A thousand marbles

  I’m an amateur radio operator and spend a lot of my spare time tinkering with radio receivers and electronics. A few weeks ago, I heard the story of “A Thousand Marbles” on “Telephone”. This story touched me deeply and caused me to ponder for a long time. Inadvertently, life has taught us many things.
  It was a Saturday morning, and as I always did, I walked slowly down to the basement with a steaming cup of coffee in one hand and a morning paper in the other. That’s how my typical Saturday lifestyle began. Once in the basement, I fiddled with the radio for a while, and finally settled on a phone-chat band to listen to Saturday morning’s “Talk Your Heart”. At this time, a contagious and magnetic voice came from inside. It was the voice of an old man who was talking to a young man through a telephone connection.
  ”Hello, Tom. After listening to what you said, I think your work must be very busy and stressful. Presumably the company will not pay you too low. However, unfortunately, you often have to stay away from you because of this. Family, it’s hard to believe that a young man has to work 60 to 70 hours a week to make ends meet. It’s such a big pity that you can’t attend your daughter’s dance performance because of your busy schedule.”
  He continued, “Tom, I’m here. Teach you something. It once taught me that the most important thing in our life is to find more time to care for our family. One day, I sat down and did a simple math problem. You know, the average life expectancy is now 75 Years old. Some people may live longer, some may live shorter, but on average, it is about 75 years old. There are 52 weeks in a year, so I multiply 75 years by 52 weeks , it turns out to be 3,900 weeks, which means an average of 3,900 Saturdays in a person’s life. Don’t go away, Tom, I’m about to get to the most important part.”
  He paused, then went on: “It wasn’t until I was fifty-five — I’d be fifty-six in a few weeks, to be exact, that I understood the truth. By then, I had spent 2,900 Saturdays. I figured that if I lived to be 75, there would only be 1,000 Saturdays left for me to enjoy. So I went to a toy store and bought all the marbles in the store, but there weren’t enough of 1,000. . I ran 3 more shops before I finally got 1000 marbles. I took them home and carefully placed them in a large plastic box. From then on, every Saturday, I would Take a marble out of the box. Whenever I see the total number of marbles decreasing, I tell myself to spend time on the most important things in life. Here, you will really see time in one Day by day.”
  ”Now, as we end our conversation, there is one more thing I want to tell you. This morning I took the last marble out of the box. I think if I can live until next Saturday , then I’ll live an extra week, enjoy life more, and spend more time with my family. Time is so important to me.”
  ”Tom, it was a pleasure talking to you. I hope you Can spend a little more time with your family, spend more time with your family. I’m going out to have breakfast with my dear wife now. Goodbye, hope to see you again.” The
  old man hung on the radio The sound of disconnecting the phone. I had planned to fiddle with the antenna for a while before heading to the radio amateur club for this Saturday. After listening to the old man’s conversation, I changed my plan, got up and went to the bedroom upstairs, kissed my still sleeping wife affectionately, and woke her up.
  ”Honey, get up, I’m taking you and the kids out for breakfast.”
  ”What’s the matter?” my wife asked me in surprise, with a sweet smile on her face.
  ”It’s nothing special, it’s just that our family hasn’t eaten together for a long time. By the way, can we stop by the toy store? I want to buy some marbles.”