Bee doctor

One day, Huang Liushu back tea basket, ready to pick tea up the mountain. As soon as he walked out of the village, he saw Wan Zhong, wearing a straw hat and carrying a satchel, putting up a ladder by the Longan tree in Huang’s house.

This longan is a high-quality early maturing variety of Huang Liushu. It was a tribute in the early years. It is big, thick and sweet, and can be sold at a good price every year. Longan has been ripe, Huang Liushu plans to pick the mountain tea, longan picked to sell, did not think of ten thousand boys dare to brazenly steal!

Huang Liushu has no good feelings for Wan Zhong. Ten thousand zhong high school failed, back to the village not to be a good farmer, but started beekeeping, known as “ten thousand crazy (bee) son”. Ten thousand madman climbed a ladder, raised his hand to pick a longan, clicked a bite off the skin, then spit out a small nucleus, chewed a while, sighed: “the entrance of slag, long aftertaste, no wonder it is a tribute…”

“Tribute is not for you! Huang Six uncle suddenly roar, surprised ten thousand zhong almost fell down from the ladder. He smile way: “sixth uncle does not take a nap ah, so big sun to pick tea.” “Hum, I take a nap, how do you steal my longan?” “Hey hey, I pick a taste…” “If I don’t shout, you’ll pick a bag!”

“This……” Wan Zhong was tongue-tied, “Uncle Six, I’m here to collect bees.” Said from the satchel took out a funnel shape of thin bamboo ribbon woven bee bucket. Huang Liushu looked carefully, longan tree branches, as expected attached to a “bee ball”.

It turns out that when a new queen is born in a hive, the old queen flies out of the hive and settles in a nearby tree, followed by her loyal worker bees, who form a ball around her. Now is the time to collect the bees, put them into the empty hive, a nest of their own. If it goes on long enough, the old queen bee and her workers flee.

Uncle Huang had never seen the bees, so he stood under a tree and watched. Wan Zhong put down the black gauze on the top of his straw hat, took out a pair of rubber gloves from his satchel, and put them on. Then he put the bee bucket under the bee ball with his left hand, and with a flick of his right hand, the bee ball fell into the bee bucket.

This was the way the bees were collected. Huang liushu opened his eyes and forgot his unhappiness. After Wan Zhong got down the ladder, Huang Liushu casually asked, “What should I do next?”

Talking about bees, ten thousand madman became excited and danced around: “Open the empty hive and buckle the bee bucket so forcefully…”

He was really a button, the ball landed, the bees buzz scattered! Wan Zhong was startled, and hurriedly put a straw hat with black yarn hanging down the edge over Huang liushu’s head, and pulled off the rubber gloves to put on him. Huang Liushu was wearing shorts and bare legs, and was soon stung by a bee and fell to the ground. There are bees want to drill into his wide trouser tube, Huang sixth uncle hurriedly tucked trouser feet.

Catch the thief, wan Zhong caught the queen bee bee bucket, after huang Six uncle around a few shake, bees have to fly back to bee bucket. Because Wan zhong was a beekeeper, he smelled of honey and the bees didn’t sting him much.

Wan Zhong huang Liushu back to the yellow home, because something, in a hurry. Uncle Huang angrily said to his daughter, “He is quite harmless for stinging my legs like this! Ah Juan, you go to the village clinic and ask Doctor Feng to come over and give me a look. I’ll ask The boy from Wan’s family again after the medical fee.”

Juan is the only daughter of Huang Liushu, wan Zhong’s classmate in high school. She took out her cell phone and called Dr. Feng on speakerphone. After hearing this, Dr. Feng said, “Bees are not so toxic. Your father has a bad stomach. Better not take medicine.”

After A Juan went out, Huang Liushu lay on the bed and thought about the sting carefully for several times. The more he thought, the more suspicious he became. Finally he came to the conclusion that Wan Madman had put the bee ball on the ground on purpose so that the bee could sting me. He did so, one is revenge I laughed at him to drink five skins, two is he steal longan was caught by me…

The next day, the swelling on his leg had gone away and Huang liushu got out of bed, still angry with Wan Zhong: If you stung me like this, you must apologize! In the afternoon, Wan Zhong came with the gift, “Uncle Six…”

Huang liushu waited for the other party to say “sorry” three words, he closed his eyes, who knows what he heard is “liushu, I am to propose marriage…… I like Adjuan.” “What?” Uncle Huang opened his eyes and said, “You deliberately set bees to sting my legs. Without an apology, you still want to abduct my daughter? In your dreams!”

