The truly great people have already tuned their lives into silent mode

In “The Most Powerful Time,” Mudd writes.

“Happiness is really a sense of inner peace. Quiet until fame and fortune do not disturb, the world does not disturb, their own mind does not disturb.”

As I grow older, I understand more and more that the true meaning of happiness in life is nothing more than a “quiet” word.

Quiet, is the source of strength of the strong, but also a wisdom of the philosophy of the world.

It can shield us from all outside interference, but also to cleanse our inner turmoil.

When many people are still addicted to the noise and impatience of the world, the truly powerful people have long tuned their lives into the silent mode.

Jack Fox once said.

“Remember: there are two things we try to do as little as possible, one is to interfere with other people’s lives with our own mouths, and the other is to think about life by other people’s brains.”

Often, there is no way to stop the outside world from pointing at us, or even to manage the bad feelings that come with it.

Only by turning on the silent mode, let your life be quiet, let your heart be quiet, you can move forward with determination.

Our basketball star Yi Jianlian entered the CBA at the age of 15, but was mocked by many for his lack of game experience and very many mistakes.

Some people even gave him the nickname “Lotus Girl” and laughed loudly when he was on the court.

But Yi Jianlian did not take it seriously.

Not enough physical fitness to train hard, not enough game experience to ask more advice from veteran players, shooting accuracy is not enough to practice hard shooting ……

He is always the first to arrive at the training ground, warming up in advance to be most prepared for the game.

Someone once asked him in an interview, “How do you want to deal with those irrational words on the Internet?”

Yi Jianlian just smiled gently and said, “Less online.”

This answer sounds humorous, but it is the best way to deal with the problem.

Because we can’t shut everyone else up, we can only shield the unwarranted malice from our world.

There’s a saying on the Internet, “Outside voices are just references, you don’t have to refer to them if you’re unhappy.”

It’s hard to make everyone happy with the path we’ve taken and the things we’ve done.

So don’t suffer in the voices of others, and don’t torture yourself because of the trifling words of others.

Writer Feng Gicai said this.

“Low profile is to live in your own world, high profile is to live in other people’s world.”

The more accomplished people are, the more they know how to keep a low profile.

Socrates, a famous philosopher in ancient Greece, was not only brilliant, but also had an introverted personality and never made a show of himself.

He was good at guiding students to think by the “talking method” and cultivated many excellent students, and Plato, who shook the world by his book “The Ideal State”, was one of them.

But whenever he was praised for his knowledge and teaching skills, he always shook his head in denial.

“The only thing I know is my own ignorance.”

Shelley once wrote: “Shallow waters are noisy, deep waters are silent.”

Low profile, a sober attitude.

A truly great man does not hang on to his strength, but puts his ability in his heart.

The Italian jeweler Molecki went to London to attend a gemstone auction.

His neighbor was a plainly dressed old man with a jeweled watch.

Molecki asked, “I’m sure your watch is worth a lot of money?”

The old man smiled and said, “No, just an ordinary watch.”

After hearing this, Molecki began to brag that he not only had a large collection of precious stones, but was also very knowledgeable about jewelry identification.

Later, he was quite proud of a peacock sapphire that he had auctioned off for £50,000.

At this point the old man said to him, “I didn’t warn you because I thought you were a connoisseur, but I didn’t expect you to shoot it, and you spent at least 20,000 pounds more on this gem.”

Molecki then realized that the old man who had just been listening to his bragging was Graf, the jewelry magnate who topped the list of the world’s richest people in the accessories industry.

In The Moon and Sixpence, Maugham wrote.

“What you have to overcome is your vanity, your desire to show off, your petty cleverness in wanting to rush out into the limelight at all times.”

The higher the level of people, the more they know how to restrain their desire to show off and put their lives into mute mode.

When you are pleased, you know how to restrain your inner impatience; when you are disappointed, you know how to laugh at the vagaries of life.

Only if you know how to curb your own sharpness, humble yourself and act in a low profile, you can go a long way.

In the TV series “The Happy Life of Civilian Police Officer Lao Lin”, there is such a strange incident.

Once, old Lin received an alarm from a woman, said the kitchen is cooking chicken soup, but she went out and forgot to bring the key back, worried about a fire at home.

Because the door lock of the house is specially made, it is not easy to pick open for a while.

Old Lin can only risk from the next balcony over to her house, and then break the window to go in, but also therefore injured, but in the good news is that there is no fire.

When the old forest to deal with everything ready to leave, but the alarm to the mother blamed the old forest broke her home glass, had to let the old forest compensation.

Old Lin reluctantly took out money from his pocket to compensate for that aunt, but also urged her to pay attention to turn off the fire before going out next time.

Other people see old Lin this look very angry, asked old Lin why not with her theory.

Old Lin laughed and said, “I’d rather fight with smart people than talk to confused people.”

In life, we will always encounter some rotten people rotten things.

If you fight for a moment of anger and entangled with it, you will only get yourself into the mud, not good to get out.

The truly great people have a forgiving heart and a tolerance for others.

They regulate their emotions into silent mode and do not waste time and energy because of inconsequential people.

As the saying goes, “The general has a sword and does not cut flies.”

Instead of scratching your ears in a life full of flies, you should build up your strength to pursue the poetry and distant places of freedom and spontaneity.

Zhou Guoping wrote in “A Quiet Place”.

“No matter how lively the world is, lively always occupies only a small part of the world.

The world beyond the hustle and bustle is boundless, and there is my place, a quiet place.”

Life is fast, we always want to give ourselves a quiet in this complicated world.

Ignore the unwarranted sarcasm and accusations, sink your heart in the noisy world, and knock all doubts with strength.

Not to be humble, nor complacent, follow their own inner voice and walk every step of the way.

Not entangled with rotten people and rotten things, mute your emotions, and keep enriching and growing in silence.

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