The game of healing

Jun Hui and Xiao Fan have rented together for more than two years, and they become good friends who do not talk about anything. Junhui was thirty-two years old, and Xiao Fan was seven years younger than him, similar in all respects except his age. They’re all farmers, they all went to high school, they’re not married, and most importantly, they all have wounds inside them that they can’t heal. Of course, they told each other their sorrows.

Jun Hui works as a junior supervisor in an electronics company. This is his sixth job since he moved to the city at the age of 19, and he is about to change his seventh job because he wants to avoid a female colleague. This female colleague is very beautiful and gentle. She is a college student. She treats him very well and shows that she likes him. It made him uncomfortable, and it had something to do with the pain in his heart.

Xiao Fan works in a restaurant, he wants to make more money to renovate the house in his hometown, open a local restaurant, and find a partner to get married and have children, and live like honey with grandma. But life was not satisfactory, and there was a hatred in his heart for his mother, who had brought him into this world to suffer.

That day Xiao Fan was off duty. In the evening, he drank a little wine with Jun Hui. He drank too much unconsciously.

Playing games is for children, But Junhui was not interested in them at all and refused directly: “I’m too old to play.”

Xiao Fan smiled mysteriously and said, “Who says adults can’t play games? The name of my game is something you probably haven’t heard of. It’s my original creation, called ‘Healing pain game’.”

Junhui couldn’t figure out what strange things were inside Fan’s head. It was boring anyway, so he said to Fan, “Tell me about it. If I think it’s interesting, I’ll play.”

Xiao Fan organized a language in his head and said, “Let’s each write a letter to a stranger to express our pain in our hearts without signing our names or writing our addresses, so that no one will know who you are. Then write requirements, let the person who picked up this letter also write a letter like our content, write their own pain, and then let the person who picked up his letter receive…… It would be so fun if the game really went on, one after another.”

Junhui said boredom: “what broken stuff, you are full to support.”

Xiao Fan said, “IF I tell you something, you will understand. Now people are playing computers, playing mobile phones, no one is writing a letter, the pain in the heart is deeper and deeper, now people are too strong self-esteem, hurt the dignity of the matter is always reluctant to speak to others, so more and more depressed people. Maybe getting back to writing and complaining can be healing, not just for us, but for others.”

Perhaps the heart hurt too deep, too long, really want to vent, Junhui pondered and agreed. “It seems like a good idea, but have you figured out how to deliver it?” he asked.

“I thought about it,” fan said. “Since it’s written to strangers and can’t be sent to the post office, it would be nice to put it in an envelope somewhere, like on a bus seat.”

Junhui also became excited and said, “Let’s do it this way. The seat on the bus is fine. Those who take the bus are the common people, and the common people must be more sad than the rich, so let them all reveal their helplessness and grievance.”

In this way, the two worked out the rules of the game, then went to the supermarket to buy envelopes and writing paper, and began to write letters. I haven’t written for many years, but I can’t stop to write my own story.

Junhui wrote in the letter:

I am thirty-two years old this year, 19 years old that year, I was still a rural high examinee, the college entrance examination thought that the examination was good, after the college entrance examination, I applied for a volunteer, through the introduction of the people in the neighboring village, to the city to earn tuition in a construction team.

Although the work of the construction team is hard, people who grew up in the countryside are not afraid of hardships. Thinking that I will become a college student, I feel full of endless energy.

In the construction team, I met a girl from Shanxi, Miao Miao, who cooked for us. Miao Miao and I are the same age, she went to junior high school, she and I like reading, but I read the world’s famous books, she read story magazines. I think reading is better than those idle people playing cards and shopping quality, so we became friends, nothing to chat together, there is always a lot to say. During that time, my family sent me a letter saying that I had received the college admission letter. I told Miao Miao the good news, and she was happy for me.

Two months passed imperceptibly, the day of school is coming, I want to go back to school. Before leaving that night, the foreman gave me a salary, but also wish me academic success, my heart bengti have more happy, expressed gratitude to him.

But home by train afraid of thieves, where is the safest place to put your money? I think the girl’s mind delicate, went to ask miao Miao where the money should be put.

Miao Miao wanted to say, sew in your pants pocket, stick to your body, you can feel every moment, also can’t fall out. I thought miao Miao was a good idea and asked her to help me sew. Miao Miao said to take the pants for sewing, she was there no one, so I gave her the money and pants. After a while, she gave me the sewn trousers. I slept in them that night and went home the next day.

To my great surprise, WHEN I got home, I unstitched the seams and found that in my pocket was not money at all, but a pile of paper.

