When exactly should we get married

As the post-90s young people begin to step into the 30-year-old stage, friends around them are urged to get married every year by various patterns.

In the eyes of parents, after the age of 25, do not get married to catch up with the progress of life.

The parents of the previous generation felt that there is no love, can slowly cultivate, the most important thing is that the other party is suitable for living life.

But for us, not married, in fact, is holding on to love.

I also used to imagine what it would be like to get married to someone who has no feelings, but is suitable.

Maybe a lot of things are more like tasks for us, there is no basis for love, there may be no common topics, and also each other will probably not reveal their hearts.

There is just a sense of boundaries that many people want, which also hides the wariness of each other.

Of course, these are my own conclusions based on some things around me, and they don’t fit everyone’s situation.

The only thing I can say for sure is this: a marriage without love has no details after marriage.

Thankfully, my girlfriend and I have gone from knowing each other to knowing each other to loving each other, and from the very beginning I have identified this girl and decided to spend my life with her.

I always believe that love from one to the other is the best.

It’s not about being a love brain or a paranoid person, but about being sincere and dedicated when it comes to relationships.

Nowadays, young people are very smart, they can distinguish whether a person is sincere, whether they cherish each other’s feelings.

Many people may feel that it is risky to end up in a relationship, but the benefits behind it are far more beneficial for a lifetime.

Because from one to the other, we find the other half who will stay with us for the rest of our lives.

Because from one to the end, there is less unnecessary suspicion and more people to trust.

Because from the end, we understand that marriage is not a bondage, but a mutual willingness to take responsibility for a family.

I know that “from one to the other” sounds like an old-fashioned topic.

In this day and age, everyone has the right to choose love and to be chosen by love.

But no matter what, there is nothing in this world more worthy of a heartbeat than clear love and sincere fondness.

Love is a choice, and what is valuable is not that we choose each other among many possibilities, but that we remain steadfast in choosing each other after all kinds of temptations, frictions and quarrels.

The novelty, indeed, stimulates our dopamine.

I’ve seen many people who have been together for years and eventually choose to break up because they return to mediocrity and think their feelings have been exhausted.

But trying something new with the old person, creating new rituals, is also a good way to relieve emotional fatigue.

I hope that before giving up on each other think: there are many better people than yourself, why the other person will not choose a better one?

I always believe that “from one to the end” can help us to get rid of unworthy people, but also help us to keep the people who go hand in hand for life.

Marriage is never the grave of love, no love is.

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