Look at the face of the era, the best recognition of the star

Kim Kardashian (r) arrives on the red carpet at the premiere of her family’s latest reality TV show in Beverly Hills, California, April 7, 2022

If you ask which celebrity has the combination of big eyebrows, sexy lips, tanned skin and exaggerated curves, many people probably think of Kim Kardashian.
Kim kardashian, who is active in the fashion circle, reality TV and gossip in the story “the global flow”, has the strong binding with its depth image symbols, and success will make sexy make public the external image of the family’s appearance level paradigm – throughout the kardashian five sisters, and even his mother Christine Mary houghton’s “proud” and “good” face shape, All have high similarity, that is, hybrid characteristics are obvious.
The strong hybrid appearance, combined with the incessant family story, has become the exclusive “traffic password” of the Kardashian family.
Perhaps to reinforce the positive effects of mixed-race looks on the family, the Kardashians have been exploring the “second generation traffic code” in recent years — with the exception of older sister Kourtney kardashian, all of them keen to have black boyfriends and mixed-race babies.
On their way to becoming “the Kennedys of entertainment”, how did the Kardashians turn their mixed-race characteristics into a “sharp weapon” to attract and attract money and maximize the benefits of appearance competition? Perhaps, the development of the Kardashian family, to some extent, shows the world the appearance level characteristics of mixed-race people, in the current aesthetic environment of new opportunities.
It is worth mentioning that, for some families, mixed blood can not only bring advantages in appearance, but also combine the wealth and social status of both parties, bringing comprehensive effects in many aspects.

Paris Hilton, left, and Kim Kardashian in 2006

A little over a decade ago, Kim Kardashian was labeled “Hilton sidekick.”
“Black and white hybrid yan” get rich password

On The evening of April 7, the Kardashians hit the red carpet for the premiere of their latest reality show. Kim Kardashian still dominated the red carpet with her dramatic curves in a silver gown.
For her now, this is almost the norm. Everywhere she went, she became the focus of attention.
But if you go back more than a decade, Kim Kardashian was still labeled “Hilton’s sidekick,” often appearing in the global news as Paris Hilton’s “best sister.”
Kim Kardashian, the daughter of O.J. Simpson trial lawyer Robert Kardashian, has been a member of the upper class since she was born, but she is certainly not the heiress to the Hilton Corporation.
Kim Kardashian, who could not challenge her status as a best friend, was not good enough to steal the show. In photos taken at the time, Kim Kardashian’s face doesn’t look as bright as it does now. Kim Kardashian, who is of Armenian descent and has no low level of original appearance, still retained her pure and sweet appearance at that time, and her figure was not as exaggerated and eye-catching as it is now.
At that time, standing next to blonde socialite Paris Hilton, she easily exposed her short appearance, which was not as tall as her partner, and her skin color and hair color were not as bright.
Thirty years east, thirty years west. Now the status of the sisters has been reversed, with some even suggesting that Paris Hilton has decided to emulate her former sidekick by sporting Kardashian-style hair and tracksuits.
What is kardashian style? This is the unique style that Kim Kardashian has explored in her quest to become a global superstar.
In addition to distinctive outfits such as bodysuits to highlight her figure, Kim Kardashian’s enhanced black-and-white sense of appearance and figure through tanning, makeup, lip enhancement and fitness are also her trump card on the road to stardom.
After Kim Kardashian upgraded her native appearance to a more hybrid level, her image became much more recognizable, and along with it continued attention from the fashion world and the popularity of streaming. The effect was to attract other sisters to follow suit.

The Kardashian family photo, 1993

One of the most prominent is Kim Kardashian’s half-sister Kylie Jenner. Worshipping her sister, she abandons the factory setting of pure white race through the acquired transformation: pale skin gradually wheat, thin lips gradually rich, slender figure gradually plump, she almost becomes a remake of “Sister Jin”.
As the youngest sister, kylie Jenner has become a global trendsetter with her upgraded mixed-race looks and a fashion sense that fits with popular tastes. By Posting photos of her style online, she has become one of the kardashian family’s most financially savvy, outdoing her sisters in terms of financial power.
On March 5, 2019, Forbes released its 33rd annual list of the world’s billionaires. Kylie Jenner made the list for the first time at No. 2,057, becoming the “youngest billionaire in the world.” The title was later removed by Forbes, but it was a testament to its economic might.
Based on the Kardashians’ obsession with mixed race, there are rumors that they even hire skin stylists.
As we have learned, want to make attractive color of skin, the characteristic that color of skin modelling division can attend clearly above all, photograph, do color of skin collocation according to the circumstance that understands, choose appropriate color of skin spray agent namely, will help them change color of skin.
The popularity of Kardashian’s style, in turn, has increased attention to similar looks and styles, further fueling the popularity of “mulatto” on the Internet, so that some netizens, who are clearly white, take the initiative to make up and pretend to be black on the Internet, so similar that they can even be mistaken for the real thing.
What’s more, the aesthetic has become so influential that many pop stars can’t help but follow suit. American pop singer and actress Ariana Grande, for example, is suspected of trying to achieve A ‘mulatto’ look through tanning and lip augmentation.

