Wang Dahuai was looking forward to the return of his neighbor, Uncle Su, every day. After two full years, Uncle Su really came back.

“Wang Wang” two barks, Wang Dahuai guessed that Uncle Su was back, and no one usually comes here.

Uncle Su was accompanied by his nephew, Xiaofei. Xiaofei drove the car, and after parking the car, he picked up two large bags and gasped for breath.

At this point, it was already dark. The tall Wang Dahuai was looking out from the glass window of his house. A Bing the dog and Alan the cat were circling around his trousers.

Under the light, Uncle Su, who was thin and weak, had a blurred expression. He stood outside the courtyard and glanced blankly at Wang Dahuai’s house.

The moment Uncle Su looked over, Wang Dahuai heard his heartbeat: It’s good to be back, it’s good to be back! Wang Dahuai couldn’t contain the joy in his heart, and his hands and feet danced. A Bing has formed a conditioned reflex for his master’s dancing, and jumped up and down.

Uncle Su and Dahuai Wang are both fruit farmers. The orchards are adjacent to the orchards, the courtyards are connected to the courtyards, and they eat and live in the fields for many years. When spring arrives every year, the fruit trees that have been dull and winter are full of energy, luxuriant branches and leaves, fragrant flowers, red, pink, white, clusters, and pieces, which are really gratifying.

However, the relationship between the two families was awkward. They would often fight over workers and fight over each other during watering the ground, thinning fruit, spraying medicine, picking fruit and selling. Although they did not fight, they often lived a life of accusation and scolding. . Uncle Su never married, and Xiao Fei was his younger brother’s son, who was adopted by him since he was a child. Xiaofei does business in the county town, and often asks Uncle Su to live there, but he is not used to living there, and he refuses to be outdated. Room. The reason why Uncle Su was unwilling to live there was that Xiaofei’s house only had one bedroom and one living room. When he went, Xiaofei would have to sleep on the sofa.

The clusters of flowers in the orchard are dense and orderly, next to the new young leaves, blooming in bloom, each of which greets people with a smile, swaying in different postures in the evening wind, as if welcoming the master’s return. Next to Uncle Su’s orchard, dark green rapeseed and fresh shallots were also planted. Xiao Fei said angrily: “This is too much, even our territory is occupied.” Xiao Fei was obviously referring to his neighbor Wang Dahuai.

Uncle Su urged Xiaofei to enter the house with his gestures.

There was dust everywhere in the house, and Xiaofei said as he cleaned up, “This guy in the neighborhood is really good enough, and we have to guard against him.” Uncle Su just focused on his work and didn’t say a word.

Wang Dahuai lived in the orchard by himself for two years. He rarely had the chance to talk to people. He was a talkative person. If he didn’t talk, he would get sick. He chatted with A Bing and Alan… Uncle Su finally came back. Wang Dahuai decided to stew a fish to celebrate Uncle Su’s return.

Wang Dahuai chose to stew the fish in the iron pot in the courtyard – clean up the fish, wash the pot, set it on fire, heat the oil, add the broth, put onion and ginger aniseed, and stir it with chopped firewood… During this time, Wang Dahuai also looked at the neighbors from time to time, and then pursed lips and smiled.

When the strong fragrance drifted around, the neighbors uncle and nephew also tidy up the house. Xiao Fei sniffed and said, “The neighbors are obviously demonstrating against us!”

Uncle Su stretched his waist and looked up at the ceiling without making a sound.

After running for a long time, Xiao Fei was tired and hungry. Fortunately, he still had a few bags of instant noodles. Xiaofei turned to look outside, suddenly remembered the vegetable garden next to the orchard, and quietly left the house…

After Xiaofei took a bath, when he returned to the stove, a large bowl of hot noodle soup was placed on the small square table, with fresh small rapeseed and green and white green onions in it. Xiaofei’s appetite suddenly increased, and he sat on the small bench to eat. From time to time, he looked up at Uncle Su and blinked his eyes.

Uncle Su was eating a piece of bread left over on the way back, and in front of him was a bowl of instant noodle soup with green vegetable leaves and chopped green onion.

