Car funeral

  The funeral industry is booming in Japan, where the population is aging. Japan’s annual death toll reached 1.43 million in 2020, according to Japan’s National Institute of Population and Social Security. In this case, various funeral services came into being.
  Following the launch of the “Renting Monks” service by Amazon Japan, that is, online booking of monks to preside over funerals, Japan’s Aichi Group opened a funeral home in Nagano Prefecture, creating the first “car funeral” service – those who come to mourn the deceased can go through the whole process. Attend funerals in your own car without getting out of the car.
  The process of “car funeral” is simple and saves time and effort. Funeral attendees first drove to a window, which was equipped with electronic touchscreens and electronic incense equipment for guests. After signing on the touchscreen, participants can leave silk gold at the window and light electronic incense to pay tribute to the deceased. In the venue, the family of the deceased can keep abreast of the situation on the driveway through surveillance cameras.
  In Japan, funerals are usually held around noon. For office workers, “car funerals” are much more convenient than traditional funerals. Because in the car, their attire is not strictly restricted, and they can participate in their daily work clothes. Also, because the process takes less time, they don’t have to worry about funerals taking up too much work time.
  Border wall to prevent wild boars
  Denmark will also build a “wall”. The country’s parliament passed a resolution on March 22 to build a 70-kilometer fence along its border with Germany. But this fence is not to stop illegal immigration, but to prevent the wild boars next door from running into Denmark.
  The newly built fence is 1.5 meters high. In addition to preventing “crossing the border”, it is also intended to help Danish hunters eliminate all wild boars in the territory. Almost at the same time, the Danish government also announced the lifting of the ban on night-time pig hunting.
  These wild boars can carry the dangerous African swine fever virus. The virus has reached the Nordic region, with cases now found in Lithuania and Poland, where the environment and food sector are also getting nervous as the virus spreads closer to Denmark.
  Although harmless to humans, this virus has an extremely high lethality rate and no effective vaccine has been found, making it an almost fatal threat to domestic pigs.
  ”I don’t want to take any risks, we could be facing losses of up to 11 billion crowns,” said Esben Larsen, Minister of Environment and Food. Pork is one of the main sources of food for the Danes, and Denmark itself is a big exporter of pork. The government said that once swine fever broke out in the country, they would immediately stop all pork exports.
  In February of this year, Germany also “declared war” on wild boars, relaxing the hunting time of wild boars to the whole year.
  Kobe trash can praise people, in a square near Sannomiya Station in Kobe,
  Japan , a “talking” trash can is placed. Great” and so on.
  According to reports, the plaza is a popular activity spot for Kobe citizens, but all kinds of garbage often appear here. To this end, the Kobe City Government, in cooperation with Hyogo Prefectural University and daily chemical companies, set up 4 trash cans of different colors in the corner of the square. When someone throws rubbish into the bin, the sensor in the bin will automatically detect and make a sound, such as “you are the best”, “thank you for sorting and throwing garbage”, “Kobe is beautiful because of you” and so on. In addition to the sound of praise, the litter box also emits water or bird sounds.
  The police
  station in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, has issued a new regulation. From now on, road patrol inspectors and traffic policemen are prohibited from hiding behind bushes and trees and jumping out to enforce the law when people are unprepared. Previously, this “scaring” approach was quite common on the streets of Tashkent, and even became a meme on social networks. Related videos can also be found on the video website. In one of the pictures, two uniformed police officers are hiding behind a huge street sign. After a few seconds, one of the police officers suddenly ran out with a baton to the passing vehicles. The whistle blows, causing car owners to evade.
  Many local drivers have suffered greatly, complaining that this method of law enforcement is equivalent to deliberately framed, and the police officers who do not know where they will jump out also bring great safety hazards to road traffic.
  Now, the days of fear are finally over, as local residents can report police practices on the government’s website, which could face downgrades, fines and even dismissal.