Yao Beixi was suddenly startled, and, ignoring the grief all over her body, jumped off the sofa, pulled on her slippers, and went downstairs.

The small shops in the alley are crowded with bowls, chopsticks, spoons, napkins, and Yao Beixi knows the time without looking at his mobile phone. I slept for less than four hours, no wonder there was a burning pain in my esophagus. No matter noodles, fried rice, rice noodles, xiaolongbao, familiar recipes, you can eat them when you smell them. He was busy breathing into the sky, and saw the sunlight flickering and dazzling his eyes again. Not caring about comforting, Yao Beixi had to speed up and move forward with her big hangover head. Cross the road, go in the opposite direction for a while, then go back halfway and turn into another alley. If I remember correctly, there is a pharmacy there with health insurance.

what do you need? The aunt asked directly, causing Yao Besi to shrink her chin and blink her misty eyes, confirming that she had seen the female shopping guide in her fifties before her. Although the last time she saw her, she put the mask tightly on her face, and this time it was only symbolically stuck under the people, but Yao Bexi still recognized her. Wine red curly hair, triangular eyes, a mole on the left eyebrow, and hair on the mole. Last time, she didn’t mean to communicate at all, but this time, she was diligent in introducing some new products. She pulled down the mask to reveal two rows of beeswax-like millet teeth, raised her happy shoulders and added, what do you need, sister? immune booster? Banlangen should always be prepared.

Although he lived nearby for three years, Yao Beixi only found this pharmacy a year ago because he couldn’t buy masks due to the epidemic. Apart from masks, she has never consumed anything here. It’s no wonder that she is in good health. She relies on the mask in the store. As soon as she puts it on, her nose and lips don’t smell outside the window. Naturally, she has avoided many illnesses that were unavoidable in the past. Subconsciously, Yao Beixi has a positive feeling about this pharmacy related to safety, which is one of the reasons why she would think of coming here in the first place. But Yao Beixi didn’t plan to buy any Banlangen. Before the epidemic, she might follow the trend and stock up on two bags of goods, and then enjoy a cup of warm afternoon tea on social software, euphemistically calling it the sense of security of an independent woman. Now she won’t. The epidemic has changed a lot, at least in terms of space beyond her imagination. Like the last forty episodes of “A Dream of Red Mansions”, the speed was so fast that she needed to digest it slowly, and she even had to turn back to find a foreshadowing. Banlangen is not needed, and health care products are even more useless. The things Yao Beixi wants to buy are very cost-effective, have obvious curative effects, and have a unified national retail price. Yao Beixi was about to say what she was going to buy when her aunt’s face appeared in front of her face again. At this time, her face was full of smiles, which was particularly vivid with her explanation. Yao Beixi instantly felt that her next consumption was not worth such a smile from her aunt. Her sales expectations were obviously too high, and she would inevitably be disappointed. Yao Beixi was tired of dealing with this kind of scene, so she took the lead in showing an indifferent look and said coldly, a box of emergency contraceptives.

Auntie’s flattering mouth seemed to be slapped. Fortunately, her eyes were flexible, she quickly circled around Yao Bexi, and by the way, she brought her nose and smelled the stench of wine all over her body.

Yao Beixi took the contraceptive pill, opened the pill box on the spot, and took out the pills. She grabbed the middle of the mask with one hand and pulled it out, and with the other hand, she put the tablet into her mouth from the opening of her chin. She pulled her head back and pulled her neck back, and the tablet was swallowed. On the way back, Yao Beixi felt remorse. She didn’t know who she was going to eat. Her aunt was not a philistine. The other clerks were more busy eating lunch, and no one paid any attention to anyone. People here are very busy. This is the pharmacy, Futian, Shenzhen, the fruit of reform and opening up, and the ideal pinnacle of Yao Bexi’s persistence after graduating from University. Yao Bexi thought to himself, this absurdity must be some kind of hangover complication, and it has nothing to do with his own nature. She probably wanted to eat and show that box of contraceptives, or the pharmacy, Futian, Shenzhen, or her own uterus, a sperm that didn’t reach the egg. Until I entered the house again, I saw a layer of blue-gray light sticking to the north window, and in a moment, it seemed like a world away.

