets of the blue-collar area washed away by the rain, and the tall and tidy but somewhat dilapidated buildings, feeling the feelings of silent negation, estrangement and loneliness.
  When the body of Jimmy’s daughter was found, one bystander said: “He [referring to the criminal] will find himself in a world that is attacked on all sides.” This is a world where Sean Payne is completely into the character and never gives up . His performance is real, natural and convincing. It was one of the most talked about characters late last year. Payne never took a wrong step. His grumpy Jimmy is no exception. Eastwood’s film idolizes Jimmy, and his rage is vividly displayed.
  Sean Payne’s performance was heart-wrenching and shook the audience. The other male and female supporting roles also work well with him. Tim Robbins portrays Dave, a man haunted by childhood sexual abuse nightmares. This is perhaps the most outstanding achievement of his film acting career. He played the dull, expressionless Dave with the drooping jaw and bulky body he never had. Likewise, Bacon’s performance is brilliant, and the audience must choose between Sean’s roots and beyond. When he made his moral decision, it wasn’t very clear to him or to his friends and viewers.
  Since Mystic River is prejudiced against men and their most absurd weaknesses, it ends up being run by women. The women in the film put their spouses at the center of the narrative stage, but they seem to let the story go in a tragic direction and end tragically. Marcia Gay Harden as Dave’s timid, terrifying wife, and Laura Lynne as Annabeth, Jimmy’s wife – watch her performances carefully and you’ll notice her steely eyes admire.
  Pena, president of the New York Film Festival, said that this is a profound film that reflects on the causes of violence and its consequences.

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