Wang Dahuai stewed the fish and brought it to the table, but he had no appetite. Stewed fish with pancakes, he used to get tired of eating it, but today it is uncharacteristically. The empathetic A Bing and Alan, knowing that the host was in a bad mood, looked at the food on the table and wagged their tails. Wang Dahuai’s nose was sore, he moved A Bing and touched Alan again, feeling like he had treated them badly, he rubbed his wet eyes on this body and then on the other…

It is said that cats and dogs are not in harmony, but A Bing and Alan are not only in harmony, but also very tacit understanding. Occasionally there is a fight, and it will be reconciled after a while. Both little guys turned their attention away from the dinner table, relaxed and let their master play with them. In the end, Wang Dahuai sighed and let them eat to their heart’s content.

Wang Dahuai simply cleaned up, washed his face hastily and lay down, but he couldn’t fall asleep after tossing and turning. He used his imagination to put Uncle Su in the shuddering high wall. He imagined various scenes of Uncle Su’s reform through labor in his mind, reciting prison rules, digging trenches to discharge sewage, driving mountains and rocks, and bowing his eyebrows in front of the discipline… Alan ” “Meow”, he got into Wang Dahuai’s bed, he stroked Alan, what’s the matter, Alan, don’t you want to say that your grandpa Su is not good?

In Xiao Fei’s impression, Wang Dahuai is too strong. He has lived in the county for many years. The few times he came to see his uncle, he encountered Wang Dahuai blowing his beard and swearing, even Wang Dahuai’s chai dog, A Bing. Bullying. That time, Uncle Su was chasing Uncle Su’s chicken, Uncle Su rushed after Uncle A Bing, accidentally fell, and Uncle Su got up in anger, picked up a brick and continued chasing. But A Bing ran and stopped, not afraid, and looked back from time to time, as if deliberately teasing Uncle Su. Uncle Su got even more angry this time, and he threw a brick… I didn’t think about it, but he didn’t hit A Bing, but hit the aunt who came to pick mushrooms in the village, and the aunt immediately fainted. Hospital rescue, although saved his life, but became a vegetative state. The family members of the other party demanded compensation of 800,000 yuan, but Uncle Su couldn’t get it, so he went to court for convenience. The court sentenced Uncle Su to two years in prison for the crime of causing serious injury through negligence, with civil compensation of 160,000 yuan.

Uncle Su blamed Wang Dahuai’s chai dog A Bing, saying that if it weren’t for A Bing, this incident would not have happened. Wang Dahuai said, A Bing is a dog after all, just a beast. Uncle Su became angry when he heard this: “As you say, I asked for it myself?” Wang Dahuai said, “A Bing is playing with chickens, you just let them play, how can people know like dogs? ?” Uncle Su said, “Is there a debtor?” “Okay, okay,” Wang Dahuai said, “Then you can sue A Bing to the court…”

Uncle Su stared at Wang Dahuai dumbfounded. He really couldn’t understand. There are still people in the world who are so troublesome. Should I sue the dog? I’m sick?

In fact, Wang Dahuai felt guilty. After all, it was A Bing who was to blame, but he was so angry at the time that he couldn’t speak softly, so he lost his temper at A Bing-Wang Dahuai picked up a stick and chased and beat him. He shouted, “I’ll kill you, you troublemaker!” At that time, Wang Dahuai really wanted to get rid of A Bing, but A Bing ran away and didn’t even let him see the shadow. It might have sensed that he had made a big break. Misfortune, he hid outside for several days, and when Wang Dahuai calmed down, he quietly returned.

Uncle Su panted heavily and said to the aggressive Wang Dahuai: “The surnamed Wang, I will talk to you from now on, I will crawl away!”

One night not long after Uncle Su was sentenced, a car came from the orchard, and Wang Dahuai heard the sound and went out. I saw four people getting out of the car, armed with picks or shovels, all of whom were relatives of the vegetative aunt. When the leader went straight to pry Uncle Su’s house, Wang Dahuai immediately realized that this was going to be a robbery, which was amazing! He hurried over and asked, “What are you doing?” Someone next to him said, “You can’t be too cheap, old man Su!”

Wang Dahuai said sharply, “You guys are breaking the law! Do you know?”

“The money lost is too little!”

“The court has already ruled, and if you don’t agree, you can appeal.”

“The court dismissed it.”

“Uncle Su didn’t even think that this would happen. Afterwards, his bowels turned green.”

Suddenly, a voice shouted: “Demolish his house and sell it!”

Wang Dahuai suddenly snatched the pickaxe from the person beside him, blocked the door like a hill and shouted, “Which one of you dares to come?”