Okay, just eat it. Taking off her slippers, Yao Beixi walked into the room and leaned on the sofa crookedly. As a result, the lava in her stomach was about to burst into her throat, so she had to straighten her posture crookedly. Now she is neither sleepy nor energetic, neither hungry nor full, she can feel that she still has a fever, her muscles are sore and soft to the limit, and she is still uncomfortable anyway. It seems that drunkenness is the happiest when the soul is out of the body. When the soul comes back, it despises the skin more than the ego. Yao Beixi took a deep breath and tried to use his brain’s reason to forcefully smooth the neurons on both sides of his spine that were twisted by alcohol, and used his memory to prove the necessity of taking medicine.

She drank too much, almost last night, or maybe this morning. No, it seems that she drank too much at dinner last night. To be precise, I also drank a little for lunch. Yesterday’s Yao Beixi did nothing but eat and chat, chat and eat. But she meets an important person—a former boss. Yesterday, Yao Beixi had an appointment with his former boss for dinner due to work. In fact, it had been over a month for this meal, which made Yao Bexi more and more concerned. Before going out, she prepared at least two hours, one hour to put on makeup, half an hour to choose clothes, and another half hour to find the old flower NEVERFULL. The medium-sized handbag was bought three years ago at an online celebrity second-hand vintage store. It is in good condition. It has been maintained before it is sold, and the minor flaws have been processed. It can be seen that it is an unused item. The snow has not faded at all, just like new. Spending half of the money to buy double the worth, Yao Beixi now thinks it is too worth it.

The former boss was Yao Bexi’s hometown, and he even had some distant relatives. This not only made them feel a little more cordial in their words, but also coincided with the way they thought about problems. Therefore, they are the real match between young and old in the company, and their work efficiency is always superhuman. When he was a subordinate in the past, his former boss taught Yao Beixi many times like he taught his own children. But Yao Beixi didn’t easily imagine this opposite-sex boss as a temporary parent. On the contrary, she always weighed her boss’s words and deeds in her heart. She is not afraid of his body, but of things related to his body. This is not all because of Yao Bexi’s family of origin, but a large part of the reason is that she had a boyfriend at the time. When Yao Bexi was six years old, her parents divorced, and her father died soon after. But she has no special interest in older men, and she doesn’t want others to say that she lacks fatherly love, not to mention that she is a bit fat. From an evolutionary perspective, she prefers sports men.

Yesterday’s dinner, the former boss also brought a young fellow, who is also an educator. It’s just that the place of work is in their common home. During the epidemic, online tutoring exploded. The young fellow was originally a civil servant. Perhaps it was because the office was depressed, and his mind became hot, and he chose business. Unexpectedly, I got on the bus and took the order. In just one year, the extra-curricular tutoring ushered in a comprehensive review. Parents’ rights protection, refunds for refunds, and lawsuits for lawsuits. The remedial class of the young fellow was hit hard and barely retained a small number of clients, but their additional requirements made him not sure whether to choose or not. The exhausted young villagers had to come to Shenzhen to visit the old leaders, hoping to get the scriptures. What he didn’t expect was that the situation is similar everywhere now. Whether it is for the former boss or Yao Beixi, the present and the future are the same.

The epidemic seems to be worse than everyone can imagine. Maybe the world order has been broken. Not only business is being reorganized, but human thinking is also being reorganized. Thousands of miles away, three fellow villagers sighed.

It’s good or bad, but it’s not a good feeling to be able to say what’s in your heart. If you dare not say it at home, you can say it thousands of miles away; if it is inconvenient to say it thousands of miles away, it is also convenient to say it suddenly when you meet fellow villagers. Although everyone is not speaking the language of their hometown, the truth is the truth of their hometown, and the words are all the words of their hometown. After a meal, I didn’t eat a few mouthfuls of food and a glass of wine. As usual, it is impossible for a girl to drink two men, but Yao Beixi is a girl from the north. As usual, there is still a certain amount of alcohol. But somehow, after the meal, Yao Beixi and the young fellow supported their former boss and staggered into the taxi, turned around and helped each other with the young fellow to go to the bar. When we got to that famous bar, Yao Beixi was cut off.


Yao Beixi turned her neck lightly, and her two heads gradually overlapped into one. She tried to move her shoulders again, and her spine seemed to have returned to most of the way. She began to dare to imagine that if she ran five kilometers immediately, everything would be the same as before. But she just stretched her arms out toward the ceiling to make some more substantial movements, and as soon as she raised her head, her forearms were paralyzed, and her bent elbows fell straight to her scalp.

