Holy Land Tour: A journey through time and space

I want to enter the world constructed by the work, make friends with my favorite characters, and have a misplaced “encounter” in the place where my idol once stayed… You can do all this by packing your bags and visiting the Holy Land.
Lift your foot and step gently into the second dimension
The salty sea breeze was blowing in the face, and not far away, the vast blue sea and the sky formed a piece. You walk a few steps and the green tram goes “Ding-ding-dong.”
The earth moves slowly past you. Someone is talking in a low voice, you turn around and witness the encounter between Sakuragi Hanamichi and Akagi Haruko. This is Kamakura.
An endless flight of stone stairs stretched upward, flanked by tall, green trees, the sun’s rays streaming through the foliage. As you ascend the steps, a man appears at the top of the stone steps, with a cat on his shoulder. They are talking to each other. But you are not surprised at all, because you know him. His name is Xia Mu. This is Renji.
As a Japanese manga fan, you crave a pilgrimage to the holy land of your favorite anime — taking photos, walking the paths of the main characters, eating the food they’ve eaten and seeing the scenery they’ve seen.
The holy Land pilgrimage originally refers to the pilgrimage of saints, or the search for spirituality in religious holy places. Sounds like a fantasy, right? The Japanese are here to give you something practical.
Japanese animation industry developed, its scale and influence of many countries can not catch up. In Japanese ACGN (the combination of Animation, Comic, Game, Novel) works, there are often many real places and scenery, so in addition to peripheral products, the two-dimension culture lovers that overflow love has another place to bloom.
The pilgrimage to the holy land from the second dimension is all the rage, and in recent years it has actually brought a wave of cultural tourism. However, the expression of love is not just for ACGN culture lovers. Those who love TV series, variety shows and stars have also started their own pilgrimage to the holy land.
Looking back, the trees of the Holy Land are in full bloom
In order to persuade you to go to a scenic spot when you are traveling, your friends will often say “go and have a look when you come”, which is somewhat “forced to play”. The pilgrimage to the Holy Land is different. People do not go to the sights, but just want to see with their own eyes the place they have remembered from a brief glimpse, or to experience the mood of the protagonist in the same place across time and space. After searching hard, they finally found the location, and they took “god restored” photos while feeling with their hearts. Lele alone is not as good as many lele, the great success of their then generous travel tips to share with the same good. Don’t look down on their ability to take goods, ordinary scenery often so and change, become a “holy land”.
Pilgrimage to the Holy Land usually has a clear purpose, and those who do pilgrimage to the Holy Land are basically influenced by certain works. The ritual of visiting holy places has become a form of “content tourism” or “cultural tourism”. The source of “holy land” is not only quadratic.
Chongqing, the city I live in, is once again popular because of this. Several films have made Chongqing one of the most popular tourist cities on the Internet, culminating in my Boy. Soon after the film was released, inquiries from out-of-town friends began to pour in: “Where is the Crown Escalator?” “How do I get to the drum house?” “Which school are they shooting from?” Not long after, I saw the same picture of their movie on wechat moments, with the lines in the movie and my own mood, no problem with the film and TV series version of the Holy Land tour ah!
If you think about it, this pattern is not uncommon. “Roman Holiday” brought fire to Rome, TVB drama brought fire to Hong Kong, “Dad, Where are We Going” brought fire to Pingtan Island… Apart from TV series and variety shows, stars like Wang Junkai and Wang Yuan also attract legions of fans to explore the places they left their footprints every summer vacation.
Holy pilgrimage in the two yuan outside the main road, has long grown rich branches.
Open your heart and find the place for love
Whatever the cause, the pilgrimage to the Holy Land has had an impact on the region. Of course, IT’s not up to me. Let’s see what the data say.
“Shan Hai Qing” hit, minning town’s search index rose 561% month-on-month; To go further, the number of tourists received by Chongqing during the National Day holiday increased by 21.3% year on year after the broadcast of “I Lived in Your World”, with the total tourism revenue exceeding 8 billion yuan. A little further back, “The Continent” pushed the little-named East Pole island on the tourist list past 200,000 visitors.
The effects of these forces are mutual. Films and TV dramas attract tourists to visit the holy land, boost the local tourism economy and promote local culture. Similarly, all regions also want to take advantage of this wind “circle”.
Many cities have launched favorable policies for the film and television industry, such as providing subsidies for the crew, and giving preferential treatment to venues and props, so as to attract the crew to shoot and make the city appear on the scene. Or consciously create film and television works with local style, such as chongqing as the background of the animation “I am Jiang Xiaobai”, like Chongqing tourism propaganda film.
If the holy Land tour and “holy land” are mutually beneficial, what does the individual who conducts the holy Land tour gain?
Two pictures flashed through my mind: A few years ago, my friend A went to study in The UK. One day she said to me, “I saw Sherlock Holmes’s pipe!” Two days later she exclaimed, “I’m going to Hogwarts to study magic!” Later, photos of 221b Baker Street and Platform 9 at London Railway Station became her best memories of the year. I can’t forget the countless exclamation marks she sent, and I can feel her excitement through time and space till now.
Last year, my friend B came to Chongqing to play, and I accompanied her to all the places associated with TFBOYS. “The same Angle, the same pose, the same picture,” she told me. Later I learned that there were many fans like her on the online platform, frozen in the same place, similar time.
When they visit the Holy land, their emotions are supported and their wishes are fulfilled. Into the two yuan or close to the idol, in that place for them to have special significance, at that moment, they both saw once “go astray” themselves, but also because of the “holy land” scenery and be cured.

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