It is difficult for lovers to get married, and the romantic “Zorro” decides to euthanize

   In March 2022, the “ball grass” in the hearts of countless fans, Alain Delon, who played the leading role in the movie “Zorro”, announced that he would be euthanized.
   It is reported that Alan did not live a happy life during this period of his later years. Some relatives and friends died one after another, which dealt a great blow to him, and his health was getting worse and worse. But the biggest reason for making this decision is related to his love experience. Alan, who is 86 years old this year, has had countless women in his life. Most of them are fleeting, but some have left a deep impression… So who has influenced him the most?
  Relying on women to enter the industry and meet the love of life
   In November 1935, Alain Delon was born in Paris, France. His father was a film worker and his mother was a staff member of a pharmaceutical factory. Alan has been cute, charming and lovable since he was a child, and people passing by couldn’t help reaching out to touch him and praise him. To this end, the mother had to hang a sign on the front of the stroller, which stated: “You can look, but you can’t touch!”
   However, Alan’s parents eventually went their separate ways when Alan was 4 years old due to a discord. and remarry each other. Alan moved in his father’s new family, his mother’s new family, and even the family of his parents’ friends. He became very rebellious due to lack of discipline. He hardly ever read books seriously, and at a very young age he had the experience of being a gangster, joining the army, and doing odd jobs everywhere.
   It was not until the age of 20 that Alan accidentally met actress Brigitte Aubert through the introduction of a friend of a friend. The first time Brigitte saw Alan, she was deeply attracted by his handsome appearance, and said to him seriously: “Young man, you have no idea how good-looking you look, you are simply born for the movie. In the future, you will definitely become a big star.” With that, Brigitte introduced him to director Yves Allegra. In this way, Alan stepped into the entertainment industry.
   Once, he was invited to play the supporting actor in “The Dead Sea”, but after reading the script, he felt that he was more suitable for the actor, so he argued with the director. But the director and producer disagree. At this moment, the director’s wife came out of the kitchen, and after seeing Alan’s terrified face, she screamed, “Oh, he’s right, he must be the male lead.” Just because With the insistence of the director’s wife, Alan finally got the role, which has caused a sensation in Europe since then.
   When it comes to entering the industry, Alan never shy away: “It can be said that I entered the industry through women, and I also relied on women to win important roles and become famous in Europe.” But he did not expect that he, who attracted countless women with his looks, He soon met the love of his life.
   In 1958, Alain collaborated with Romy Schneider from Germany on the film “When the Flower Moon is Broken Heart”. Romy is three years younger than Alan, but he is already a famous actor. As early as 3 years ago, at the age of 17, she became a household name for the movie “Princess Sissi”. The feelings of Alan and Romi extend from the play to the outside, and they are so in love with each other that they are known as the “Golden Boy and Jade Girl”.
   Alan spoke very sweetly to Romi, and Romi felt that she had found true love. She said to her mother: “I am happiest when I am with Alan. I have never been so happy!” But her mother said calmly: “At this moment, he may be sincere to you. But a beautiful The man, he will never belong to you alone.” Such words, Romy in love would not listen.
   In order to stay with Alain for a long time, Romy resolutely left Germany, where he had lived for many years, and followed Alain to settle in France. And Alan also made a promise to her: “I will marry you in the future, you are the love of my life, we are engaged now.”
   In 1959, the two who were in love got engaged.
   Unfortunately, the good times don’t last long. Alan is too attractive to women, and he can’t stand the temptation of freshness even when he is young and vigorous. A year later, he cheated on a model from Germany named Nicole. Afterwards, Alan felt a little remorse and broke up with Nicole quickly. But he never imagined that Nicole would be pregnant after a night of romance. Nicole told Alan about it after secretly giving birth to her son. She asked Alan to give her son a name, and she also longed to reconnect with Alan. Alan was so angry that he didn’t want to admit the son, and didn’t want the child to affect his relationship with Romi, so he quietly handed the child to his parents to raise.
   But this incident was discovered by the reporter of the newspaper, and after the report came out, Romi was heartbroken. Alan didn’t want to be separated from Romi, so he immediately admitted his mistake and begged Romi not to leave him. Romis thought about it, and although she was sad, she was really reluctant to break up with Alanti. After the two were awkward for a while, they soon reconciled and went on outings affectionately.
   What Romi didn’t expect was that soon, Alan couldn’t control himself again and cheated again. This time, he was infatuated with actress Natalie Delon, and he loved her very passionately.
   In December 1963, Romy returned to her and Alan’s home and found that Alan was not at home, leaving only a bunch of flowers and a note. On the paper were the brief words: “I went to Mexico with Natalie, I wish you all the best. Alan with all his thoughts.” At that moment, Romy was heartbroken, and she knew that her Alan would never be the same again. came back.