Before the hand touched the scalp, Yao Beixi felt nervous and itchy, so she scratched her head. The more she scratched, the more frantic she became. She was like a mother who couldn’t figure out how to get out of the zoo. Chimpanzees. She was sure that the itchy place had started to hurt, but it still couldn’t stop. It didn’t take long for her arm to take it anymore, so she was defeated, and suddenly she got angry. Said, his right hand slammed heavily on the Pad. Since the nerve conduction is still in the paralysis stage, Yao Bexi’s body response and facial expression response to pain are not consistent, so she can’t coordinate, so her whole person’s performance is like singing out of tune, and she can’t ponder carefully.

Pad, who was lying on the sofa, was obviously startled by her, and immediately opened his flat eye and issued a bright radiant warning. Seeing that it was a misunderstanding, and then the smoothness remained the same, but the program was started, and the screen could not be closed for a while, so a recently opened public account article popped up. To be precise, the last opening time of this article was around 12:30 noon yesterday. Yao Beixi took one last look at the article before entering the roast duck restaurant. The article has been dragged to the end, and the closing sentence is written like this: To be continued…

In this way, this article should be very attractive, and it can never be a running account recorded in chronological order, and readers should eagerly look forward to the author’s release of the next article as soon as possible. But now Yao Beixi can’t remember exactly what was written in this article. She only remembers that Li Li said that it looked like a running account recorded in chronological order, and for most people, it was not attractive at all. Yao Beixi is the majority, but she wrote this article with almost all her passion. She searched for all the documents that could be found on the market, and she read all the documents that had something to do with it. If this article is a dish, at least it is full of ingredients, but Li Li’s evaluation seems to be tasteless.

Faced with the rejection, Yao Bexi was annoyed at the beginning, and her self-esteem would not accept being completely rejected. But at the same time, she tried her best to suppress her anger, because Li Li was her good friend, and he took her phone call and listened carefully when she needed to vent her emotions the most. She must not turn her face immediately, not to mention that when she decided to write a public account, the first person to inform was Li Li. The two were very speculative when they first chatted about the plan, and quickly positioned the content on a travel account related to education. Yao Beixi has been educating for ten years. After she received education, she began to educate others. Regarding education, even if she has no talent, she also lacks experience. Before the epidemic, she traveled every year, and went to many places at home and abroad. The educational institution where she worked also radiated more than half of China. She has too much of a say in travel education. They chatted passionately, and while asking questions, they couldn’t help but label themselves as high-quality human women. Yao Beixi never knew that his brain hole could open to such a diameter, like a black hole.

Li Li said that you can make a business promotion PPT first, list the most familiar cases, find some new media companies to talk about start-up funds or labor support, or simply do two trials first. Li Li has also been working in the media for ten years. Not only has she established a firm foothold in the company, she has also worked part-time on many official accounts. Li Li’s idea coincided with Yao Bexi’s, and they both regretted not discovering this content earlier because of their narcissism. Li Li also said that if such a public account is established, it will be easy to realize it. Whether it is education or travel, it will be affected by social pain points. But when it comes to the actual implementation, Li Li took the lead in saying that she has no time to practice for Yao Bexi, and then encouraged Yao Bexi to come up with a case as soon as possible, because only with a case can she further confirm how their plan should be implemented. powerful.

Thinking about it now, Li Li sincerely stated his strengths and weaknesses, but Yao Bexi didn’t fully understand it at that time, and Yao Bexi felt that something was wrong as soon as he returned home. I don’t know if I heard it wrong or if there was something wrong with Li Li’s expression. Anyway, after returning home, what Yao Bexi can remember is that everyone is optimistic about the project, and Li Li has carefully planned. But only on the second day, Yao Beixi felt from the message that Li Li’s enthusiasm had subsided. When making another appointment, Li Li repeatedly expressed his hope to see Yao Bexi’s case first. She explained that she only understood Yao Bexi’s idea consciously, but what came after the content was the most real.

From the first day she met Li Li, Yao Bexi felt that she was a big fool. But sometimes she is very sure that she is reliable, especially in her personal life. How can a beauty who cleans herself up beautifully and can complete all stages of life to a standard be unreliable? Even though jobs are changed, wages are always rising. Boyfriends followed one by one, but they set foot in the most high-quality harbor. It seems that he stepped on it in advance. It is also over thirty years old. Li Li has a car, a house, savings, a husband, and there is no shortage of suitors. After two years of marriage, she is not in a hurry to have children. Such a perfect life, what else can it be because of reliability? So Yao Bexi later judged that the reason why Li Li was changing was just because she was too smart and didn’t want to work hard for nothing. Li Lizhi wanted the content, so she Yao Bexi had to write it, but for some reason, she lost her inspiration as soon as she made up her mind. She really regretted not recording their conversation that day. So after a while, two full months after they first talked about this plan, that is, a week ago, the draft was finally come out.