Two days later, those people came to the orchard again and said they would take over Uncle Su’s orchard. Wang Dahuai stopped him and said, “Has the master agreed?”

“We just can’t take this breath!”

“Have you thought about the consequences? There will be a lawsuit!”

Suddenly, a man crouched on the ground and began to cry “woo woo”: “Every day I open my eyes, I spend money, and I have to take a escort.” The complainer was the aunt’s son-in-law.

Wang Dahuai said, “Don’t you have medical insurance?”

“That can’t be reimbursed every day, and besides, it can’t be fully reimbursed, and the family can’t open the pot…” After speaking, he cried again.

A big man, who would be so sad unless it was a last resort? Who knows the pain when a knife is stuck on someone! Wang Dahuai was confused. After all, this matter was caused by his family’s chai dog. After hesitating, he said to the man, “Come on, you accompany me to the county…”

Wang Dahuai came to the Agricultural Bank of the county and took 50,000 yuan from the man.

Wang Dahuai’s braised fish was so loud that Xiaofei felt a little unhappy. He said to Uncle Su, “How can you live in peace with such a neighbor? If you don’t subcontract the orchard, you will live in the city with me in the future.” Uncle Su sighed and said nothing. Xiaofei still has business to do, so it is impossible to live in the orchard with Uncle Su. For the sake of peace of mind, he reminded Uncle Su that as long as his mouth didn’t fall on his face, he had to endure it, and when he changed to a bigger house in the future, he said that he wouldn’t let you suffer in the countryside.

After Xiaofei left, Uncle Su was busy in his orchard all day, and tried to stay away from Wang Dahuai as much as possible, not to have any interaction with him, because a single eye contact could spark a war. Wang Dahuai felt that Uncle Su had always held grudges, and he never wanted to take care of himself.

Uncle Su was almost seventy years old, eight or nine years older than Wang Dahuai. Uncle Su was thin and slow-tempered. He only had the urge to throw bricks and beat dogs, and he was imprisoned. Fortunately, Uncle Su was only sentenced for two years, and fortunately, he only organized two years of files in it, and he has not suffered any crimes.

Uncle Su is tired from work and likes to sit at the door and smoke. Wang Dahuai, on the other hand, was busy in and out of his yard from time to time, drying the bedding, choosing vegetables, and sprinkling water. Either Alan blocked his way or A Bing bound his feet. Soon, Uncle Su’s heart was disturbed by the neighbor’s barking of cats and dogs. In order to calm down, he decided to give Xiaofei a call. After the call was connected, Uncle Su pressed the speakerphone.

“The neighbors didn’t trouble you, did they?”

Uncle Su subconsciously covered the phone and looked nervously at the neighbor.

Wang Dahuai heard Xiaofei’s words, and he threw the peeled peanut skin violently. Isn’t this kid a pick? Who troubles whom? Distant relatives are not as good as close neighbors, living together in the wilderness, don’t they live together forever?

Uncle Su hung up the phone. He was a little unhappy. How could his nephew think that the neighbor was causing trouble for him? My personal comfort is the most important thing. I originally wanted to call my nephew to calm down, but I didn’t expect it to be more disturbing. He was smoking a cigarette, watching the sun gradually set behind the mountain, his face suddenly became cold, and when he touched it, there were tears. Although he did not suffer any crime in prison in the past two years, he was delayed in planting fruit trees and lost at least 50,000 to 60,000 yuan. He began to think about letting his nephew take care of the orchard, but his nephew drives the iron market, and people often buy goods, so he can’t be away from people for a long time. Planting fruit trees is not easy. The processes such as pruning, watering, pollination, fruit thinning, spraying, and bagging are time-consuming and labor-intensive. Without special personnel, it is difficult to get good harvests. Uncle Su regretted the brick he threw out. He sorted out the files inside, and gradually honed his temperament-since he committed a crime, he should admit his bad luck.

Wang Dahuai glanced at the neighboring courtyard, and suddenly saw a light flashing. Looking closely, it turned out to be tears. He didn’t know what happened to Uncle Su, so he walked back and forth in the courtyard and made noises on purpose. He was really sleepy, so he shouted to A Bing and Alan: “It’s time to go to bed, stay up late to get sick?”