  Trapped in a chaotic relationship, never forgetting an old lover
   A month later, Alain in Mexico still has Romi in his heart, but he can’t resist Natalie’s attraction at the same time. Natalie was so sexy and hot, and she was already pregnant with his child. Alan believes that this should be the will of God, let him marry Natalie at the moment when his love is the strongest.
   Alan felt that Romy had the right to know all this. So he penned a 15-page letter to Romy explaining his reasons for leaving and telling her his decision to marry Natalie. At the end of the letter, he wrote: “Romi, I don’t have the courage to say these words to you personally, I’m afraid to see your lost eyes. I leave my heart to you and return your freedom to you. “Romi, who received the letter, was heartbroken. She couldn’t forgive Alan, and she couldn’t send blessings to the two who got married.
   In August 1964, Alain married Natalie. Soon after their marriage, Natalie gave birth to their son, Anthony Delon.
   As Alan’s fame grew and his career flourished, he was more tempted and behaved more wanton. Natalie was no longer attracted to him, and he fell in love with the hot actress Mireille Dark. Whenever he is free, Alain goes on a date with Mireille. Natalie was unwilling to stay in the empty room alone, she turned around to meet her handsome driver, and fell in love. After Alan found out about this, he became angry for a while, but when he thought that he was not loyal to his marriage, he dared not to speak out.
   What makes people feel quite dramatic is that one day, the handsome driver died inexplicably and tragically at home. Natalie was furious and thought it was Alan. Alan firmly denies that the couple is having a lot of trouble.
   In 1968, the two who were exhausted in this marriage decided to divorce. Son Anthony lives with Natalie.
   After the divorce, Alain moved in with Mireille confidently. Despite having a stable girlfriend, Alan’s relationship is still chaotic, and there are often tidbits about him. However, this time, Alan did not change his real girlfriend for a long time. Some people say that this is not because of Mireille’s extraordinary charm, but because she is particularly tolerant. Once, she said something meaningful to the reporter: “Living with Alain cured my jealousy.” And Alain’s evaluation of Mireille was also interesting: “The love she gave me was great. ”

   It is precisely because Mireille is particularly patient that Alan is unscrupulous. Not only is he caught in a chaotic relationship, but he also doesn’t forget his old lover. After learning that Luo Mi was in a slump in her career and had no drama to film, Alan took the initiative to invite Luo Mi to cooperate in the new movie “Swimming Pool”, which made Luo Mi’s career take off again. Therefore, Romy finally forgave Alan. However, even if they still have each other in their hearts, the two can never go back to the past. At this time, Alain had Mireille, and Romy had already married another woman and had a son David.
   When not lovers, be friends. Despite the rejuvenation of his career, Romy’s married life was not satisfactory. Her husband has been taking advantage of her, taking most of his property with him when he divorced her. The second marriage was the same. Divorced twice, losing both money and money, Romi was heartbroken and devastated. At that time, Alan became a movie star because he starred in the movie “Zorro”, and he became a movie star, and his career reached the peak. Many people think that Alan, who has a successful career, should be ready to marry Mireille, his girlfriend who has been in love for many years. But he didn’t do it, he always had Romy in his mind. In his busy schedule, he took time to visit and comfort Romy, who was in an unhappy marriage.
   Romi couldn’t help but sighed: “Alan, for so many years, I seem to be happy only in the few years I was with you. Neither of my two husbands really loved me, they always plotted against me…” Alan was also very happy. With emotion, because he found that he still loved Romi deeply and wanted to marry her. But Romi has just experienced two failed marriages, and now she proposes to marry, she probably won’t agree. Besides, how does he explain to Mireille, who has been silently accompanying him for many years? Alan’s heart was numb, and when the words came to his lips, it became: “The days are still long, we must all live well. Don’t worry, I will always be by your side to help you.”
   However, Romi’s life in this world is not long.
   In 1981, Luo Mi’s kidney had a problem and underwent surgery to remove it. Before she recovered, she received the bad news that her son David died unexpectedly while climbing over the iron fence in the park. Romi, who suffered both physical and mental blows, collapsed, smoking and drinking all day long. Alan is very worried about Romy, and often runs to accompany her, comfort her, and encourage her to cheer up.
   As a popular movie star, Alan doesn’t have much free time of his own, and he uses it all to accompany Romy. This made Mireille extremely dissatisfied. Once, when Alan rarely came home, Mireille became angry and couldn’t help yelling at him: “Do you still know how to come back? Do you remember having my girlfriend?” Alan felt very tired and didn’t want to argue with Mireille , then turned to leave.