“Sixth uncle, I did not mean to…” “Go!” Huang Liushu angrily picked up the gift on the table toward ten thousand zhong hit, ten thousand zhong fled.

Originally, an enterprise contracts land in the village, built lily planting base. When Wan Zhong returned to the village, five thousand mu of lilies were in full bloom. Wan Zhong had a brainwave and developed beekeeping. Ah Juan see beekeeping easy, big income, also followed to raise more than ten boxes. Fearing her father’s disapproval, she kept her beehives in Wanzhong’s house. As get along day deep, ten thousand zhong produced feeling to a Juan.

Huang six uncle anger subsided, a careful thought, Juan is indeed big, the search for a husband’s family, he called his wife to call the matchmaker, to help a Juan to find an object. A few days later, the matchmaker came over happily and said, “What about Dr. Feng from the village clinic?”

Doctor Feng is a family of traditional Chinese medicine, sitting behind the desk every day to make money, the sun can not be exposed to rain. “How nice! Huang Liushu readily agreed. Hiring a doctor as a son-in-law is like hiring a family doctor. Asked Juan, Juan agreed. Since then, Huang Liushu found that a Juan a free run to the village clinic.

One day, Ajuan said, “Dad, Doctor Feng said that using acupuncture to treat rheumatism is his ancestral secret recipe. He asked you to go to the clinic and he will inject needles for you.”

Huang liushu waved his arm and stretched his legs and said, “My rheumatism seems to follow the weather. I don’t have any rheumatism in my legs now, I don’t feel any pain in my joints, but I still have some discomfort here in my shoulder.” “That call seal doctor to help tie a few needle, cure thoroughly.”

Huang Six uncle ao however, had to come to the village clinic with her daughter. The clinic’s ceiling fans whirled noisily. Doctor Feng is still as white as before, white cap, white mask and white coat. Uncle Huang took off his coat and sat up straight. After wiping the acupuncture site with a wet towel, Dr. Feng began acupuncture.

Although huang liushu is 50 years old, he is still afraid of pain like a child. Every time he draws blood or gets an injection, he closes his eyes and does not dare to look. He closed his eyes and suddenly felt a slight pain in his shoulder. The acupuncture began. The slight pain was followed by a sharp tingling. He felt very comfortable and seemed to have hit an acupoint. Uncle Huang was very satisfied with the skill of his future son-in-law.

Half an hour later, the acupuncture was finished. Juan to accompany his father home, and told him, continuous injection for three days, his rheumatism can be completely cured.

At the end of the third day, the power went out. The ceiling fan stopped and the room fell silent. Hwang liushu with his eyes closed seemed to hear the sound of bees flying. Could it be voices? He opened his eyes and saw that the bee was being stung on the shoulder by a pair of tweezers. He stood up and said, “What are you doing?”

“Dad, this is bee therapy that Wan Zhong found out!” Juan blurted out.

“You’re not Dr. Feng?” Huang Liushu glared at the white coat in front of him. “I am the bee doctor, the bee’s bee.” The doctor said to take off the big mask, is really ten thousand zhong.

“Where’s Doctor Feng?” “Asked Huang liushu. “He went to town and gave me the practice.” A clock.

“You’re practicing medicine illegally, you’re experimenting on me! Don’t sting me, sting me, you…”

Ah Juan took a frame and said, “Dad, look carefully. This is Wan Zhong’s medical license.” Huang liushu took a look and saw the name of Wan Zhong written on it. Juan continued, “Wan Zhong had set his heart on medical college, but failed. After he came back, he taught himself Chinese medicine while keeping bees, and even learned from an old Chinese doctor as a teacher. Later, I took the doctor qualification examination for doctors with real expertise in TCM and obtained the doctor qualification certificate of TCM specialty.”

“You prick a needle with a bee?” Huang liushu was surprised. “This is bee-needle therapy that I learned,” Wan said. Clinical practice proves, apitherapy has remarkable curative effect to rheumatism, its biggest benefit is need not take medicine, reduce the burden of intestines and stomach. You have a bad stomach, so I treat you with apitherapy.” Huang liushu suddenly remembered that no wonder the rheumatism on his legs was much better after being stung by a bee that day.

At this moment, the matchmaker came in and said to Wan Zhong, “Zhong, give me a bee therapy. My arthritis in my leg has broken again.” “All right, Aunt.” Bell said. My aunt? Huang Six uncle this just understand, oneself top matchmaker when. However, Wan Zhong has a clever mind and many ideas. He is not bad to be his own son-in-law!