Second generation genetic intervention to achieve racial ambiguity

Having successfully transformed themselves into an acquired ‘mulatto’ look, it seems the Kardashians are keen to have this level of look etched into their genes to give their babies a head start from birth.
Judging by the male companions the top socialites were accompanied by, a black boyfriend is just another common choice for the Kardashians as they try to reinvent themselves.
Kim kardashian has dated actor and singer Nick Cannon, professional football player Reggie Bush, rapper and music producer Kanye West, all of whom have dark skin. Khloe Kardashian has dated and married Lamar Odom, James Harden, Tristan Thompson and other black NBA players.
Her younger sister, Kylie Jenner, who has been most active in mixed-race transformation, has often dated black celebrities, including rapper and music producer Travis Scott and actor and singer Jaden Smith.

Kylie Jenner, half sister of Kim Kardashian

The Kardashians achieve “racial ambiguity” through their mixed-race family.

Under this kind of mate choice, and now, in Kim kardashian, kohler kardashian and kelly jenna sister several people in the fashion street snap, they wish have a half-blood baby, just like a worn tool, one is extremely high, and often have high deep eye eyebrow, curl obvious mixed characteristics of abundant lip, striking, Born with the level of appearance that their mother pursued relentlessly.
The Kardashians’ behavior is no doubt controversial.
In the United States, even after slavery was abolished, the cognitive impact of the “one drop of blood” principle persisted, meaning that if the blood was “colored”, regardless of the percentage, the person was socially perceived as non-white.
In this culture, even Meghan Markle, now a British princess, told Oprah that a senior member of the royal family had expressed concern about the color of their son Archie’s skin. To some extent, Meghan’s concern with her son’s skin color stems from her own deep perception of being black.
Under “One Drop of blood,” people of African descent are often required to have a firm identity, regardless of the color of their skin. If a black man tries to straighten his distinctive curly hair, he may be accused of “following the white aesthetic” — most notably, Michael Jackson, whose white skin was blamed by critics for “bleaching” his African-American identity.
Kim Kardashian, on the other hand, has come under fire for her African-American dreadlocks, which have been accused of cultural appropriation.
But there’s no denying that after the biracial birth, questions about the Kardashians’ “cultural appropriation” have waned. To some extent, the Kardashians have achieved “racial ambiguity” through their mixed-race family, giving themselves more opportunities to properly use their mixed-race culture.
Mixed-race controversy and cultural appropriation

Currently, there are voices complaining about the “hot” hybrid elements.

Alice and the Neverland still

For example, the film adaptation of Alice and The Neverland, which merges the classic fairy tales Of Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan, has caused controversy due to its innovative use of skin color. Peter and Alice, previously played by white actors, were turned into mixed-race characters, sparking controversy over “cultural appropriation”.
Other films and TV shows that have attracted controversy for their skin color include the live-action version of Aladdin and the Live-action version of The Little Mermaid. Among them, “Aladdin” has been criticized online because of media Revelations that makeup artists darkens the skin color of white actors on set so that they become extras in the background. The live-action version of the Little Mermaid has also stirred controversy since it was announced in 2019 that halle Berry would play the lead role.
However, in the face of public controversy, many mixed-race families still benefit from mixed-race in many ways. In addition to their physical appearance, the effects of mixed-race on their wealth and reputation are also reflected.
In the case of the Kardashians, the sisters don’t choose to date nobodies — kanye West, Lamar Odom, James Harden and other “followers” are representatives of both influence and wealth. Moreover, in the process of communication, or after the establishment of a family, the two parties have formed a greater joint force of influence. After gaining more attention, their fame and wealth will be enhanced.
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have created a huge amount of financial value in their image creation through the joint promotion of their daily lives as a couple, as well as their commercial collaboration. By the time their marriage was on the brink of collapse, the Sun reported that kardashian and Kanye were worth a staggering £1.6billion.
Active intermarriage to active participation in politics

And it’s not just the mixed-race families of the entertainment industry that have the power to unite. For example, the Current Influential Chinese community in Philippine society is the beneficiary of mixed race.
Due to the special Spanish colonial history of the region, the local Chinese, once subjected to “racial segregation”, chose to marry with Filipinos one after another for personal safety and wealth protection. Mixed ethnic Chinese, fang has become an important citizen class in Philippine society.
Today, many Filipinos of Chinese ancestry are also of mixed Chinese ancestry. Since the 1970s, Chinese filipinos have actively participated in politics, and many typical Chinese elites, ranging from officials to ministers and even to the president, have emerged, forming a good situation for Chinese to participate in politics.
Since the 21st century, the Chinese community has become an important part of Philippine society by actively participating in politics after achieving great economic success.
From the perspective of the royal families of all countries that pay the most attention to the purity of blood, the British royal family’s acceptance of mixed-race members such as Princess Meghan and Danish Royal family’s acceptance of mixed-race members also shows the openness of the royal families of all countries to the mixed-race identity.
In the future, it remains to be seen where the social cognition of mixed-race families will go, and whether mixed-race families can bring more positive effects to these families. However, the ensuing cultural integration and social structure adjustment and other changes are still worth looking forward to.

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