   As a result, Mireille stopped him: “We’ve been together for 15 years, you never thought of marrying me, did you? Alan, I’m so tired, I’ve had enough! Break up!” Alan nodded, he found himself Not sad, but a sense of relief.
   In May 1982, Alan, who returned to being single, wanted to run to reunite with Romi, and planned to marry her. However, they are inseparable after all. As he was about to seek reconciliation, Romy died of a heart attack.
   For the first time, Alan felt the pain of being hollowed out in his heart. Romy lay quietly in the coffin, as if asleep. Alan stepped forward and kissed Romi for the last time, and the tears fell like rain in an instant, and she couldn’t cry…
   Every year after that, Alan would visit Romi’s tomb in person and present a bouquet of beautiful flowers for her beloved.
  After the death of
   Romi , Alan was sad for a long time.
   But he is romantic, and cannot be without a woman by his side. He buried Romy deep in his heart and embraced the other women in his arms. Only when he is with a woman can he feel that he is still young and youthful. At an event, Italian actress Delida took the initiative to approach him, and Delida smiled a bit like Romy, which fascinated him. The two quickly came together, but after waking up from the dream, they separated peacefully again.
   After lingering among the flowers for several years, Alan was finally tired and longed for a stable home. In 1987, Alain met Dutch model Rosalie van Blimont by chance. The two fell in love with each other and developed a stable relationship. They gave birth to a son and a daughter and lived a peaceful life. Alan thought about giving Rosalie the promise of marriage, but every time he felt that he was still a long way away and couldn’t get to that point.
   In 2002, Rosalie proposed to Alan about marriage again, Alan sighed and said, “I’m sorry, I have no way…” Rosalie was completely disappointed, and left home with a pair of children, and never communicated with Alan.
   The lonely Alan lingered in the flowers again, but after the noise, there was an even greater loneliness.
   In 2008, at the 33rd Cesar Awards Ceremony, in order to commemorate Romy’s achievements and contributions in film, she was awarded a Lifetime Honor Award. For this award, the organizers asked Alan to present the award. The group photo of the couple was played on the big screen, causing countless audiences to cry quietly. The 73-year-old Alan was so excited that he wept on the spot, and his words were incoherent. He whimpered and said, “Why am I here today? Romy, you’re also turning 70 this year, and you’re getting old, and I miss you so much… 50 years ago we were fiancées, 40 years ago we starred together. “Swimming Pool”, we once loved and separated, we once had happiness and misfortune…”
   After the award ceremony, a magazine published the diary that Romy wrote during his lifetime. Among them, there is a sentence like this: “When the whole world forgets me, only Alan does not forget me.”
   After seeing Romi’s diary, Alan couldn’t stop crying, and he finally understood that Romi always had him in his heart. When interviewed by reporters, Alan honestly faced his heart: “The person I love the most in my life is Romi, and I really regret not marrying her.”
   After that, Alan rarely appeared in front of the camera. He faded out of the entertainment industry, living alone in the mountains of Switzerland with a pet dog. He misses Romy every day, every day he misses the past. Occasionally, relatives and friends would visit him at the hut and care about how he was doing. Alan laughed and laughed at himself: “I have everything except happiness.” In this life, he was very romantic and had countless lovers, but he couldn’t keep happiness.
   In 2012, Alan suffered from heart problems and was sent to the hospital for treatment. In the following years, he was hospitalized 5 times for various diseases and suffered terribly. In 2019, Alan suffered a stroke and was admitted to the hospital again for treatment. But this time, he vaguely saw that the candle of life was about to burn out. His son Anthony stayed by his bedside and told him not to think about it.
   In January 2021, Alan’s health was just fine, and he received a call from Anthony, saying, “My mother passed away…” Natalie died of cancer due to ineffective treatment. Although Alan has long lost his love for her, this incident made him very emotional. After Natalie’s funeral, Alan silently said to Anthony: “Our era is really over.” Anthony didn’t know what to say for a while, but Alan then said what he said in his heart: “Anthony, if One day something happened to me, and I was in a coma and had to rely on intubation to maintain my life. I hope you can help me unplug the power supply, and I want you to promise me that I will keep the last bit of dignity.” Anthony understood that his father did not want to Endure unnecessary pain. He promised Alan and promised to accompany him on the last journey.
   Alan breathed a sigh of relief, his body was getting worse and worse in the growing thoughts of Romy. In March 2022, he announced through the media that he would end his life by euthanasia, and his relatives expressed understanding.
  Throughout Alain Delon’s life, he had an unparalleled glory period and had countless beautiful women, but with the passage of time, only Romy Schneider remained in his heart. Originally, the two were a pair of beautiful people made by nature, but unfortunately he didn’t know how to cherish when he was young, and he didn’t seize the opportunity in middle age.