When love comes, your nose will tell you

Human noses are not particularly sensitive, far less than your dog owner’s nose. Animals rely on their sense of smell to find food, choose mates, avoid predators, and draw spheres of influence. Your nose is pretty useless by comparison.

But I want to tell you that your nose is actually a sex organ.

Some people say that you need to follow your heart to find true love, but I think it’s better to follow your nose. Love is not found, it is smelled by the nose.

Most animals rely on smell to judge love. Cows and horses, when they are in heat, their nostrils are wide open, always ready to detect the smell of the opposite sex.

Some monkeys also smear their entire bodies with their own urine during courtship to enhance their taste.

Modern humans have completely escaped this low taste. Before a date, humans turn on the shower faucet, rinse off their original smell, make sure there is no odor at all, and even spray some perfume to cover their own smell.

We go to great lengths to cover up our body odor. How effective is this courtship? Actually it’s not good at all! It’s all brainwashing of perfume ads. Some people say that diamonds are the most notorious marketing brainwashing of the 20th century, and perfume marketing is no less.

Sure, some perfumes do smell good, but research has found that there isn’t a single scent that makes you feel sexier. Not even Chanel No.5.

Plus, our sense of smell can easily be misled. I remember an interesting study that marked a scent bottle with “Spring Breeze” for people to smell, and everyone said it smelled good and wanted to buy that scent. However, if the same scent bottle was marked with “vomit” or “spanking bug”, the participants in the study frowned and reluctantly smelled it, and they all expressed that they would not want to smell this smell again no matter how much they paid for the test. .

The human sense of smell is a very important social organ. Eskimos rub their noses when they meet each other, in fact, to judge the taste of each other. Westerners meet to kiss, and it is said that it is also to judge the taste at the beginning.

Scientists believe that our social scents are secreted from the apocrine sweat glands. This gland starts to work after our puberty and sexual maturity. It is present on the hands, on the face, wherever there is hair on the skin, so people with more hair have a stronger smell. This gland continuously spreads your scent into the air, making the person sitting next to you feel on pins and needles. Men have more of this gland, and this gland secretes a strong-smelling substance called androsterone. Let’s call it “manly” for the time being. This scent has created a need for our fragrance industry.

In 1986, a group of scientists with a lot of money to burn did a study. They send out cards with various flavors to various cultures around the world for people to smell and then evaluate. There’s a banana flavor in it, a sulfur flavor, and more importantly, an androsterone flavor. It turned out that people agreed that the smell was too bad and too disgusting. Almost won the title in the odor level, ranking second only to the smell of sulfur. I really shed tears, it stinks amazingly.

Scientists were so surprised that they wanted to conclude that men are attracted to women by this smell. They simply can’t understand that there are women who don’t like masculinity? Of course, some scientists did not give up this conclusion easily. I guess these scientists must be male, and they are the kind who don’t like bathing.

How can these straight male scientists think that there are women who don’t like the taste of men? Maybe women will find this smell good before and after ovulation. It’s not surprising that it usually smells bad for men, but during the important estrus period, maybe you will fall in love with this smell?

So this group of scientists who don’t like bathing did another study and asked ovulating women to smell the smell of men. The result was a big disappointment to them, because even ovulating women don’t seem to catch the smell.

This group of scientists was stumped, but they did not give up. The idea this time is that while women find men smell bad, that doesn’t mean they find all men bad! Maybe they are looking for the taste of their true destiny?

So they did another study. This time, the researchers first found a lot of men and used the method mentioned above to obtain underwear that was stained with different men’s flavors. Find another group of women who are ovulating. The women’s task was simple and disgusting: smell the underwear one by one and rate it.

It turns out that women, one of the most discerning species in the world, don’t like all men’s tastes. Women’s favorite flavor, from some specific men.

How does a woman recognize a man by smelling it? The story begins with genes, a protein called the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) on our genetic chromosomes. MHC is related to our rejection response. During organ transplantation, the body will reject those organs that do not belong to us, which is related to MHC. Female mice will deliberately choose those male mice with the largest difference in MHC with their own to mate, just to optimize the offspring. The researchers found that the same is true for humans. What kind of men do women who are ovulating think smell good? The answer is that those men whose MHC is the most different from themselves.

What’s more interesting is that when the scientists asked the women what those smells reminded them of, the smells that women thought were the most different from their own MHC usually reminded them of their boyfriends or ex-boyfriends. That is to say, mate selection in real life is also affected by smell.

No wonder we call love chemistry. Smell the fragrance to know a woman, but to know a man, you must smell his stench!

There’s also a hilarious discovery that if you take medicine, it can disrupt your body’s chemistry and cause you to fall in love with someone you shouldn’t. One study found that women who took birth control pills had a change in their sense of smell. They would prefer those with a similar MHC to their own. Imagine a woman who chooses a man to marry while she’s on the pill, stops taking the pill when she’s about to have a baby, only to find that the other person’s taste is totally unbearable. This is not over yet, even if the baby is born with the nose pinched, it may not be healthy. This assumption is not an exaggeration, as there is indeed research showing that couples with similar MHC usually have underweight children.

I came to a bizarre conclusion from these studies. The fragrance industry as a whole, and these constraints on washing fragrances before appointments, may have contributed to a reduction in the number and quality of the population. We should more encourage humans to take a shower with urine like monkeys, or open their nostrils like horses to find a mate and smell the right person.

When love comes, your nose will tell you.

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