Also talk about the German contribution

It is common to hear that some people suffer so much because of donations that they even think about how to earn the money back. The bottom line is that the sums are often large. On the one hand, for ordinary workers, especially young people who have just joined the work, a few times a month, then the monthly living expenses may become a problem. On the other hand, donations can also be seen by some people as a symbol of human kindness. Who has not had a happy occasion? Neighbors, relatives and friends must show it. So, is there a human chip for germans, who are supposed to be strict and staid?
German life naturally also have red and white happy events – marriage, children, birthdays, funerals, promotion, resignation and so on. Only their personality decided to make a contribution to the scale, not because of the contribution and affect their quality of life.
If you are invited to the wedding ceremony, congratulations, you are a close friend of the bride or groom. The number of people attending the wedding is limited to a certain range, ordinary colleagues are not invited, nor is the boss, unless the couple has a good personal relationship with the boss; It can even keep colleagues from knowing someone is married. Those invited give gifts or cash worth between 50 and 100 euros, depending on how close they are to the couple. Full-time Germans earn at least a thousand euros a month. The occasional honor of being invited to a wedding is affordable. As for ordinary colleagues, if they know, just say “congratulations”.
Other couples hold “toss nights” before their weddings, giving family and friends who may not have the opportunity to attend the ceremony a chance to celebrate the event with the couple. It is a German custom for guests to bring gifts worth 10 or 20 euros and break old China (such as plates and bowls) to wish the prospective couple a happy marriage. Because germans believe that the crumbs will bring people luck.
Knowing that a colleague is happy to have your son and daughter, there will be someone (usually a female secretary) around you to prepare a card, and then send an email to everyone that you are willing to contribute, you can send the money to the past, and by the way sign on the card; The unwilling and confused can ignore this email. Each person puts up three or five euros, and then gathers together to buy a present or shopping voucher for the new parent. Most new parents bake a cake and give it to their colleagues to celebrate. Some generous, especially happy, will treat colleagues to a “luxurious” breakfast. The “luxury” here is the hot variety of fried sausages and steaks, as opposed to the ordinary cold breakfast in Germany (bread, butter, jam, sausages, etc.).
As for birthdays, Germans are more concerned. For example, for a child’s birthday, first take some food to the kindergarten or school to celebrate a little, after returning home to celebrate again with close friends, and finally invite friends to celebrate again. Every time the child has a birthday, he always makes a fuss. Children who grow up this way take their birthdays seriously. Birthday cake baked at home to invite relatives and friends is essential, pay attention to some, but also add dinner. Often listen to people complain, a birthday, tired to death, next year definitely not so. As a result, we do the same next year.
Every time a colleague in the office celebrates his or her birthday, he or she will shake hands to say congratulations. In Germany, it is considered unlucky to wish a birthday in advance. If you miss the day, you can wish happy birthday afterwards. People on their birthdays bake cakes or buy small treats from bakeries to share with colleagues on or after the day.
When you turn 40 or 50, you’re likely to have to chip in. It’s just a possibility. Some Germans believe that if the birthday party invited guests, they would gather together, otherwise not; There are Also German people think, big birthday, in any case also should show. And even if you do decide to chip in, it’s about three or five euros per person.
The funeral was attended by relatives and friends, who could be worth tens of euros depending on the distance between them. Corporate colleagues don’t have to worry about it. For those who have been promoted or resigned, if they invite their colleagues to have coffee or dinner, each of them will give three or five euros to buy a gift and write a card to celebrate together. If quietly leave, also people walk tea cool, no one on right and wrong.
The relationship between germans looks weak. They share in the joy of those around them without burdening themselves. Since the amount of contributions is limited, it doesn’t matter whether you earn it or not.