When she really entered the creation, Yao Bexi was very happy. The more she wrote, the more vigorous and fascinated she became. After writing it, she didn’t feel any difficulty. She knew that she could do it without Li Li’s help. Therefore, after the manuscript was written, Yao Beixi did not send it to Li Li for the first time. But she still sent a message to Li Li, telling her that she was done. Li Li replied: Congratulations. No matter how Yao Beixi looked at those two words, he didn’t see any temperature, or that he didn’t want to read and meet again. But Yao Beixi couldn’t wait any longer. She read the article over and over again. So, she went online to check the best time to send the official account, and sent the first article at 8:30 in the evening.

Until noon yesterday, Yao Beixi asked Li Li for lunch, which was the third day after the second article was published. The number of readings and likes of the second article is obviously not as high as that of the first article. Yao Bexi is a little panicked. According to her assumption, each article should be more valuable than the first article. When she invited Li Li to dinner, she didn’t tell Li Li what to do. Li Li also recovered and went to the restaurant without asking anything. Yao Beixi drank his first glass of wine in 24 hours at that Internet celebrity roast duck restaurant.

From the very beginning of the appointment, Yao Beixi had been thinking about the public account, so she had to sit for two stops and was late for a while. She sat down in front of roast duck, pig’s trotters, preserved egg tofu, and pumpkin porridge, still thinking about the official account. But in the end, it was Yao Bexi herself who took the initiative to bring up the article. As soon as she opened her mouth to talk about it, Li Li closed her mouth.

Not a single compliment, total denial, total denial. A series of shortcomings made Yao Beixi almost unable to stay. But Li Li spoke very vigorously, and did not notice that Yao Bexi’s face gradually put on a far-fetched smile. This smile didn’t last long, and gradually turned into a helpless feeling.

What made Yao Beixi want to disappear in situ was that Li Li actually mentioned work in the end. Li Li asked her to find a new job as soon as possible a year ago, and like an old mother, she calculated the time when she was unemployed and the various disadvantages that unemployment would bring. Yao Beixi had no choice but to call the waiter, order a glass of plum wine, and suffocate after a sip, and then the air mass burped out of his stomach and turned somersaults. What made Yao Beixi even more ashamed was that in the past, it was AA system, but this time Li Li paid the money with a smile and asked her to find a job before inviting her back.


Yao Beixi unscrewed a bottle of mineral water and drank it, as if to suppress something, it was anger, tears, or maybe collapse.

Forget it, not that fragile, and of course, not that strong. What does it matter? She has to live her life by herself, and she has to follow her own rhythm. She wasn’t drunk at noon, she was a little irritable at best, but this might be a potential factor that caused her to get drunk at night. She jumped off the sofa after the break. Before the break, she had lunch with her girlfriend, dinner with her former boss, and danced and had a room with a young fellow. Then she jumped up from her couch. Then she must have dreamed something, but at this moment she just can’t remember it. She remembers the official account, so she can’t remember another dream. To be exact, the moment she jumped off the sofa, she forgot everything.

It’s a pity that she still has to remember, even if she doesn’t think about it, she will remember it sooner or later. Alcohol is a lover, a sweetheart lover. When you mix with you, you have to hold everything about you. When you get used to her, it will be impossible without her. She will be separated from you again, and you can’t help but think about it. Everything about her.

Taking a deep breath, Yao Beixi wanted to reminisce, just like her lover. She had to remember, if it weren’t for the reminder of the dream, how could she have run straight to the pharmacy?

to his dreams. is liquid. Wet, lewd reminder.

Flashing lights, DJ dance music, come, come. In the blink of an eye, I arrived at the neglected night street, and in the blink of an eye, I arrived at the pampered hotel, with blurred carpets, toilets, and white sheets. In the blink of an eye, she first heard the ringing of the mobile phone, which made her have to open her eyes. It was a string of unfamiliar numbers. After answering the call, she knew it was the young fellow.

