Why can type 055 destroyer push back aircraft carrier

China has dispatched four Type 055 destroyers (guided-missile destroyer Nanchang, Guided-missile destroyer Lhasa, guided-missile destroyer Anshan and guided-missile destroyer Wuxi) to respond to the US aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln’s battle group, which is carrying a large number of carrier-based aircraft, for a drill in the East China Sea. As a result, the US carrier simply cancelled the exercise and made a u-turn on April 11, sailing into the Sea of Japan through the Tsushima Strait.
So why is the Type 055 destroyer so powerful? Mainly because the Type 055 destroyer is currently the most powerful destroyer in the world, its main radar is called 346B active phased array radar, which operates in the S-band, which has a wavelength of 8 to 15 centimeters and belongs to decimeter wave. There are also two larger white squares above the main mast, and that is the X-band radar, which operates in the centimeter band for precision guidance. In addition, you can also see that the Type 055 destroyer has many small white squares, which are all radars, working in different bands. These radars can not only detect, track, search and scan, but also have electronic warfare capabilities. With these radars, the Type 055 destroyer will have the ability to control electromagnetic waves throughout the airspace, as well as superior electromagnetic control power.
The 346B active phased array radar can detect targets with a radar reflection cross section of 0.02 square meters at the earth’s curvature limit of 400 kilometers, which means targets like the F-22 stealth fighter can also be detected. The F-22 cannot fly on the deck of an aircraft carrier. The most advanced aircraft that can be carried on a US aircraft carrier is the F-35 Stealth fighter. The F-35 is not as stealthily detected as the F-22,055. The F/A-18 Super Hornet, the other mainstay fighter on the deck of an American aircraft carrier, is A non-stealth fighter that is easier to spot.
Although the U.S. aircraft carrier has carrier-borne aircraft, the attack capability is very powerful, but the most important thing in modern warfare is the ability to detect and control electromagnetic waves. In this respect, the Type 055 destroyer has an ELECTROMAGNETIC control capability unmatched by any ship in the US aircraft carrier fleet. In other words, if a U.S. aircraft carrier forces an exercise in a predetermined area, 055 controls all electromagnetic control over the entire exercise airspace.
Fleet communications may be jammed, and all military signals will be picked up by the 055. Type 055 destroyers can disrupt the maneuvers of the U.S. carrier-borne aircraft fleet if they want to, and the other side has no defense against them. The 346B active phased array radar’s performance is classified, so some things can only be guessed at. From its size and power, the radar should have electronic attack capability, focusing power on a target will burn the electronic equipment above the target, and also have electronic deception capability. In the exercise area, the US aircraft carrier training group is like running naked, there is no secret.

On March 16, 1968, the United States army carried out the inhuman slaughter of more than 500 unarmed Vietnamese civilians, including many elderly people, women and children, in My Lai village, Quang Ngai Province, Vietnam. A documentary has been made to reconstruct the true history of the massacre that shocked the world. A 1989 Yorkshire television documentary, four Hours at My Lai, revealed much new evidence of the massacre. The film attracted wide attention after it was shown in the United States.
In the documentary, soldier Varnado Simpson says he was young at the time of the My Lai massacre. In the summer of 1989, Simpson, 41, was living alone in a shack in Mississippi, with barred Windows, multiple locks on the door, curtains always drawn and a dark interior. During the interview, Simpson shook and had tears in her eyes. Simpson has admitted to killing about 25 people at My Lai and taking part in the scalping and mutilation of bodies. He revealed that the slaughter order actually came from Captain Ernest Medina, commander of Charlie Company, whose orders were not only to kill, but to kill dogs and cats as well.
Not only that, he also disclosed in the documentary some of the abnormal atrocities of the American army, “I started shooting, old people, women, children, buffalo, everything… I just kill people… I shot them, SLIT their throats, scalped them, cut off their hands, cut out their tongues, I did it all.” Simpson said he had been haunted by the massacre for years, had frequent nightmares and often couldn’t sleep. He claimed that the people he killed in Vietnam didn’t really die and that they would come back and kill him.
Hugh Thompson, the helicopter pilot involved in the My Lai massacre, and Lawrence Colburn, the helicopter shooter, were also interviewed on My Lai 4 Hours. Thompson said he was saddened by what he saw at My Lai and saddened by his inability to stop the slaughter. On March 16, 1968, Thompson and his crew were ordered to support ground operations around My Lai. At 9 a.m., they flew the helicopter over My Lai and spotted an injured Vietnamese woman. They circled the helicopter at a low altitude and saw Captain Medina walk up to the woman and kick her before shooting her. “We saw a young woman, about 20 years old, lying on the grass,” Colburn said. “She was unarmed, and her chest was wounded. We were circling low and Medina came and kicked her, and he did it while we were watching, and our guys were killing.”

Russian forces are nearing the end of their siege of the Ukrainian city of Mariupol, which is expected to be completely captured by Russian forces in the coming days. It would be the first major Ukrainian city captured by Russian forces since the conflict began nearly two months ago. Why have the Russians been avoiding sieges? Where is the difficulty in modern urban street fighting?
As Ukraine’s largest port on the Sea of Azov and one of Ukraine’s most important industrial cities, the importance of Mariupol’s strategic location is self-evident. The city, once home to 400,000 people, has been under fire since the first day of the Conflict between Russia and Ukraine on February 24.
Why has the Russian siege of Mariupol not ended after nearly two months? Chinese military expert Zhang Xuefeng told reporters on The 18th that there may be these reasons behind this. First of all, from the perspective of the russia-Ukraine conflict, Russia’s troops are scattered. The Russian army, which had a relatively small total force, had to “spread out” in Ukraine, resulting in a lack of military superiority on some fronts. Second, when the Conflict broke out, Mariupol was fully prepared for combat. There are not only strong fortifications here, but also a large number of experienced fighters from the Azov Battalion. Many Ukrainian troops have received strict training from western military instructors. In addition, there are Western military personnel advising on urban defense.
Third, the Russian military is ill-prepared for firepower, especially air strikes. The 1991 Gulf War lasted 42 days, including 38 days of continuous air strikes by allied forces. However, in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the Russian army carried out synchronous air and ground advance. Due to the lack of precision guided ammunition and the need to take into account the civilians inside the city, the strength of the Russian army’s air attack was insufficient. Ukraine still had heavy firepower such as artillery and individual anti-tank weapons, which caused great damage to the Russian army.
The Russian army to attack Mariupol difficult, also give people enlightenment, how to fight the urban siege? Zhang believes that proper weapons and equipment should be used first. Traditional tanks and armored vehicles are mainly used in field battles and can play an important role in cities, but they are not developed for urban conquest. Restricted by the elevation Angle of artillery, tanks are unable to hit higher buildings or fire points located in the basement. Meanwhile, the side, rear and top protection of tanks are relatively weak. If attacked in street battles, tanks are often unable to move out. For the war on terror, the US army specially developed the mine – resistant and anti – ambush vehicle. So urban siege also requires specialized weapons. In the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the Russian 240 mm mortars had to be transferred to the front line for urban attack due to the unfavorable conventional weapons. Aside from the focus on ground weapons, what is most impressive about the Conflict between Russia and Ukraine is the huge role that micro-drones have played. Because the cost is very low, they can spread air intelligence support to small teams, Zhang said. In addition, the use of appropriate tactics, special street combat training. In the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, many Russian tanks were ambushed and destroyed in the city, one of the important reasons is that the infantry and tanks do not cooperate well, and sometimes the tanks go deep alone.

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