In a hurry, I took the train back to the construction site in the city to look for Miao Miao, but the foreman said that Miao Miao had left the same day I left, saying she had an important family affair. Asked the foreman miao Miao home address, the foreman said he did not know, only know shanxi, in the end is which county are not clear.

I was wide awake when I met a con man who had taken most of my tuition money. Although my parents managed to scrape together enough money for my tuition, I was so devastated that I thought I was too stupid to go to college, so I ran away and hung out in the city, where I have been since. Thirteen years, I can not let go of that thing, more do not have the courage to contact women, I have been afraid of women to hate women, until now……

Xiao Fan’s letter reads like this:

I am an unfortunate man, twenty-five years old.

Before I was born, my father and mother had a fight for some reason. Then my father went out to drink, got drunk, and accidentally fell into the river and drowned when he came home. Three months after I was born, my mother also disappeared (but judging from the attitude of my mother’s relatives later, my mother must still be alive, but they didn’t tell me, they didn’t want grandma and me to know where she was). When I was two years old, my grandfather died of illness, and my grandmother and I were left alone.

The special family circumstances made me withdrawn, introverted and inferior in the process of growing up. I hated my mother for being irresponsible and leaving me to my old grandmother. Mother disappeared and never came back. I thought about looking for her many times, but I didn’t know where to look or what I would do if I found her.

When I was seventeen, I was a sophomore in high school, and my grades were neither good nor bad. Once I heard grandma call with people to lend me money to pay tuition fees, I listened to her humbly beg for people, the heart was like knife knife pain, the next day, I will carry a bag to the city to work. I have worked in Internet cafes as network management, bicycle shop as installation workers, in the hotel as a waiter, now I am in a local restaurant as a chef, I like cooking, cooking is good, the owner’s wife every six months to give me a salary increase.

I suffered a lot, but grandma worked harder than I did. I gave her half of what I earned and spent the rest. Actually, I always wanted to have my own local restaurant so that grandma could live a better life. But the reality is, I smoke and drink, and I can’t save much money. Because I need to numb myself with it.

As for the future, I hope god will give me a chance to find a girl with a good heart to live with. It doesn’t matter if she is fat, thin, beautiful or ugly. The most important thing is that she should be nice to my grandma. I will be nice to her twice as much in return. The matchmaker in the village once introduced me to a girl from a neighboring village. She was good-looking, but she didn’t mind my family being poor. She only asked me to live apart from grandma after marriage.

Many nights I would lie awake, hating why my mother had brought me into this world, and if I hadn’t been in it, things wouldn’t have been any worse. But the next day I wake up and I cheer myself up again. I believe that one day, a good girl will come to me, and I am looking forward to that day soon…

Both of them to write after their distress wrote: if you see this letter, don’t think who I am, because you don’t know me, I also don’t know about you, you only need to write a letter like me, the anguish of your heart, and then think a way to let another person to see the letter, no matter what method is ok, must go on!

The next day, the sun was shining and they were smiling, as if suffering and sorrow had left them.

On their way to work, they left the letters unattended on the chairs of two buses. The envelopes were addressed “Dear Stranger”.

In the days that followed, they often talked together about what kind of hands their letter would fall into, and whether this person would take the game forward. They often check wechat moments to catch up on recent online news, but there is no information about the two letters.

Half a month passed quickly. That night, Junhui and Small fan drank a little wine, talked about the letter together, naturally, they comfort each other. Junhui said, “Brother, stop dreaming and do your job well. In the future, you can go back to your hometown and open a hotel by yourself. When you earn money, you can build a small villa for grandma to live in and enjoy her old age. With flowers and trees and a cat and a dog, it would be a beautiful, beautiful life. If you really have all this, you are afraid that no girl will love you?”

Xiao Fan had heard enough of such comfort, smiled and advised Junhui: “Brother, you really should get married. ‘Once bitten, twice shy’, but it has been 13 years, you should let go. How lucky you are to have a girl in your thirties, a pretty college girl, so say yes before you make a mistake.”

Jun Hui minzui smile, and lifted the cup, said: “come, brother, dry!”

At this time, “dangdang when” came the knock on the door, xiao Fan staggered to open the door, did not expect to stand outside the door is actually like Jun Hui that girl Wen Xiaofei, she asked Xiao Fan: “Where is Jun Hui?”

Drunk Xiao Fan pointed to the room, smell xiao Fei rushed in. Junhui looked up, see smell small Fei is full of eyes tenderness to look at themselves, scared to get up and run out, but he drank too much, and soft to fall down, but also “wow” to vomit on the ground.