The young fellow said that he had to catch an early flight back to his hometown, so he had to take a step first and come back to Shenzhen when he had time to contact him later. The young fellow repeatedly emphasized that he had already paid the rent, as if there was really nothing to talk about between them other than the rent. Yao Beixi didn’t answer, and hung up the phone after he was speechless.

Yao Beixi closed her eyes, but she couldn’t fall asleep. She gradually smelled the 84 disinfectant on the quilt covering her body, and then smelled the mold on the carpet, and the rubber that thousands of people stepped on in the shower. The smell of the pads. Realizing that her sense of smell had recovered, Yao Beixi got up quickly. She had to call an online car-hailing car to go home while she was awake. When she walked out of the hotel door, she was like a new life, and her whole body was as awake as a new machine. Yao Beixi repeatedly calculated the pros and cons in the taxi. If you sleep on, at least three poles a day, then the overtime fee for the hotel room will be unavoidable. If you have the spare money, it is better to take a taxi home. What’s more, this hotel is too sloppy, how can you sleep comfortably at home.

Yao Beixi lives with the landlord in an old house in the city center, with a 12-square-meter bedroom and a separate bathroom. People flocked desperately to the metropolis just to live alone in the hustle and bustle. Yao Bexi has lived here after breaking up with her boyfriend, and it has been three years. At the beginning, for the sake of convenience, she specially selected this orange sofa bed, which can be used as a bed when she sits during the day and can be released at night. Later, she slept directly on the sofa most of the time, and only released it on weekends. After letting go for a long time, she would find a leisurely weekend to support her. Repeatedly, to this day, she still sleeps on the sofa.

When I got to my own nest, I felt that it came naturally. For a long time, Shenzhen was still. Traffic, airplanes, mixers, elevators, toilets, electric drills, the whole thing is out of order. This shows that Yao Beixi really slept deeply and had a high quality of sleep after returning home. This also shows that Yao Beixi’s decision to take a taxi home from the hotel is wise. But who could have predicted that after only four hours, she would suddenly come up from the depths. No, no, to be precise, it jumped up. Yao Beixi jumped up from the depths, that’s why she jumped up from the sofa. Is it possible that there is still a hotel smell in the depths? And young fellows? No, she remembered it. In the first few seconds, she seemed to be suffocating to death. Now she finally remembered that it was the sticky liquid that was suffocating her to death. She was like a fish, stranded on the shore. Fear is warning her, beware! No one wants to get pregnant!

But he didn’t use condoms, he definitely didn’t use any brand of damn condoms. But when answering the phone in the hotel, Yao Beixi didn’t think so much. But in fact, she had already felt it when she got up from the hotel bed to take a taxi, but she didn’t want to bother. Maybe she was too awake to think more and couldn’t react immediately. It’s really unfortunate, everything is so bad, this should be the most anxious time in her life. No, she didn’t dare to think so. She thought so when she broke up with love three years ago. She felt that the sky was falling, the world was dying, she was gone, and there was nothing worse than that. But what about now? She’s still there now, and it’s worse than it was then. She felt a deep anxiety again, she was scared, scared, she didn’t want to get pregnant, she couldn’t take it. She is a member of the Three No Personnel, she is the bottom of the society. She couldn’t take anything.

At the time of the breakup, Yao Beixi felt that maybe she was just a little ugly, but now she feels that she is not only ugly, but also stupid and useless. It wasn’t the hapless young fellow’s problem, but her own. Her biggest problem is still not being able to face the problem directly. When her boyfriend laughed at her for the last time three years ago, she failed to face that problem, let alone the next one.

What size are your new shoes? Boyfriend masked his smile with a mocking question. Yao Beixi looked down at the brand-new Ferragamo discount models, and said, thirty-six and a half. Boyfriend said firmly, impossible, it looked at least thirty-eight yards. Yao Beixi held onto the porch of the airport shuttle and took off her right shoe. Her right foot is relatively small. She turned up the soles of her shoes to show her boyfriend, and said, look, this is thirty-six and a half yards. Her boyfriend hurriedly made two hahas to express embarrassment, and then put down the volume to remind her to whisper, why are you in such a hurry? Thirty-six and a half yards is thirty-six and a half yards, and you don’t have to prove it to me. Yao Beixi dropped her shoes and stepped in. In fact, the shoes were a little crowded, but she deliberately wore a pair of ice silk socks. Before she stepped in, she even stretched her toes, just like Cinderella, she put it on easily. On the crystal slipper.