After Uncle Su became popular, Wang Dahuai didn’t feel deserted anymore. He lay on the bed with his ears closed, catching the voices of the neighbors. He didn’t hear Uncle Su entering the house until midnight, so he got up and pretended to go to the toilet, kicking and kicking while walking. I stepped on it, but I still didn’t hear the neighbor’s movement. Wang Dahuai was a little anxious. For the past two years, he was afraid of being alone, and he finally found a company. He was very worried that Uncle Su was ill. At this age, he couldn’t get sick. Uncle Su has only one nephew, Xiao Fei, and his business is quite busy, so he has no time to run back and forth. Wang Dahuai got A Bing out of the house and kicked both of his feet. A Bing cooperated with “Ow Ow” and then heard the sound of the neighbor moving the stool and the sound of closing the door…

Early the next morning, Wang Dahuai was ready to cook, but he didn’t hear any noise from the neighbors, so he came to the courtyard with his rice bowl, greeted A Bing and Alan, and observed the neighbors’ movements. He encouraged A Bing and Alan to go to the neighbor’s yard and said, “Is there anything wrong with your grandpa Su?” But the two little guys couldn’t understand the sacred mission given to them by the master, so they stared blankly at the master, motionless. Wang Dahuai threw the food into the neighbor’s yard, and the two of them ran over and started to attack each other “woohoo” for the food… Looking at the neighbor’s house, there was still no movement. go to see? As soon as this idea came into existence, it was denied by Wang Dahuai. I am also a person with face, if others are good, how embarrassed!

At this time, Uncle Su was shopping for daily necessities at the canteen in the village. The owner of the commissary is about the same age as Uncle Su, and he has contracted the orchard in the past. He had heard about the discord between the King Su family and the uncle Su, so he advised Uncle Su: “If you want to open up, there are only two people living in the orchard, both of their age. , get along well, and take care of each other.”

Uncle Su narrowed his eyes.

The owner of the commissary wanted to make peace, but even though he knew that the other party would not listen, he took the trouble to persuade him: “What happened in the past is over, why bother to make trouble again? Both of them are modest, what’s the problem? It is said that Wang Dahuai is with you. The rape and green onions are planted in the fields for you. Also, when the aunt’s family wants to demolish your house and toss your orchard, Wang Dahuai helped you to protect it, and he also paid another fifty thousand yuan…” At this time, with a chirp, the kettle opened, and white smoke rose…

Uncle Su’s wrinkled and blooming face was immediately hazy in the mist, and he suddenly remembered the oath he had made with Wang Dahuai – “Wang, I’ll talk to you from now on, I’ll crawl away!” Suddenly his heart fluttered.

When Wang Dahuai stood in a daze at the door of Uncle Su, Uncle Su came back with a bag of things. Only then did Wang Dahuai understand that Uncle Su was going back to the village to go shopping.

Wang Dahuai wanted to ease the relationship with him through cats and dogs. Uncle Su had already realized that the two sides would go for the better. It was not that he had not thought about it. Now face to face, Uncle Su remembered the sad thing—although the disaster was caused by the bricks he threw out, but if Wang Dahuai was not so strong at that time and said a few words of kindness, he would not hold him so much.

Seeing Uncle Su’s gloomy face, Wang Dahuai was a little embarrassed. After a moment’s stunned, he shouted to A Bing and Alan in the courtyard, “What are you going to run into someone else’s house? Why don’t you hurry and go home? …” After speaking, he turned and walked towards his yard. The two little guys immediately ran out of the neighbor’s house and walked around in front of Wang Dahuai. Wang Dahuai’s heart was hot, and some were moved by the measure that cats and dogs didn’t hold grudges, and his nose turned sour.

When Wang Dahuai returned to his yard, A Bing and Alan were still jumping high beside him, playing happily, and Wang Dahuai took out dog food and cat food… A Bing and Alan were not in a hurry to eat, they shook their heads and looked at their master. Wang Dahuai said, eat it. Then they ran to their respective food, took two bites and looked up at their master with a grateful look. The corners of Wang Dahuai’s mouth curved, showing a satisfied smile. But somehow, his eyes moved to the neighbor’s yard from time to time, and then his heart darkened.

Before Uncle Su came back, Wang Dahuai was reluctant to look in the direction of his neighbor’s house every time he was working. Once he looked, his heart would be empty. It’s different now. Although the fruit trees are full of dense fruits, Wang Dahuai still can’t stop Wang Dahuai from looking in the direction of the neighbor’s house. There are often curling smoke and lively figures that attract his attention. Suddenly it came alive.