Smell small fei did not say to clean up quickly, Junhui want to refuse, but not much strength. Xiao Fan, too, was paralyzed by the drink. Seeing this, he went back to his room to sleep.

Wen Xiaofei did not go this night, has been taking care of junhui vomiting. Junhui woke up to see a girl lying on the edge of his bed fell asleep, startled. At this time, Wen Xiaofei also woke up, Jun Hui suddenly sat up from the bed, surprised to ask: “why are you here? How did you know I lived here? ‘

Wen xiaofei smiled and said, “Why can’t I be here? Why can’t I know you live here? I know a lot about you.”

Junhui hid in bed again and said, “Don’t talk nonsense. Nothing is wrong with me. Well, you’d better go, I’m all right.”

Smell small fei did not go, she readily took out a letter from the bag, Jun Hui’s face immediately changed, because her hand is he put on the bus seat of the letter.

Did she just happen to pick it up? That’s impossible. She doesn’t live on that bus line.

Junhui was puzzled and had to bite his head and ask Wen Xiaofei: “What do you mean?”

Wen xiaofei blinked her big eyes and asked, “Do you want to know how I got this letter? I think it’s god’s will. God’s helping you.”

Junhui’s brain is not quite clear, and do not understand what wen Xiaofei said. “Where did you get the letter? What’s it got to do with me?”

Wen xiaofei suddenly smiled and said, “You can’t deny that I’ve been working with you for almost a year and I still can’t recognize your handwriting? What I want to know now is, is what you wrote true?”

Junhui was very worried and said with fear, “What does it matter to you if it’s true or not? What does it have to do with me? You’d better go quickly. I’m going to pack up and tell my boss to quit and take away my laptop.”

At this moment, wen Xiaofei’s tears “patter patter” to fall down, which is more called Junhui at a loss, he shouted in fear: “Why are you crying? I’m not bullying you.”

She just wiped her tears and said, “Junhui, I want to tell you a story. After telling this story, you will understand.”

“My sister and I grew up without parents. My sister suffered a lot for me. When I was in junior three, she went out to work for a construction team to earn my high school tuition. She met a boy on the construction crew who went to college to earn his tuition. When the boy was leaving for college, he asked his sister where was the best place to put the money. She said it was best to sew it in his pants pockets. He never thought that it was my sister’s selfish, sister in the pocket sewing money lost the bag, she took the money home to pay my high school tuition. Then, in my third year of college, my sister, who never married, got cancer, and before she died, she told me that she had stolen money from the boy. She said it was the thing she felt most guilty about. She was sorry for the boy, and she told me to find him anyway and pay off the debts he owed…”

“Do you know how hard IT has been for me to find that boy over the years? Until I saw a letter in the feelings section of the newspaper the other day. I couldn’t wait to go to the newspaper office to ask for the letter, only to know that the letter was picked up by a stranger on the bus. He thought it was interesting and sent it to the newspaper office. The editor of the newspaper office also thought it was interesting and sent it out in the emotional section. Seeing the handwriting of the letter on the photo, I was sure that the boy I was looking for was you. At that time, I was so excited that I cried into tears. I also told the editor of the newspaper about my hard work in finding you, and the editor gave me the letter. My sister hurt you, but she was a very, very good person, and she did it all for me, and I want to make it up to you, because, besides trying to atone for my sister, I –”

Wen Xiaofei cried to junhui’s body, Junhui pushed hard to smell xiaofei, but he could not push out.

For a long time, Junhui murmured: “You have no debt, also need not pay, you go quickly.”

Wen Xiaofei still did not go, she held Junhui, mumbling: “Even if I have no debt, I will not go, I love you, in order to wait for you I have been 29 years and have not married, no one will want me, I will stick to you for a lifetime……”

Outside, small where has heard tears streaming down his face, he quietly walked back to his bedroom, thinking about the truth and truth to hear, he also believes that it is god’s arrangement. But what about him? What is god’s plan for him?

Who can expect it, and a week later, the emotional version of the newspaper published the letter written by the small fan, Junhui’s letter published, picked up the small fan letter also sent the letter to the newspaper. Then, the good thing really happened, the next newspaper’s emotional section published three love letters to Xiao Fan last time, is his filial piety touched the three girls, they hope to meet with him early, a deeper understanding, these love letters next to the girl’s photo. Such a good thing made him suddenly full of infinite yearning for life and confidence, he seemed to be suddenly cured, the original life is so colorful, what pain can not be resolved?

Suddenly, his heart welled up with gratitude to his parents for giving him life and giving him hope for a better life.