Yao Beixi knew that her feet were actually far more than thirty-six and a half. She had already worn size thirty-eight sneakers when she was a freshman in high school. At that time, parents would buy bigger clothes for their children, which they can wear in the coming year. Now Yao Beixi doesn’t need to wear a size 38, but it must be more comfortable to wear a size 38 than a size 36 and a half. But Yao Beixi just didn’t want to wear size 38 shoes, because the first time her boyfriend said Yao Beixi’s feet were big was after they made out for the third time, so in the next month, Yao Beixi put all the Thirty-seven-and-a-half-size shoes were changed to thirty-seven. Later, her boyfriend would still make fun of her feet and drive a lot, so Yao Beixi changed the shoes of size 37 to size 36 and a half. On the airport shuttle bus was the last time her boyfriend joked about Yao Bessie, and he broke up a week later. Before that, Yao Beixi had thought that if her boyfriend joked with her about her big feet again, she would defend herself, justifying that she was 1.68 meters tall, not to mention 37 size, even if 38 size shoes were all. It’s normal, but it’s really weird that her boyfriend’s 1.65-meter potato has to wear size 42 shoes.

But her boyfriend didn’t give her a chance to refute at all, and preemptively proposed to break up. He said that the family did not agree with their union. Yao Bexi thought that her boyfriend saw through her resistance, so she took the initiative to apologize and surrendered. But her boyfriend didn’t appreciate it and said that they were not suitable at all, so Yao Bexi asked what was inappropriate. She thought he would say that her feet were inappropriate, but she didn’t expect her boyfriend to say that she had high cheekbones and a stubborn character, and also said that her lips were thin and her words were mean.

Her sky fell, the world died, and before there was time to argue, Yao Beixi, 28, died in ugliness.


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Small fragrance? Double GLOGO? Looking at the accurate feed on the screen, Yao Bexi was about to vomit. The more she looked, the more anxious she became, and the more dizzy she became. What have you been thinking about recently? Are these what a young migrant worker in Shenzhen who has been unemployed for five months should think? When the company disbanded, she paid her half a year’s salary, which is still the grace of her former boss. Now she has used up even this kind of grace, she is too old, she has lost her youth, she has lost her job, and she has even lost the ability to control her body balance. She’s out of control to the point where she doesn’t have the judgment to deliver a well-crafted resume to the right company. She is not dead, she is still the same she, she is just stranded, sadder than death.

But the reality is that people who can’t make money are more eager for money, so now she is more eager for luxury. It’s not vanity, it’s fantasy, it’s clumsiness, it’s ignorance. In the past five months, she has thought of many ways, and she did rest for a while, maybe a month. For the first half month, she turned herself into a pig and was carefree, and then she never wanted to go to work. During this period, she came up with the idea of ​​making a best-selling official account, or becoming an internet celebrity, which is freelance anyway. From the beginning, she was unsure, how could she not know that she had no way to start. The threshold for that profession does not seem to be high, but in fact, the starting point is too high. Only now did she realize that she was just doing the daydream she had done before graduating from college all over again. Yao Beixi, who are you? Unemployed with ten years of deep drifting experience, middle-aged unemployed, delusional to open a public account to stay up late with those young people in their twenties? Fortunately, these fantasies did not take up much of her time, because in addition to frantically sending resumes, attending interviews, and socializing. So those pushes happened, who made her more eager to socialize than ever. It’s best to be effective. She will never accompany drinks as casually as she did when she first started work, and she will never refuse dinner because of her mood. Yao Bexi is not ready to fall in love yet. If she has to consume time, she is only willing to consume it for herself. But fate and truth were anxiously lining up to change. She had no choice but to have ulterior motives, and it was best to fake it, but what she didn’t expect was that all men wanted to cheat, and most of them didn’t want to pay. For example, her former boss, he couldn’t help but put his arms around her waist to comfort her in time after her breakup. She can only accept it, but no one wants her to admit it.

Forget it, all you can do is love yourself. Yao Beixi’s stomach growled when it was getting dark. She endured to take a hot bath first, then put on a set of snow-white casual clothes, set on sneakers, and then went downstairs again. She stopped at a nearby mall, which was still crowded on weekdays. A family of seven, a family of six, a family of five, a family of four, a family of three, a couple, a pair of friends. Is it really only her Yao Beixi who stood in front of the Japanese food bento shop and looked up and down? Of course not, there is also a delivery man waiting to pack.