Uncle Su understood Wang Dahuai’s thoughts. To say that Wang Dahuai is not a bad person, he is just speaking aggressively. As the saying goes, one slap doesn’t make a sound, one is strong, and the other is forgiving, and no disputes can arise. There are only two people in the orchard, so why don’t I want to work together to help each other out, and if I have a headache, it’s a good thing that someone can help me get a doctor and get medicine. Who wouldn’t look forward to neighbors living in harmony like this?

One day, Wang Dahuai went to the village canteen to buy something. After the owner chatted with him a few words, the topic turned to Uncle Su. The owner of the commissary said: “After all, you are a few years younger than Uncle Su, so you have to be respectful to others, be humble and not overly aggressive. Although Uncle Su has a temper, don’t point your finger at Maimang, and you won’t be able to slap it. In fact, Su Uncle is an honest man…”

After Wang Dahuai came out of the canteen, he kept muttering: Uncle Su is an honest man, who am I? Is my human nature time? Uncle Su went to the canteen a few days ago, he must have said bad things about himself, or why would it happen like this? I originally wanted to ease the relationship with him. If I hadn’t stood up two years ago, his house would have been demolished, and the orchard would have been occupied by others. How about just two people in the orchard, drinking tea and chatting together? But he is playing tricks behind his back, how can such a person get along? Every day I hoped for him to come back and I hoped for him to come back. After two years, did I just hope that he would come back to spread his gossip and destroy his own reputation? When Wang Dahuai thought about it like this, he felt unpredictable, and he felt that the loyal A Bing and Alan were more cute than people.

This autumn, the pears and apples are growing very well. Seeing that a bumper harvest is in sight, the two gardeners are very happy. But at this juncture, the heaven is not good, and the weather forecast says: There will be heavy rainfall and eight Nine winds. When the fruit is harvested, I am afraid of heavy rain and strong wind, and the hard work of a year will be in vain. Uncle Su naturally heard the news that there would be heavy rain and strong wind, and his heart suddenly jumped. He has six or seven acres of orchards, and he is busy from spring to autumn. Seeing that the fruits of his labor are about to be ruined by the wind and rain, he wanders around in the courtyard thinking of ideas, but he can’t come up with any ideas, and the more he turns, the more anxious he is. In previous years, he hired people to pick the fruit. If he were to rely on himself, he would not be able to pick the fruit in half a month. But he spent the past two years there, and the only few clients have long since lost contact. The mobile phone was confiscated when he entered the detention center, and he was not returned to him until he came out. All gone. Uncle Su was in a hurry and sent a text message to Xiaofei, wanting to know the authenticity of the weather forecast. There were times when the weather forecast was inaccurate in the past, and he really hoped that it would be inaccurate this time. Naturally, Uncle Su didn’t get the answer he wanted.

Early in the morning, Wang Dahuai began tossing in the courtyard. His battle was much bigger than the day when Uncle Su came back. He first swept the courtyard, cleaned the pots and pans, and then packed a large Potted fish, still stick pancakes to cook fish, or use the outhouse iron pot to burn wood. The difference from the last time is that this time he also used the pot in the house, baked a dozen flat cakes, made cold bitter gourd, spring onion mixed with tofu, and fried a bowl of chili… After preparing all this, Wang Dahuai He would purr and eat in the courtyard with his rice bowl, and from time to time he would pull some of the food to the ground, enticing cats and dogs to snatch it up. Uncle Su couldn’t help but look here. This is exactly what Wang Dahuai wanted. He kicked the cat and dog with his foot and said, “What are you panicking about?” The sky could not fall, and sheep rushed to the mountain.

Uncle Su warmed his heart, but did not respond. He thought to himself, am I not panic? I don’t panic and wait for the fruit to be washed away by the heavy rain? Blown away by the wind? At this moment, a tricycle drove into Wang Dahuai’s house. At first glance, it was the owner of the canteen. After greeting Wang Dahuai, he unloaded a few boxes of things, such as beer and mineral water. Then, the two laughed at Uncle Su while smoking… Uncle Su was very angry, what do you mean? see my joke? Unexpectedly, the two dare to wear a pair of pants. This man really knows what to do. The owner of the commissary also kept persuading me to open up.

With such a thought, Uncle Su was very sad. He took out his mobile phone and wanted to call his nephew Xiaofei, but he couldn’t afford to hide, so he could subcontract the orchard… But just as he was about to press the dial button, Just hang up again, don’t make trouble for the child, let’s take a step by step.

