How to set your network boundaries?

Boundaries are self-protection when overloaded, a way of expressing reasonable expectations to others, and key to helping you experience safety and comfort in your interpersonal interactions. Self-care is all about setting boundaries. Self-discipline is the act of setting boundaries for yourself.
When I work with clients in therapy, I often hear them enumerate the ills of social media: feeling left out, constantly comparing yourself to others, being too tired to pretend. Not only did I worry about falling into this trap myself, BUT I also worried about whether I had, consciously or not, instilled dissatisfaction and jealousy in others. But experience has taught me that you can never control how others react to what you share.
As a psychotherapist, I post every post with a purpose, and I anticipate how it will be received. However, there are always some people who deliberately misinterpret my meaning when they read it. And I found that their interpretation often had nothing to do with my expression but everything to do with their own lives.
In the grand scheme of things, our consumption on the Internet is manageable. When we come across something we don’t like to watch, we can choose whether to watch it or not. To give up that option and continue to focus on what bothers us is to agree to continue to be bothered.
As an active social media user, I set some boundaries for my accounts and consistently put them at the top of my home page. I’m not suggesting that everyone do what I do. But if your account is for professional communication, or if you’re an Internet sensation, or if you get a lot of online mail every day, consider setting some boundaries like I do. By being open about your boundaries, you are teaching people how to interact with you effectively.
Even with such clear boundaries, there are still people who want to test my limits. All I could do in the face of temptation was stick to my boundaries.
I’ve enjoyed the joy of missing out for years. There are many advantages to being an outsider in the Internet world. Living in the information age, it is essential to create your own healthy lifestyle by setting boundaries.
If you can’t wake up without your phone
Don’t sleep with your phone next to your bed. Put your phone away from your bed, such as across the room.
Or just put it in another room. Think about what you can do when you wake up besides checking your phone. Such as brushing your teeth and washing your face, writing in your journal, hugging your partner or stretching. Anything but checking your phone.
If you check your phone a lot
Keep your phone out of your reach or charge it in another room. Train yourself to switch off for a few hours each day. Create a social media schedule and set a strict time limit for when you’re not using social media.
If you overuse social media
Track your use time. You can set a time limit for using social media on your phone, and once you reach that limit, all your social media apps will be automatically logged out, or a message will pop up asking you to confirm if you’re ignoring the time limit. Some apps also come with reminders to tell you how long you’ve been using them. If you’re determined to set boundaries for yourself, stick to them.
If your self-esteem and self-worth have been hit, jealousy or resentment may even develop
In a poll I conducted on social media, 33 percent of participants said it was difficult to unfollow someone even if they didn’t like what they posted on social media.
Be careful about which accounts you follow and why. If the friend beside concerned a certain well-known network red person, but the content of this account unluckily can let your heart unripe envy, even self-pity, right now correct choice is not follow suit namely. Once you find that the content of any account interferes with your mood, you should immediately unfollow, block or close the message notification, and then self-repair, such as these adverse reactions are completely eliminated and psychological construction to pay attention to those accounts.

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