The bento in the fresh-keeping cabinet is small and exquisite, the ingredients are colorful, and the linen is neat. Sushi fifty-eight, buy one get one free. Eighty-eight sashimi, buy one get one free sushi. Two girls who looked like students came slowly and stuck to the front of the cabinet just like Yao Beixi. Yao Beixi asked, little beauty, do you want to buy it? Neither of the two little girls answered. You bumped me and I bumped into you, hesitating, neither buying nor not buying. Yao Beixi grinned, and subconsciously smelled the alcohol on her body. Soon she was sure that it was just a bit of nerve residue in her nose, and her clothes were full of the fragrance of lavender.

Yao Beixi took a step back and said to a girl who seemed to have more ideas, “Little beauty, buy one get one free. I don’t have this discount when I usually come here. I can’t finish it all by myself. Let’s try it out.” how about it? The thoughtful girl glanced at her companion, lowered her head and muttered, what do you want to eat? Yao Beixi immediately said, I can eat anything, you two can choose. The bodies of the two little girls collided again, and they headed towards the direction of a salmon in their hands. They didn’t know, that was exactly what Yao Bexi wanted. Yao Beixi approached the cashier and took the lead in paying with the credit card bound WeChat. The thoughtful little girl transferred 30 yuan to Yao Bexi and left with the lunch. Yao Beixi said thank you and motioned for the waiter to dine in.

Yao Beixi took the bento and found a place to sit in the store. She didn’t want to sit in the store. She felt that the air inside was not fresh. Perhaps some of the sequelae of her hangover were not completely over. surrounded by tiny ions. She sat down closest to the door, opposite the delivery boy waiting to pack.

When the delivery boy saw Yao Bexi sitting down opposite him, he poked his eyes out of the Douyin video. Yao Beixi also looked at the takeaway brother, and his eyes deliberately stayed on his face, giving him some signals to communicate. The delivery boy really spoke up, is this raw? Can it be delicious? Yao Beixi opened the bento box and replied, “It’s delicious, would you like to try it?” The delivery guy shook his head and said, no more. Yao Beixi opened a small drawer from under the dining table, took out two pairs of chopsticks, and threw the pair opposite. When the delivery boy saw that Yao Beixi wanted to invite him to eat, he quickly said, no, no, thank you, thank you. Yao Beixi opened the sushi box, put a piece of rice ball covered with salmon fillet into the plastic cover of the sushi box, and then pushed the plastic cover in front of the delivery boy. The delivery boy said, “Oh, thank you so much, then I’ll try it, thank you.” Yao Beixi said, wait a minute. Yao Beixi poured the soy sauce on the plastic box, and said that it would be fresher if dipped in a little.

The delivery guy swallowed the sushi in one bite. Yao Beixi asked him how it tasted, but he couldn’t answer in time. After a while, he said, “It’s delicious, cold, but a little dry. You can eat it with some soup.” Yao Beixi said, no, you are eating too fast. The delivery boy smiled naively and said, “Yes, we eat faster in our hometown, and there are a lot of soups and soups. Many noodles and dumplings here don’t include soup, and the porridge is very thick. Yao Beixi asked, where are you from? The delivery boy said, I am from Shubuling, you may not know the place. Yao Beixi said, oh, why did you come to Shenzhen? The delivery guy said, “I’m here to go to my fellow villagers. I have nothing to do at home. I went to high school and didn’t study hard.” Yao Beixi asked, how many years have you been here? Brother said, three years. I wish I had gone to college, but now I really regret it. Here, as long as I am a college student, I will be better off. Look at how comfortable your white-collar workers are, oh, in those few years, you will never worry about it all your life. Yao Beixi said, do you earn more here? The younger brother looked at his phone and said, “It’s okay, mainly because renting an apartment is expensive.” Well, I usually do some moving equipment business. The little brother said while looking at the phone, his brows gradually wrinkled. Yao Beixi nodded. The little brother suddenly got up and walked out, and hurriedly said, the order I want to deliver is ready, I will go first, thank you beauty.

Yao Beixi felt more comfortable in her stomach, and her head returned to normal. She ran five kilometers around the square, sweating profusely, as usual. She took a screenshot of the Keep route and posted a circle of friends with a nine-word copy: Come five kilometers, stay active! Then she went home, turned the sofa into a bed, and fell asleep.

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