Uncle Su angrily carried the basket and walked into the orchard. Pick as much as you can, it’s better than rotten in the ground.

Uncle Su’s actions obviously gave Wang Dahuai a faceless straw hat. He didn’t know that Uncle Su was so screwed, and you are not a golden mouth, so you can take an oath seriously? At that time, they were all angry, and they were in a hurry. Since you came back, I haven’t heard you say a word. Your words are so precious? It seems that you are still fighting with me now. I see that you are fighting, and the pears and apples will all be destroyed in the ground.

Wang Dahuai sent the owner of the canteen away, sighed, called A Bing and Alan to him, and gave them some food. Wang Dahuai was accustomed to talking to cats and dogs, but now he started talking to them again: “Listen, you two, I’m a bad-tempered person, I’m not serious or serious, and I’ve always made your grandpa Su angry. I have never had the same knowledge as me. The owner of the commissary just said that your grandpa Su never said anything bad about me. It seems that I blame him. If you hadn’t chased after your grandpa Su’s chicken, how could he be in jail?” Wang Dahuai said, kicked A Bing, and A Bing tucked his tail and ran away.

Before Uncle Su’s basket was full, a lot of blood was scratched on his hands and face, but he didn’t care. Some of them were so high that they needed to use a triangular ladder. As soon as Uncle Su reached the first step, he fell down… One person quickly stepped forward to help him up. When Uncle Su was “Ouch”, more than a dozen workers entered his orchard and picked the fruit swiftly with their hands and feet… When he saw Wang Dahuai, who was supervising the formation, he understood it all. Uncle Su pressed his tongue against the back of his upper jaw, for fear of crying.

“You really are!” said Wang Dahuai, who was standing in front of Uncle Su.

Uncle Su said nothing.

“Why are you so superstitious, when you talk to me, you can really crawl away?”

Uncle Su’s body trembled, but he still didn’t speak.

“Isn’t it all in anger at the time?”

A fruit picker looked over here, Wang Dahuai turned around and walked back, and Uncle Su slowly followed.

“Orchard is usually just the two of us, and you will always be at odds with me?”


“I have been taking care of the orchard for you for the past two years. Excluding the labor costs, I will give you a net income of 73,000 yuan in two years.”

Uncle Su shrank a little and tightened his throat, which was much more than his own income from taking care of the orchard. But he still didn’t respond.

Wang Dahuai let out a long sigh and felt that the relationship with Uncle Su was difficult to repair. It wasn’t a business or a business, so he wanted to give him the money for selling fruit and stop contacting him. Thinking about it this way, he took a few quick steps forward, opened the door of his courtyard, and when he turned back to close the door, Uncle Su followed him in.

This was something Wang Dahuai didn’t expect. He couldn’t help grasping Uncle Su’s clothes, pushing and pulling. This was a subtle gesture of wanting to say no more, a different kind of handshake.

Wang Dahuai lit a cigarette for Uncle Su. Uncle Su smiled and nodded, taking a deep breath, looking very intoxicated.

When Wang Dahuai handed over the two-year fruit tree income of Su Dahuai’s orchard to him, Su Dahuai couldn’t hold back any longer, his throat became hot and he burst into tears… Then, he took out 50,000 yuan and put it on Wang Dahuai’s table. As soon as his hand touched the money, Uncle Su’s hand covered his hand.

Just at this moment, Xiaofei called and said that the weather station had issued a blue forecast, and there would be heavy rain and stronger winds in the next three days… Uncle Su opened his mouth, rubbed his chin, and said, “Uncle Huai…”

Xiao Fei exclaimed: “Uncle, you can talk now?” A Bing called “Wang Wang” and Alan called “Miao Miao” in response.

It turned out that Uncle Su suffered from hysterical aphasia after three months in prison, and has not spoken since then.

Uncle Su burst into tears. He knew that he couldn’t speak, and he was separated from others.

Wang Dahuai was very surprised and stared at Uncle Su with round eyes: “So you don’t know how to speak? Oh, I thought you hated me. Your six or seven acres of orchards can be cleaned up by a dozen people in a day. The food is all ready, so don’t start the fire.”

Uncle Su nodded and returned to his yard. When he returned, there was a cigarette under his left armpit and a box of tea in his right hand.

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